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The Tigress Wrestling Club Ch. 14

"Rebecca!" The crowd roared and the darkhaired girl looked over at me. I bowed my head and closed my eyes. I just wanted all of this to go away. A little while ago I was a strong fighter, an alpha wolf who would fight off the whole jungle and take the Tigress as a prize, and now I was nothing more than meat for the audience, and worse Rebecca. Rebecca didn't even wait for Samantha to say anything. She snatched the ball gag and the mask and the strap on and the butt plug right from Samantha's hands. I knew what would be first, as it was first last time. The ravenhaired girl yanked the strap-on up and put me on my knees.

I looked up into her green eyes, naively expecting a look of mercy. There were glitters of malevolence, drops of disgust and massive helpings of bare superiority.

"Suck it, slut. We have all the time in the world." I wrapped my lips around the toy and the crowd went wild. I flushed with embarrassment as her invective implement filled my mouth. The audience went wild as she shamed me and she tossed her long mane of black hair back to their delight. Her hands were on her hips and my heart was in my stomach as I covered the toy in slobber. "Not good enough." Rebecca began thrusting and forced the toy far back into my throat. I spluttered and tried to withdraw but she held my brilliant red hair. I tried to shut my eyes to stop from crying. "No," she commanded, "look at me."

Her countenance glowered with malice and those pretty green eyes were two orbs of stygian sadism. Tears ran down my face, tears of pain and tears of shame. Rebecca just laughed callously and pushed me down to the canvas. I was still pretty wet from the match, and my darkhaired dom keyed into it. But she wasn't going to just fuck me. She had to make it all the more humiliating. I winced and moaned in pain as Rebecca shut my ass with her buttplug to which the crowd responded with manic glee.

Rebecca placed me on my hands and knees and made me face the crowd. I wanted to say that was the worst part: the fact that I had to face down thousands of people who would see my body desecrated and cheer. But it wasn't the worst, not by a long shot. The worst thing was the fact that Rebecca had plunged her toy deep into my sex with no warning and it made me mewl like a pig in heat. The ravenhaired girl knew I was already soaked and already halfway there and saw little reason to slowly and assiduously build up my orgasm. The foundation was there and all Rebecca had to do was pound away at it.

And pound she did. Her thrusts were rhythmic and measured to get inside me as roughly and as deeply as she possibly could. My body betrayed my pride and tingles of pleasure shot down my back even as waves of humiliation washed over me. I clutched at the mat, doing my best to stave off an orgasm, but it was a pointless endeavor. Rebecca was too experienced, too skilled, and too good. The more the darkhaired girl worked me, the more pathetic I became. My mouth hung open and the burning sense of indignity in my mind was slowly replaced with nothing, ecstasy, bliss. My inevitable climax began creeping towards me as pure pleasure began emanating from my sex. With every thrust, she would move the butt plug that was inside me. Erotic ecstasy threatened to completely overwhelm me.

Then she stopped and flipped me over. "I want to see your face when you cum." She hissed. I tried to maintain eye contact with her as long as I could but my body would not allow it. The motion would not lend mercy and my eyes began rolling back in my head as Rebecca increased the pace and furiousness of the fucking. My arms splayed out and my legs began quaking at a Richter 9. There was no stopping the moans coming out of my mouth nor was there stopping the jeers of the crowd as Rebecca held sway over my body. The brash redheaded wrestler inside me had left and in that moment I was nothing more than plaything for Rebecca, and I loved it.

The muscles in my stomach began seizing violently and my toes curled. The delighted audience may as well have been on Mars as the only person who mattered right now was Rebecca and her wonderful strap-on. My concupiscent desires overtook me completely and I felt my climax speeding towards me.

Rebecca thrust into me powerfully, roughly, and quickly before my dam broke. It felt as if every single muscle I had seized with massive force. The darkhaired girl kept going at me which only served to increase the intensity of my already intense orgasm. My cries echoed off the ceiling of the arena as my legs began spasming beyond control. My body was racked with pulse after pulse of pure pleasure and I collapsed back as my eyes rolled up. Rebecca withdrew and looked down at me. My honey dripped off her strap-on. The look on her face was a mix of haughty contempt and lascivious pride.

The darkhaired girl bent down and picked me up. I slumped against her and she turned me around so my front faced the crowd. There was nothing I could do to resist it, as none of my muscles would obey. I was putty, and I was on display, by Rebecca, for the delight of the crowd. My honey still dripped down my leg and I wasn't able to focus on anything in particular but I knew the crowd was going wild at the fact that my naked, toned figure was just there for the whole world to see.

"Slut! Slut! Slut!" Rebecca chanted. The crowd chanted along and soon the arena was filled with nothing but the sounds of brutal mockery. I had been defeated humiliatingly, I had been fucked humiliatingly, and now I was being insulted humiliatingly. The derogatory word seemed to get louder and louder with every iteration and I was in no position to react. They were right. They were all right. At the moment, with my body on display, with my body useless and my mind still feeling the ravages of one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever experienced, I was a slut. Rebecca had molded me into something worth nothing more than my vagina. Despite the sexual delirium clouding my vision I spotted Samantha with her arms crossed and smug satisfaction on her face.

"Slut! Slut! Slut!" I felt like crying. Well, that wasn't entirely true. I would have felt like crying if I felt anything more than sheer sexual ecstasy. The darkhaired beauty pushed me down and I fell onto the mat. Derogatory chants aimed directly at me still bounced around the arena as Rebecca flipped me over to face her. Her face reminded me of a bobcat's, with its predatory grin. Rebecca walked over me and squatted just above my face. I groaned. What came next was no surprise to anyone, least of all me.

A warm trinkle of pee splashed over my face. The humiliation alone made me feel like never showing my face in the arena, in the gym, in the world ever again. She had beaten me, fucked me, and was now pissing on me like I was her property. "Open your mouth." She demanded.

I complied. The degradation increased tenfold. I could do nothing against the strong and beautiful Rebecca as she humiliated me further. Her warm fluids entered my mouth and I choked for a second. "Swallow." Her command was curt and I obeyed obsequiously. It was warm and disgusting tasting and the crowd became absolutely raucous.

Rebecca finished and stood up. "I told you that you would drink piss." She marched over to her mask and ball gag and stood over me. The crowd bayed when she held the item up for them and looked down at me. She would not even grant me the dignity of having my own face. The mask came on over my head with some force. There were no slits for eyes, only mouth. Then my mouth was forced open and Rebecca applied the ball gag to it before strapping it around my head. My senses were now completely deprived as she folded me in half so that my knees were nearly on top of my shoulders.

She then entered me again. I thought my sex would have been tired after such a rough fucking, but when the wet plastic came into me I gasped with delight. Rebecca eviscerated me again as she held my legs nearly against the canvas. She was right on top of me and her massive breasts spilled over onto my own which added a lovely rubbing mix to the pleasure.

From such a vulnerable position, it was hard not to feel all the pleasure of her deep thrusts. It was even harder not to feel immense pleasure from each and every one of them. Despite the ecstasy of the crowd, I could hear her grunting. That made it so much worse.

But her rough thrusts made it so much better. In no time at all another orgasm was welling into a massive hurricane that threatened to blow me away. I tried to moan, but it was muffled by the ball gag. The fact that I could not see anything heightened my senses that much more. The butt plug humiliating me increased my pleasure wonderfully.

I tried to struggle against her but she held me in place. My pitiful attempts to resist only made her drive into me harder. Pleasure once again consumed me as the pounding continued. My leg twitched and Rebecca started slowing down, going in me long and deep. The euphoria became otherworldly as Rebecca's long toy inched into me and out of me erotically.

I could not take it anymore. I came again, harder than the first time. Although I could not see it, I felt myself squirting like a fountain. Rebecca was cruel enough to give me a few more pumps before withdrawing from me completely. My legs flopped down to the mat and through the din I heard someone call time.

There was no reaction. My body was still too groggy, too overwhelmed with pleasure to respond in any sort of coherent way. I just lay there, soaked in my own juices until I felt an arm bend down to pick me up. I was half-carried half-dragged into what must have been the locker room, where I was parked on the wooden bench. An unknown amount of time passed before I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"You are a very silly girl." Someone undid the ball gag around my head and I breathed freely for the first time in a while. "You should have taken my deal." A few quick tugs were enough to get me out of my mask. There was Samantha standing there with a self-satisfied look on her face.

I said nothing.

"You will have one day of freedom. I suggest you use it wisely. Further instructions will be sent to you tomorrow." With that, Samantha turned and walked away, her high heels clacking against the floor.

The rest of the night went by in a fog. It hadn't fully dawned on me that I was to be a servant yet and the afterglow of the two orgasms still pervaded my body. I dreamt of nothing and the next morning when I woke up, my whole body was sore. That is when it fully hit me that I would be Samantha's pet. The thought made me shudder but I knew it was all my fault. Why did I have to be so prideful? Rebecca was the favorite to win the whole thing, and I thought I had the sheer moxy to take her on.

I slumped. The cellphone on my nightstand chirped which informed me of a text message. Samantha. Wonderful. "Pack one pair of gym clothes, one evening gown, five pairs of underwear. A car will pick you up at 5 in the evening." I threw my phone across the bed. Nothing occurred to me. I had no idea what I should do all day. Running away seemed so cowardly even if it was enticing. No, I knew I had to face the music.

Five o' clock came and my phone buzzed. "Outside." I slung the bag over my shoulder and went out to meet whatever fate awaited me. The little secretary girl was idling in a car near the bottom of the steps. I climbed in.

The drive there was longer than I expected. It was out of the city limits but not by long. The neatness of suburbia gave way to the seemingly unending farmland and horse ranches. The slow rolling hills would have been pretty near the end of the day but my mind was not frolicking there. No, I was in the future, wondering what abuses Samantha would heap upon me. The woman driving the car was quiet for the duration of the journey and I was mute as well.

After getting through a tall and impressive iron gate, we found ourselves near the front entrance to Samantha's mansion. I got out of the car and slung my bag over my shoulder. I almost felt bad, wearing jeans and a t-shirt into a place as glamourous as this, but I had no option at this point. The door was ornate and seemed almost as intimidating as Samantha, but I managed to get it open.

"In the kitchen." Samantha's voice was unmistakable. I wasn't entirely sure where the kitchen was but my intuition had proved correct. Samantha was sitting at the head of a long glass kitchen table, which let me see that a naked Maddie was serving as her seat, as the girl was on all fours. The Tigress had a glass of red wine in front of her and a lovely black dress on. "I have taken the luxury of preparing some dinner for you. Yvonne." She snapped her fingers. The French girl appeared, naked as well, with a plate of something brown and disgusting looking. I pulled a chair back.

She shook her head and chuckled. "No, you're going to go on all fours and eat it." Yvonne put the dish on the floor and Samantha looked at me. I hesitated and opened my mouth. She silenced me with a finger. "According to your contract, if you do not obey all reasonable requests, all of the money you would have won is forfeit. If you try to make a break for it, same thing. If you label something as pornography as opposed to work when you draw up a contract, you can get a lot done. Interesting, that." She took a long draw of her red wine and stared at me as if to challenge me. It was a challenge that I could not raise myself to and I looked away.

"Now, on all fours and eat it. It is good for you." I closed my eyes as I got on my hands and knees and ate the gruel that was in front of me. It was obviously packed with all sorts of vitamins and protein, but that didn't make it taste any better. "What you are eating is my own special recipe. It is what I ate to be as strong as I am today. But it is of little importance. Let us talk about what you will be doing while you are in my lovely home. All of the women I have taken have their own role. Your French friend is in charge of the kitchen, for example. And she has such a refined tongue so she is responsible for pleasing me with it in other ways." I knew what that meant. "The wrestler I have chosen as my seat is Maddie," she wiggled her bum, "as she is nice and soft."

She took another sip of wine. "Which brings us to you. What are you going to do here? See, I place a high value on cleanliness and I have never really felt a great urge to own a dog. Not a real dog, at any rate." My heart sank. Oh no oh no oh no. "So you will be the dog of the house until our fun time together comes to an end. I have taken the liberty of arranging some little presents for you. Jessica!" She barked.

Jessica walked in and placed dog ears on my head and a dog bowl in front of me. She scraped the food from the plate into the bowl. "Eat." I did as Samantha bid to my humiliation. "You will of course be surrendering your cell phone, wallet, and anything else you have on you for the duration of your stay. Oh, silly me, I nearly forgot. Girls, rid our new guest of her clothes." As if out of nowhere, the rest of Samantha's servants descended upon me and disrobed me. I tried to cover myself up. "None of that," Samantha warned, "I am to see you." I stopped concealing my body. "Good. And put your ears and tail back on." Not only was I stripped of the dignity of being a fighter, I was nothing more than a barking dog. The ears on my head were the most humiliating things I had ever felt.

"Now, if you will excuse me, I must be off. Yvonne, I shall return in a four hours' time. Get her ready for me by the time I return. Until then, she can stay in the cage you saw earlier. Torie, collect her things and put them where I showed you." She stood up and left. I looked at my friend who gave me a sympathetic glance while Torie did as she was told.

"What does she mean, get me ready?" I asked.

Yvonne closed her brown eyes and shook her head. "She heard you still have your anal virginity. She is going to take that." I grimaced. "Now please come along. This is humiliating for both of us." She led me into the living room. It was a lovely set up, with a lowered almost pit in the middle. She owned several large TVs and luxurious leather couches but right in the middle was my piece of furniture. A metal cage, just big enough for me to get into on my hands and knees. I gulped as I climbed in. The French girl shut the door behind me and I looked up at her. She closed her eyes and walked away.

There were no comfortable positions inside the cage and the metal was cold against my skin. I felt fairly resigned to my fate. How did I think I could stand up to Rebecca and Samantha? I felt so weak, so pathetic. All the while endless horrid possibilities passed through my mind. This was already abusive and degrading and this was just the beginning. Would she humiliate me in public? Would she force me to do things with the group?

Suddenly, my cage rattled. There stood Jessica, recoiling from a kick. "Hey there hot stuff."

"Fuck you." I said, as if I were in a position to threaten anyone.

"Listen, I was talking to the girls and we've decided we don't like you. Not one bit. Even if Samantha wanted to defend you, which she doesn't, there is no stopping us. We are going to find you and bad things are going to happen." Jessica put her foot up on the cage and flexed her leg muscles.

"I took you twice, if you want to get fucked a third time..."

"Shut the fuck up. That was in the ring and on the mat. Y'know, with rules. There are no rules here. This is prison for all of us and you are going to be my prison bitch." With that, Jessica walked away. Her naked body was alluring in the light, but it seemed a lot less attractive knowing that she was going to be trying to bring the pain all the time. After she left the room, I gulped. I could take her, but I could not take her and all the other girls. Yvonne would be in my corner, but that was still too few by my count.

The rest of the time passed without incident. Yvonne appeared, which I recognized as an ominous sign. Samantha was on her way. The French girl sighed as she opened my cage. I crawled out of it and stood up.

"This is going to be very painful," Yvonne began, "And Samantha wants it that way. Follow me. Before anything, we need to get you showered."

The thought of the pain Samantha would visit upon me made me feel like running away and disappearing completely. I wanted to blink myself into non-existence, I wanted to cry, I wanted to make some heroic stand against her. But I knew all of those were foolish. This wasn't going to go away and crying was only going to earn me a more brutal fucking undoubtedly. Any attempts at some stand against her would surely be met with her beating me as if I were nothing and taking me anyways. I complied and followed Yvonne. The shower was already hot and running.

"I have been instructed to give you this, this and this." Yvonne offered soap, shampoo and conditioner. "She likes her pets to all smell a certain way. She wants you to be perfect for her. You have three minutes to prepare yourself." The French girl closed the curtain and I scrubbed away. Soap and water ran down the contours of my body, over and under my arms, through my abs and down my powerful legs. My limbs were on autopilot as I scrubbed myself clean for my domme. If someone had seen me, they would have commented on my thousand yard stare.

The three minutes came and went and a hand reached in to turn the shower off. Yvonne threw the curtain open and lent me a hand to step out of the shower. I wrapped a towel around myself as I was led to the mirror.

"Dry yourself off," Yvonne said as she started up the hairdryer. Warm air made my hair fly in a hundred different directions. But I was not there. I was in the car with Samantha coming closer and closer still, with many instruments of sexual domination surely along for the ride. I couldn't even bear to look at Yvonne.
"What did she do to you?" I asked.

Yvonne gulped. "First, she handcuffed all of us and forced us on our knees. We were all face down with her behind us. She took us, one by one. She made a game of it. The first one to cum lost. I held out as long as I could, but she was too good. I came hard and quick. She made me worship her from her toes to her neck, all the while slapping me and hurting me. Then I had to suck everyone's breasts, before she took me downstairs..."

I shook. From fear, from intimidation. I didn't know what was in the basement but I could tell from Yvonne's tone that it was nothing pleasant. When I tried to stand up, the French girl seated me again. "She wants to put make-up on you, yes?"

I hated make-up. The tomboy in me raged against it but to risk Samantha's displeasure was not something I could afford to do. I felt like a painted whore as Yvonne artfully shaped my face up. Once, I had been a wrestler, a fighter, an athlete. But now I had been reduced to making myself pretty for a woman stronger than me. Finally, the French girl primped my hair to perfection. If I were out on the town, I would have gotten a hundred compliments. But I wasn't. I was about to be fucked by Samantha.

"This way," Yvonne beckoned. She led me back to the living room. Or fucking room as it were. Some little helper had removed my cage and all the other girls were standing there. Torie had a set of dog ears, a collar and a leash in her hands, Jessica a strap-on, and Maddie some lube. "On all fours." I got there just in time to hear the side door open.

Sounds which could have only been Samantha's footfalls rapidly approached. She shuffled a bit and perhaps her dress hit the floor. I couldn't quite tell. "Torie." Her voice was curt and clear. I tried to ignore the fact that a collar was placed around my neck and ears on my head. "Jessica." My exhale was audible. "Maddie." Something delightfully wet splashed around my backside and presumably the strap-on as well.

"Ladies," I could hear Samantha talking as she got on her knees behind me, "we have a unique case tonight. All of you know my strength, my skill, my experience, some of you more than others. But none of you have seen my brutality, not in its full measure. Not yet." I inhaled sharply as she put her hands on my hips. "This is but a taste of things to come. Your bodies will break before your minds do, but both will come to an end. First, you must learn the price of defiance."

Something long and plastic entered my ass. I nearly shrieked in pain but covered my mouth. Samantha pulled the leash harshly and I bucked up. "No one said you could talk, doggy." I did my best to close my mouth, but the pain was too much. My mouth hung open then was shut with gritted teeth, then hung open again. The Tigress felt me out slowly and painfully and I responded like a hog in heat. I tried to get away from her but two strong hands on my hips prevented my escape.

"Don't fight it." I didn't. The pain had subsided and had given way to pleasure. Soon, the moans of pain became groans of pleasure as Samantha kept plugging away. Imperceptibly, Samantha had picked up the pace and heightened the pleasure. My eyes were closed shut but had they been open they would have seen the mixture of reactions my grunts and moans brought about in the room. Disgust with a twinge of sadness flecked Yvonne's face while Jessica looked on unrestrained glee. Torie and Maddie looked on with lust and fear in turn. All the while Samantha showed nothing other than sheer dominance.

As much as I hated myself for it, I was beginning to enjoy it. The Tigress had pushed me over the edge and all that was below me was a great interminable chasm. I was racing downward as quickly as I possibly could. Sexual ecstasy and humiliation emanated around my body and I clenched the floor below me. I opened my eyes to the situation to find self-hatred and pure pleasure. Samantha entered me harder and harder still and my body overtook my mind and my pride and my self-esteem. The noises coming from my mouth would shame a porn star but I could not help it.

The forces of Samantha's thrusts forced me forward and soon I lacked even the strength to hold myself up. I went face down into the floor as Samantha worked me. There was no use in trying to fight off the pleasure of it any longer as Samantha grabbed a handful of my shining red hair and pulled.

I yelled out. Something that maybe was an orgasm and maybe wasn't overwhelmed me. I shook and shivered violently as I seized up and broke loose. I had never encountered anything quite like it in all my sexual experiences and it left me feeling strangely good and very shamed. Samantha took that as the impetus to withdraw from me. She walked over and stood with on foot on my head. The Tigress never could resist the urge to rub it in.

"You have come to know me, as I am sure many of you think, quite well. But if you think you have seen the full measure of my cruelty and dominance, you are naïve. Do not fool yourself into thinking there will be any mercy for any of you. I will take from you everything you have. Let poor little Rachel here serve as an example." She removed her foot from my head. "Everyone may now return to their sleeping stations. Rachel, you are coming with me."

Everyone began filing out of the room. I gulped. She had already brought me low, taking my anal virginity. It seemed as if the horrors of the evening were only going to continue. Samantha was already walking away and I began waddling as quickly as I could after her. Apparently she was not fully nude when she took me as her black lingerie attested to. She glided up the stairs and down a hallway without saying a word before she opened the door to what must have been the master bedroom.

The lights came on with a flick of her wrist. She turned around, her strap-on still dangling between her hips. She dropped it to the floor with a flourish. "Undress me." I did as I was told with efficiency. "Come to bed." She gave me little choice in the matter as she grabbed my red hair and dragged me. The Tigress flung the covers back and tossed me onto the bed. She slid in right afterwards and lay back down. Soon, my head was on her shoulder. The bed was positively gargantuan and I could have slept about three yards away from her if she wanted me to, but no, that wasn't the message Samantha wanted to send. She wanted to tell me that she could always keep me close. She plucked the ears off of my head and tossed them to the floor.

She snapped her fingers and an unknown hand entered the room and turned the lights off. "I have had such a long day," her tone seemed to beg me to say something and I resisted the urge, "and I will not hear you speak. When you arise, you are to wake me with your tongue." I felt humiliated. My captor would have me wake her with oral sex. "Now sleep. You have a long day tomorrow."

I could already feel Samantha's body begin to shut down. Her tight muscles began to relax. Even then, the woman still felt like a fierce jungle cat with its strength and sublime beauty rolled into one malevolent package. My body, on the other hand, was abuzz with sex and shame and lust and my mind churned. I felt so helpless next to her. She had pressed my body against hers and I could feel how superior she was. The Tigress was gorgeous and strong and dominant in all the ways I was not. We both knew that my body was hers to do whatever she wished to with and there was nothing I could do about it.

I still smelled of it. The sex. The fact that my body was no longer my own. The fact that I was a dog for her. The collar around my neck was a brutal reminder of that and I had no doubt that there was more brutality to come. Samantha's breathing had slowed considerably and I felt the rise and fall of her chest. It occurred to me that I could choke her right then and there and honestly I thought I could have strangled her. But I didn't. That would have been a dishonor to such a fine specimen. Someway, somehow, someday, I was going to take her down. It would be fair and righteous and afterwards I would give her the fucking of the century. But for right now, I was hers.

I dreamt but I did not have a nightmare.

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