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The Hostess

-- Chapter 1

Gabby examined her makeup and hair in the full-length mirror, then turned and checked that her black stockings were straight. She didn't need to lift her skirt for this, since she wasn't wearing one. In fact, apart from the stockings, she was naked. She slipped on her black patent leather heels, then walked through to the mansion's large kitchen, her heels clicking on the wooden floor. She picked up the small white "French Maid" style apron that was folded on the counter, and tied it around her slender waist, only just covering her shaved pussy. Next, she took two ice cubes from the freezer and rubbed them on her nipples until they stood to attention, then picked up a silver tray of champagne flutes and headed out into the spacious reception hall where the guests were waiting.

Most of the guests for this evening's gathering at the exclusive sex club were already there, casually mingling, chatting and drinking champagne. They were all in just their underwear. Gabby recognized most of them, but there were a few new faces.

She walked among them, her high, pert breasts and heart-shaped ass atop perfect, long legs drawing admiring glances as she went. She greeted each member with a smile, making sure they had a drink, and handing each of them a small card she took from pockets in her apron.

Bronze and silver level members received cards which could be redeemed respectively for thirty seconds of manual or oral pleasure from Gabby. Gold members relieved "mystery" cards, with a small sticker covering the description of what they were entitled to. They were not to peel it until they were ready to redeem it with Gabby. In reality, there was no mystery - Gabby was careful to give each of them exactly what she knew they would want, and she had the cards discreetly marked so she knew who to give them to.

First time visitors who had purchased a trial membership also got a gold card, but, since she didn't know their preferences, under the sticker was simply printed "member's choice." There were three new trial members. A husband and wife, and a young man accompanying a woman in her mid twenties who was a regular bronze member. Gabby felt for sure the two men's "choice" would be to fuck her, but she was less sure about what the woman might like. She didn't look at all happy to be there, and Gabby mentally challenged herself to convert the woman to a full, gold membership.

A large grandfather clock standing against the dark, wood paneled wall struck eight. Guests began to disperse in different directions, some up the grand staircase to the bedrooms, some to the large sitting rooms, library or games rooms on the ground floor. A few took a short cut though the kitchen out to the back of the building where they knew the hot tub to be.

Soon, Gabby was alone in the large entrance hall. She gathered up empty glasses onto her tray and headed back to the kitchen. Mentally, she once again checked off everything she had already seen to earlier in the evening - the locker rooms, showers, bedrooms and hot tub all had plenty of towels, the lube dispensers in each room were filled, there were tubs of sex toys conveniently located around the mansion, and the dozen or so drinks cabinets were all stocked. "Ready for a successful night," though Gabby, smiling to herself in the mirror as she once again checked her look.

After busying herself in the kitchen for about thirty minutes, Gabby headed out on her rounds of the house, to check in on all the guests to make sure they were having a good time, help if they weren't, and see who wanted to redeem their cards with her.

She headed upstairs first, picking up a few items of discarded underwear on the way. The doors of the first two rooms were closed. Some guests wanted to fuck in private, but most left their doors open - after all, the whole point of being at a sex club was to interact with lots of other people. The third room was open. On the bed lay the young man who was a first-timer, with his member girlfriend. Astride his face, sucking his cock vigorously, was a full-figured woman of about thirty-five. He had a firm grip on her ass, and had his face buried between her cheeks.

His girlfriend was on her knees beside them, egging the woman on.

"Suck that beautiful cock!" she was saying, "squeeze it as hard as you can, that's how he likes it!"

She looked up and grinned at Gabby. "I think I'd like to redeem my 'Gabby Card'," she said.

"Sure thing, Anna," replied Gabby, "right here?"

Anna replied by shuffling up to the edge of the bed and turning her back on Gabby.

Gabby came up behind her, pressing her breasts against Anna's back. She slid her hands around the slim brunette's chest and began fondling her boobs, then let one hand slide down over her belly to her neatly-trimmed pussy. She brushed her fingers over Anna's clit and down, stroking the lips, and then slipping a finger up into her pussy. Anna groaned with pleasure, and Gabby pulled her now wet finger back out and up to her clit. She began a slow circling motion, and Anna's body shuddered with delight, small, strangled squeaks emanating from her throat.

Suddenly, Gabby stepped back, dropping her hands away from Anna's body.

"Time's up." she said.

"Aww, come on!" complained the frustrated girl.

"Well, you know what you could do to have that all the way?" asked Gabby, smiling.

"I know, I know," sighed Anna, "upgrade to Gold."

"Exactly," said Gabby, "later!"

And she was gone, off to the next room.

By the time she had reached the end off the hallway, Gabby had taught one couple a new position, given two thirty second blow-jobs (unfinished,) and licked one pussy for thirty seconds. She'd also elicited three promises to upgrade to Gold status.

After this, she headed downstairs to check on the larger rooms where the group activities usually happened.

The first room off the entrance hall had been the music room a hundred years ago, but now held a large television. In front of it, on a massive couch, sat three naked men watching a basketball game. Lying across their laps on her back was an equally naked redhead. One man was massaging her feet, one her boobs, and the guy in the middle had one hand buried between her legs, the other absent-mindedly rubbing her clit. All four looked up and greeted Gabby as she entered.

"Hi guys," said Gabby, "all good, any cards?"

They were all silver members, and all wanted to redeem their cards. The woman stood up, and Gabby got to her knees in front of the couch. One by one, she sucked each guy's cock for thirty seconds, again convincing each man that he needed urgently to upgrade.

Once she let go of the last frustrated penis, Gabby turned to the woman.

"Want to sit and spread for me, Mary?" she asked.

"Actually," said Mary, "I was wondering if it would be ok if I licked you instead?"

"I suppose so," considered Gabby, "it's not strictly within the rules, but I think I'd like that."

She squeezed onto the couch between two of the guys, then lay back and lifted her legs. The two men obligingly held her feet. Mary sank to her knees and lifted Gabby's apron.

"My God, you have such a perfect little pussy," she said, and plunged her face into it. She ran her tongue all the way up from Gabby's asshole to her clit, then pushed it as far into Gabby's pussy as she could, hungrily lapping up the juices. It felt so good that Gabby let her have almost a full minute before pushing Mary's head away and saying "that's your lot - you should finish these guys off!"

She headed on to the next room, her clit still tingling, leaving Mary with her mouth full of cock.

-- Chapter 2

The next room was the billiard room. A young blonde woman was lying on the table, her legs spread wide. Two men seemed to be playing pool in the remaining area of the table.

"Hi Lisa," said Gabby, trailing her fingers softly across the woman's breasts, "what's happening?"

"Hi Babe," replied the woman, "Mark and Ian here just finished playing for my pussy. Mark won. Hey Mark!" Here she lifted her head to look at him. "Ready to fuck me?"

Gabby knew they were both bronze members, so she said "want you use your cards and I'll get you ready?"

"That's a great idea," said Mark, and climbed up on the table and got between Lisa's legs.

Gabby took his cock in one hand and began to stroke it, and with the other she started fingering Lisa. Within the thirty seconds, Mark was rock hard, and Lisa's pussy was wet and ready for entry. Gabby pulled Mark forward and placed the tip of his cock between Lisa's lips.

"Off you go!" she said, and Mark plunged in.

"Ian, want to use your card?" Gabby asked the other man.

"You bet," he replied, and peeled the sticker off his gold card to reveal 'Watch the hostess pee' written underneath. Gabby could tell from the look on his face that she'd hit her target by writing that card for him - he looked delighted. At the last gathering she'd overheard him asking a couple of other women if he could watch them, but he'd been turned down, so she decided to make his dream come true this month. She'd been holding it in all evening.

"Let's go," she said, taking him by the hand.

She led him down the hallway to a bathroom, and closed the door.

She pointed to the toilet and told him to kneel in front of it. Then she sat down, spread her legs wide and lifted her little apron so he had a perfect view of her shaved pussy. She closed her eyes and tried to relax - she didn't find it easy to pee with a naked man, stroking his cock, staring intently at her cunt, but eventually she felt it begin to flow. The warm, golden liquid gushed out of her, splashing loudly into the water. She heard Ian groan with delight and pant as he jacked himself off. Finally her stream slowed to a trickle, she forced out a few last drops, and it stopped. He was still going, so she decided to give him an extra treat. She slid forward on the seat and leaned back.

"Clean me up with your tongue," she ordered.

Ian didn't need to be told twice, and was quickly sucking the last golden drops off her labia.

"That's it, drink my hot piss!" she exclaimed, and that was enough for him. With a loud grunt he came, spraying his semen on the porcelain and the tile floor.

She wiped herself with some toilet paper and stood up.

"Oh God, thank you Gabby," he said, looking up at her in adoration, "that was what I've always dreamed of!"

Gabby smiled and left him to clean up. She did another round of the house, picking up empty glasses, more discarded underwear and a sticky dildo. It was nice to have her bladder empty too...

She headed over to the south side of the building. In a grandly furnished sitting room, she found a loudly cheering group of men and women standing in a circle. Two men made room for her, and she saw that in the middle were two women, on their backs on the floor, one woman's feet pressing against those of the other. A tight piece of string joined their pussies. The blonde woman had a clamp on one nipple, and the brunette had one on each nipple. As they pushed themselves apart, a single, large bead began to emerge on the string from the brunette's vagina. There was more cheering from the audience, and encouragements to clench harder. Another bead emerged, and then the final one dropped out and the string went slack. The crowd applauded the winner, and a woman handed her another nipple clamp. Since the loser already had one on each nipple, the blonde woman got to attach this one to her pussy lips. She grimaced with the pain, but took her punishment bravely.

"What are the stakes?" Gabby asked of the man next to her.

"Loser gets a clamp on her, then when she has all four, she has to eat the winner's pussy."

"Sounds like fun," said Gabby.

"Want to take my place and be my champion?" asked the brunette with the three clamps.

"Sure," replied Gabby, "I do my kegels!"

With the other contestant's consent, Gabby took her place on the floor. She untied her apron and tossed it aside. Someone handed her her end of the string with three beads on, and she spread her legs and carefully pushed them into her pussy. She and the blonde then lay on their backs, and the referee took their feet and placed them against each other. "Go!" she yelled.

Gabby pressed her feet against the other woman's, pushing her body away from her. She immediately felt the tug of the string on her pussy, the first bead straining to escape. She clenched her cunt as tight as she could. There were shouts of encouragement, and cheers as the blonde woman's pussy gave up each bead. Finally, Gabby felt the string go limp and sat up, a triumphant grin on her face.

The referee handed her a nipple clamp. Gabby shuffled up to her opponent, who offered her un-clamped breast. Gabby squeezed it, then took the nipple between her thumb and forefinger, rolling and pinching it until it was hard. Then she carefully placed the clamp over it.

Gabby also won the next round, and got to apply a clamp to one of the blonde woman's labia.

Then the tables turned. Fingering the blonde woman's pussy like that had got Gabby turned on, and her increasingly wet pussy wasn't able to grip the balls so well. She lost the next round quickly, and had to submit to having her nipple clamped. It hurt, but in such a delicious way that she quickly lost the next round too, and then the next, which meant that she had to let the other woman apply a clamp to one of her pussy lips. She had to work really hard not to orgasm at the sensation.

However, getting to fondle Gabby's perfect titties and cunt and place the clamps had also had an effect on the blonde's pussy, so they were both at a disadvantage, and it was now the final round.

The women each inserted their beads and lay back. For some reason, the woman who had appointed herself referee decided to finger each contestant 'to check bead position', then she gave the start command.

Gabby pushed back, desperately squeezing her pussy shut, but the first bead almost immediately popped out. She quickly felt the same thing happen at the other end of the string and took heart that her opponent's cunt was just as sopping wet as her own. Both women were down to two beads, then quickly one.

The audience were beside themselves, cheering and encouraging the contestants. One woman had the hard cocks of the men on each side of her in her hands and was jerking them furiously as she cheered.

This had to be the final push - they were neck and neck at the final turn!

Gabby went for it - she clenched her cunt as tight as she could, and gave an almighty push with her feet. She felt the string go slack as the final bead slopped out of the blonde, and leaped to her feet, punching her fists in the air. She had won!

She and the blonde woman hugged tightly, then the blonde reached down and grabbed the string and pulled the final bead out of Gabby. She put it to her mouth and lasciviously licked it.

"Yum, a taste of things to come," she said. She gestured to the couch. "Gabby, you want to lay back there and spread to receive your prize?"

"No, no," said Gabby, "I was acting as her champion." She indicated the brunette woman. "She's the one who gets to have you lick her."

The brunette smiled and mouthed "thank you", and laid back on the couch. The blonde took her place between her legs, and the rest of the members gathered to watch.

Gabby took the clamps off her nipples and labia and carefully tied her apron back in place, grabbing a wet wipe on the way out of the room. Once outside, with no-one in sight, she wiped between her legs and continued her hostess duties.

-- Chapter 3

She had barely taken ten steps down the hallway, her sexy heels clicking on the polished wooden floor, when a man's head poked around a door.

"Hi Gabby," he said, "I though it was you. If you're free, I'd love to redeem my card."

"Sure, Gary," smiled Gabby, "let's see what it says."

She already knew of course, since he was a gold member.

She stepped inside the room, a small office with a large mahogany desk. In the leather chair behind the desk sat a small, plump woman, whom Gabby recognized as Gary's wife.

"Hi Amy," she said.

"Hi Gabby," replied the woman, "can't wait to see what Gary gets from you - I've been wanting to watch you make him come for weeks."

Gary peeled the sticker off his gold card. 'Blow job finishing on hostess' breasts'.

He grinned at her. "Fuckin' ay!" he exclaimed.

Gabby laughed. She pressed her firm body against his and kissed him full on the mouth. His cock immediately began to stiffen, and she slid her hands down his chest as she knelt before him. She looked up at him and licked her lips, just an inch from the tip of his cock, then stuck out her tongue and flicked it across the head. She ran her hands up his thighs and took his scrotum in one hand. She rolled the balls around between her fingers, gently probing between and around them, and scraped her nails across his taint.

He groaned in pleasure. She closed her other hand around the base of his cock and squeezed and pulled the skin firmly towards his body and he gasped. His wife came in for a close look at Gabby's expert technique.

Gabby closed her fingers above Gary's balls and pulled gently downward and at the same time pressed her thumb into the underside of the shaft and rolled it forward, milking it. A large drop of precum formed at the tip. She stuck out her tongue and pressed up under the head, tasting his juice, then closed her full lips around it. He moaned as a wave of bliss washed over him. She sucked hard and pulled him in all the way to the back of her throat, then back out until just her lips were around the head, massaging it. She twisted her head from side to side, pressing her tongue all over his cock, probing the hole, flicking the string.

She stroked up and down with her hand and lips, sucking and licking. Her other hand squeezed and tugged on his balls, and her fingers pressed firmly up on his taint. His knees were beginning to quiver. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see that Amy had her hands between her legs, fingering herself and rubbing her clit, making soft moaning noises.

Gabby sped up her sucking and stroking. She could feel the tension building in his balls. He began spasming. She pressed her thumb firmly under the base of his cock to momentarily hold him back, then pulled him out of her mouth and pointed him at her boobs. She released the pressure, and his cum splashed copiously over her chest, in stringy, sticky ropes. She kept stroking until it seemed like every last drop was out, and then took him back in her mouth and sucked out some more, not releasing him until he begged her to stop.

Her tits were covered in cum, it ran down her smooth slopes and dripped off the nipples.

Amy said breathlessly, "I don't care what my gold card says, please just let me lick that off you!"

Gabby turned to her, squeezing her tits together, and Amy plunged her head in between them, licking and sucking, lapping up every drop. Gabby pushed her hand up between Amy's legs, pushing two fingers up inside to rub her g-spot, whilst pressing the knuckle of her thumb against the clitoris. Within seconds Amy's body was shuddering in orgasm, her loud cries muffled by Gabby's boobs.

Finally, Amy pulled back, exhausted. Her husband was lying on his back beside her, his breathing starting to subside to normal. He looked up at Gabby.

"That was fucking incredible," he said, and to his wife, "and watching you lick Gabby's tits was the icing on the cake."

Amy turned her cum-smeared face to him, smiling. "And I learned a lot from watching her - you'll be getting a lot better blow jobs from now on."

Gabby smiled - it was nice to be appreciated. She headed out of the room, and made her way directly to her private bathroom, where she finished cleaning up her tits, and touched up her makeup and hair.
Then, it was back into the fray.

-- Chapter 4

Gabby made her way out the back to the hot tub area, where two men and two women were relaxing with drinks. The women were busy making out, kissing passionately, and groping each other under the water.

The men were both gold members, and asked Gabby to pass over their cards, which were lying on a bench. She did so, and they both peeled the stickers off. Gabby knew the men would be hanging out together, as the couples were close friends, and had planned the cards accordingly: 'double-team the hostess'.

They climbed excitedly out of the tub, and Gabby handed them towels. There was a large wicker couch with thick padding nearby, and Gabby headed over to it, swinging her bare ass seductively, and casting her apron aside. The men played a quick game of rock, paper, scissors to decide who got the pleasure of her ass. Eric won, so Mike settled himself back on the couch.

Gabby climbed astride him, reaching down and stroking him hard. Eric handed her a tube of lube. She rubbed a little between her legs, then guided Mike's cock inside her. She leaned forward to allow him to suck her nipples and slowly slid up and down him.

Eric got to his knees behind her, and parted her firm cheeks with his hands. He began to probe her little asshole with his tongue, moving up and down in time with her. Using a little lube, he gently pressed one finger inside and wiggled it around.

"Try two," she suggested. He pushed another finger inside.

"Oh, that's nice," she murmured, "and that too," she added to Mike, who was gently biting her nipple.

She had her hands on his shoulders, and rose and fell rhythmically on his cock, reveling in the sensation, and looking forward to having her ass filled.

"I think I'm ready," she said, over her shoulder, stopping her up and down movement on Mike, "use plenty of lube."

Eric stood and squirted some lube into her ass crack, then used the head of his cock to rub it up and down her. He placed the tip against her hole and began to push.

She grunted as he stretched her, and pushed back against him.

"Slowly, slowly, yes, that's it," she moaned, "oh yes!"

He pushed until he was all the way in, and she had two cocks inside her. He started slowly fucking her, and she resumed riding Mike's shaft in time with him. It had been a long time since she'd been double-penetrated like this, which was why she'd made the guys those cards, and she was glad she had - it felt as good as she remembered.

Eric fucked her ass smoothly, and gripped her hips, while Mike thrust his hips up at her and kept sucking her delicious titties.

"I can't believe I'm getting fucked by two such gorgeous cocks," she moaned, "fuck me hard, boys, squirt your hot cum into me, fuck my tight little holes!"

"Oh god, you've got such a tight ass," grunted Eric, "I don't think I can last much longer."

"Your cunt feels so good," murmured Mike, into her tits, "and I love your perfect tits so much."

Gabby clenched her pussy and ass as hard as she could, and doubled her speed riding Mike's cock.

"Oh god, I'm cumming!" cried both men at once.

She felt both cocks burst inside her, filling her with cum. She pushed her full weight down on Mike and milked him as hard as she could, and Eric managed a couple more thrusts before having to stop and hold himself still inside her, panting.

Finally, Eric pulled out and slumped onto the couch next to his buddy. Gabby climbed off Mike, and immediately felt cum seeping out of both of her orifices. She grabbed some kleenex off the table and wiped herself.

She left the guys high-fiving each other and headed back to the bathroom, stopping only to grab her apron. Once in the bathroom she took off her shoes and stockings and crouched down in the tub and used the hose to spray her pussy and ass, pushing her fingers inside to scoop out as much semen as possible. She gave herself a five minute break, then pulled on new stockings, tied on her lacy apron, reapplied her makeup, fixed her hair, put her shoes back on, and headed back out to work.

-- Chapter 5

Gabby came out into the main reception hall of the mansion, then turned into the library. Kneeling on a rug in the middle of the room was a slim redhead whom Gabby recognized as Jane. Jane always came to the club alone. She was blindfolded and had her hands tied behind her back. On her chest, above her perky little breasts was written in lipstick: 'FUCK MY MOUTH'. Standing in front of her, doing just that, was a tall, well built man with a shaved head.

Gabby watched silently until he finished, grunting, spraying his cum onto the woman's face and tits.

He noticed Gabby, but she put a finger to her lips before he could greet her, and he nodded and padded out of the room in silence.

Gabby walked up to Jane, and circled her a couple of times. Jane held her mouth open, expectantly, semen dripping off her chin.

Gabby stopped in front of her, then lifted her foot and rubbed the toe of her stiletto up and down the woman's pussy, pushing the tip inside. Jane gave a little shudder. Gabby lifted her foot up to the woman's mouth and pushed the wet, pointed toe between her lips. Jane quickly licked her juices off it.

Gabby walked back behind her and knelt down, pressing her tits against Jane's back. She slid her hands up Jane's waist onto her tits, and began rubbing the semen in.

Jane sniffed the air.

"Hi Gabby," she said, "I'd recognize that perfume anywhere."

Gabby grabbed her nipples and gave them a cruel twist.

"What did you call me?" She snarled.

"I'm sorry, I meant Mistress Gabrielle!" squealed Jane.

"That's right," hissed Gabby, "and what are you?"

"I'm just a filthy cum slut," said Jane, "just here for men to use."

Gabby brought her right hand up and then swung it down hard between Jane's legs, slapping her shaved cunt.

"Right again," she said, "you're a dirty whore that needs to be punished!"

She slapped Jane's pussy again and again, sometimes hard, and sometimes even harder. Jane yelped in pain each time, but managed to always say "thank you mistress."

As Gabby administered the pussy-spanking, she dug her nails viciously into Jane's left breast.

Over and over she slapped, sometimes diverting to the side to spank Jane's inner thighs, sometimes higher to punish her clit, but mostly delivering the stinging slaps directly to Jane's tender pussy lips. Jane began to whimper, but never used the safe word.

Finally, Gabby stopped, her hand firmly cupping the sobbing woman's cunt. Her left hand released its grip on Jane's tit and she slid it around her ass and up between her legs, pushing three fingers hard up into her wet pussy.

Jane gasped. "Please punish my slutty cunt, Mistress," she begged.

Gabby twisted her hand and pushed up harder, causing Jane to try to rise up on her knees, but Gabby dug the nails of her right hand into Jane's soft labia.

"Push yourself down, bitch," she snarled into Jane's ear, and Jane complied, letting her weight force her pussy to accept more of Gabby's hand.

Gabby gave Jane's pussy one more hard slap, then slowly began to rub her clit. She felt its hard nub with her fingertips as she expertly circled it. She pulled her hand out of Jane's cunt and slid it around to the woman's front, leaving a thin trail of feminine secretions, then more gently inserted two fingers, swirling them around to brush the g-spot, then starting to finger-fuck her in time with rubbing her clit.

Jane let her head sink forward on her chest, and her hands, still secured behind her back, began to grope around on Gabby's body, tugging at her apron. Gabby stroked her breasts and belly up and down Jane's back a few times, so that the apron rode up, then positioned herself higher to allow Jane's fingers to find her bare pussy and slip inside. In this position, she was no longer able to reach between Jane's legs, so she took some time to caress her firm little tits, softly stroking the nipples to make up for the harsh way she had treated them earlier.

After a short while, she lowered herself down again, dragging Jane's fingers out of her cunt, and resumed fingering her with both hands. Jane started to focus on her own pleasure, and began rolling her hips to press her clit harder against Gabby's rubbing. Gabby curled the fingers of her left hard around to apply rhythmic pressure to Jane's g-spot, whilst rubbing her clit from the other side. She also began to gently bite the woman's neck.

Jane groaned in ecstasy, and Gabby gradually sped up the stimulation. With her naked breasts pressed hard against the bound woman's back, she was easily able to feel the change in breathing as Jane approached her orgasm, and as she sensed it getting closer, she slowed down.

"Oh god, Gabby, please don't stop!" begged the woman.

Gabby lifted her hands up and brought them down, palms open, with a hard slap on Jane's tits.

"You will remember your place, you dirty little bitch!" she exclaimed.

She grabbed the nipples and pulled them hard, and Jane cried out in pain.

"I'm sorry, Mistress Gabrielle," she panted, "I'm sorry, please fuck my whore cunt again!"

Gabby let her hands slide back down. She pinched Jane's wet pussy lips with her finger nails and pulled them apart, then pushed two fingers of her left hand inside again, and resumed rubbing the clit with her other hand. Once again, Jane's breathing indicated that she was heading towards her orgasm, and again Gabby backed off enough to bring her back down, but this time Jane had the sense not to complain.

Three times Gabby brought the bound woman to the edge, and each time left her groaning with frustration, her entire body shaking.

Finally, she decided to show mercy. She brought her fingers inside Jane's cunt up against her g-spot, softly rubbing against the rough texture. On the outside, she squeezed Jane's clit, and began to stroke it like a tiny cock, faster and faster. Then she let her fingers press against it, rotating faster and faster.

Jane's body quivered, and she threw her head back onto Gabby's shoulder and let out a strangled, animalistic howl. She arched her back, and every muscle in her body tensed as the massive orgasm slammed through her. Gabby felt Jane's pussy spasm around her fingers, and slowly withdrew them, sticky with pussy juice. She gently cupped Jane's mound as the woman slowly slumped forward, panting hard.

Gabby slowly guided Jane sideways down onto the floor, her right arm under her head. She deftly untied Jane's bound hands, pulled the blindfold off, and lay down behind her, spooning her, gently cupping her breasts.

Gradually, Jane's breathing slowed to normal, and after a few more minutes she began to snore softly. Gabby carefully extricated herself and slid a small cushion under Jane's head.

As she silently tiptoed from the room she heard Jane murmur, "you're the best, Gabby."

Gabby smiled to herself as she went on her way to see how the rest of her guests were doing, closing the door silently.

-- Chapter 6

Gabby headed back upstairs, pausing only to check her hair and makeup and take care of some dampness that had developed during her last encounter.

As she walked down the main hallway she heard the sound of a man and woman vigorously fucking. She looked in through the open door of the bedroom it was coming from, and saw one of the new members on his knees on the bed, facing away from her, enthusiastically pounding, doggy-style, a middle-aged woman with very large breasts.

Gabby was about to move on, when she spotted the man's wife sitting on a small couch on the other side of the room, looking just as unhappy as she had at the reception. She was still wearing her underwear - probably the only person in the entire house still doing so.

Gabby slipped quietly into the room, and perched herself on the edge of the couch, facing the woman.

"It's Sammy, right?" she asked.

The woman gave a slight nod.

"Are you ok, Sammy?" asked Gabby.

"I'm fine," said the woman quietly, looking away.

"Do you wish this wasn't happening?" asked Gabby, nodding towards the bed.

"No," replied Sammy, "it's not that, I don't begrudge him a bit of fun, and I'd much rather he do it here than have an affair, it's just that, well, I don't really feel like joining in."

"There are lots of men here who would love to be with a woman as attractive as you," said Gabby, "none of them take your fancy?"

Sammy shook her head.

"How about women?" asked Gabby, softly.

Sammy blushed.

"I've noticed you looking at my breasts," whispered Gabby, "do you like them?"

The woman nodded, shyly.

Gabby reached up her hand and softly brushed some of Sammy's honey-blonde hair from her face. Sammy didn't recoil, so Gabby leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

Sammy froze, but Gabby didn't pull back. She pressed a little more firmly, then opened her lips and touched Sammy's with her tongue.

After a brief hesitation, Sammy responded, opening her lips a tiny amount to let the tip of Gabby's tongue in. Gabby pressed her advantage. She slipped her arm around Sammy's waist and pulled her towards herself. Sammy yielded, and slipped her own arms around Gabby's neck.

Their kisses were slow and sensual. Sometimes their tongues were exploring each other's mouths, sometimes they were gently biting and sucking each other's lips.

Gabby unsnapped Sammy's bra, and Sammy lowered her arms for just enough time to let it slip to the floor, then their naked breasts were pressed together, and Gabby felt Sammy's erect nipples pressing into her flesh.

Gabby looked over at the bed. The fucking couple had not noticed her entrance, so she quietly stood up. Taking Sammy's hand, she led her out of the room.

Once in the hallway, Sammy became shy again, and covered her bare breasts with her free arm, but Gabby quickly pulled her into an empty bedroom and locked the door. She pulled Sammy into her arms again, and slipped one hand into the back of her panties, squeezing her firm bottom.

They kissed for a few more seconds, then Gabby maneuvered Sammy towards the bed until she fell backwards onto it. Sammy shuffled upwards until she was all the way on, and Gabby fell on top of her, kissing her some more. She moved her kisses downward, over Sammy's chin and down her slender neck. She kissed her shoulders, then her upper chest, then down onto her small, but beautifully formed breasts. She kissed around each, gently nipping at the skin with her lips, then found one dusty pink nipple. She softly sucked it into her mouth, flicking her tongue across it and relishing its hardness. Sammy moaned softly, and Gabby cupped the other breast with her hand and stroked the nipple.

She moved her kissing down, over Sammy's taught belly, circling ,then probing her belly button with her tongue. She kissed and licked her way over Sammy's hips, passing the waistband of her panties, and moved onto the woman's smooth, shapely right thigh.

Her hand drifted down until her fingers softly brushed Sammy's public mound, through her sheer white panties. Through the thin fabric, she could see close-cropped blonde pubes, and by now she could smell Sammy's arousal, the heavy, musky scent filling the air around her.

She rose up onto her knees, and lifted Sammy's right leg, placing the ankle on her shoulder.

She kissed her way along the calf until she was holding Sammy's dainty foot in front of her face. She closed her lips around the big toe, sucking it like she would the head of a cock, teasing it with her tongue. She moved down the toes, sucking and licking between them, her thumbs massaging the sole. She lifted Sammy's other foot, and put both big toes in her mouth together.

She put Sammy's ankles onto her shoulders, and slid forward, kissing her way up each leg, until she found herself facing the crotch of Sammy's panties, the woman's legs high in the air. She pressed her mouth hard against it, feeling the outline of Sammy's labia. As she pulled back, she saw a dark stain of moisture appearing. She hooked her fingers under the waistband of the panties and slowly peeled them off. She tossed them behind her, took Sammy's ankles and lifted them until her legs were pointing straight up, then slowly parted them, revealing her pretty pussy, topped with short public hair. Sammy's prominent, fleshy lips were shaved, and parted to reveal her glistening hole, which pulsed in anticipation.

Gabby leaned forward again to kiss Sammy's mouth. She worked her way back down, but this time she stopped when she reached the belly. Instead of moving further, she pressed one of her tits between Sammy's legs, rubbing the nipple up and down her slit, and tickling her vagina with the nipple.

By now, Sammy's breath was heavy. She moaned and writhed under Gabby's caresses. She began to stroke and tease her own nipples. Gabby let her breast slide down the woman's thigh, leaving a trail of pussy juice, until her mouth was just a few inches away from the delicious wetness.

She put her hands behind Sammy's knees and pushed them up, until the perfect little puckered asshole was before her mouth. She flicked her tongue across it, and Sammy let out a little gasp. Gabby circled the tight, pink hole and delved a little inside, as it twitched around her tongue. She ran her tongue upward, carefully avoiding the vagina for now, and began to suck on Sammy's pussy lips. Sammy's moans took on a new volume.

Gabby ran her tongue up the middle, then briefly closed her lips around Sammy's clit, then back down and plunged it into her wet hole.

"Oh God! " exclaimed Sammy, and grabbed Gabby's head, "Oh God, yes!"

Gabby slurped hungrily at the hot cunt, pushing in as far as she could, then smearing the juices around the lips and clit, and down into the asshole.

Sammy writhed and moaned in ecstasy, her fingers clamped around Gabby's hair, her feet now resting on Gabby's back.

Gabby moved back up to focus on Sammy's swollen little clit. Her tongue pushed the little hood further back, and she sucked on it as hard as she could, then she pushed two fingers up into the tight pussy. She curled them up to find the g-spot, causing Sammy to give her loudest yell yet. She began to finger-fuck Sammy's tight little hole, and with her tongue formed firm, tight circles right above her clit.

Sammy started to make little noises in her throat in time to the fingering, and Gabby knew she was close to coming. On one thrust she used her little finger instead of the first two, wetting it, then, with the next up stroke, she pushed it into Sammy's asshole.

That was the final straw. Sammy's entire body shuddered as the orgasm slammed through her. Her head swam, and she saw stars before her eyes. She clamped her thighs tightly around Gabby's head and pulled her face into her cunt as hard as she could, lifting her back off the bed. Gabby sucked the clit like her life depended on it, and her fingers became a blur.

Finally, spent, Sammy slumped backward onto the bed, her chest heaving, panting for breath.

Gabby climbed back on top of her and kissed her with her juice-smeared lips.

"Would you like a cock now? " she whispered.

"Oh yes," groaned Sammy, "would you find me one? "

Gabby quickly climbed off the bed and went to the door. A young man was just walking by. She grabbed him by the arm and dragged him into the room.

She indicated Sammy, lying on the bed, her arms and legs spread wide.

"She needs a cock in her, right now - think you're up to it?" she asked him.

"Oh hell, yes, " he replied, grinning.

"Sammy, meet Paul," she said, "and Paul, fuck Sammy! "

He climbed between Sammy's legs and quickly stroked his already semi-hard penis fully erect, then plunged it into her.

Gabby quietly headed for a bathroom. This time, it took more than a simple wet wipe to clean up what was oozing from between her legs...
--Chapter 7

Back in the billiard room, Gabby encountered Carl. He was just finishing licking the pussy of the young blonde woman who had been the prize in the pool game earlier, and she was cumming loudly. Gabby leaned in the doorway, her arms folded under her breasts, and waited until he stood up and wiped his mouth.

"God, she tastes good," he said.

"I bet," smiled Gabby, "It's after one, want to use your card?"

He picked his gold card up from the mantelpiece and peeled the sticker off. 'Foot job from the Hostess'

"Oh God," he groaned turning to her with an amazed look, "really? How did you know that's my fantasy?"

"Now, now," she winked, "you know the cards are random."

She indicated a leather couch at the far end of the room.

"How about here?"

He readily agreed, and settled himself at one end, his back resting against the arm. She untied her apron, then sat down opposite him, and lifted her knees to her chest and spread them, exposing her pussy to him.

She dipped one finger inside herself, then licked it, making eye contact with him the whole while, then she lifted one beautiful, stocking-clad leg and pushed her shiny leather stiletto between his knees. She pushed first one knee aside, then the other, then stretched out her leg and tapped his erect penis with her foot. It bobbed from side to side, and she tapped it a few more times, then she slid the toe under his balls, and he moaned softly.

She carefully rolled his balls around a little, then lifted the foot and placed it on his chest, digging the sharp heel into his skin.

"Take my shoe off." She commanded.

With shaking hands, he took hold of her ankle and slipped the shoe off.

"Kiss my toes."

He did so, then she pulled her foot back and presented the other one.

"Now this one."

He removed her second shoe and kissed that foot also. She stroked up and down his chest with her stockinged feet, then the inside of his thighs. In this position, he had a spectacular view of her cunt, but he had only eyes for her feet.

She probed his balls with her toes, and pushed one foot deep under him, so it pressed up on his taint.

She shuffled forward, and put one foot up on his shoulder.

"Stroke my thigh." She ordered.

He leaned forward and did as he was told, running his hands up and down her smooth skin, from her pussy to her stocking top.

"Now pull down my stocking. "

His fingers caught the lacy top and tugged the flimsy fabric down her leg. She offered the other and he did the same. Now she was completely naked before him, her bare feet in his hands. He stroked the skin, rubbing her slender ankles, massaging the heels, kissing the toes. He ran his tongue between each toe, then sucked each one individually.

Gabby loved having her toes sucked as part of lovemaking, and it turned her on immensely. She found herself softly stroking her clit when she remembered that this was about his pleasure, not hers.

She moved her feet back down between his legs. Her bare skin against his ballsack made his whole body quiver. She gently pinched and tugged on the skin with her toes but when her went to stroke his cock, she kicked his hand away.

"No, no, naughty," she said, "you just wait."

She teased him some more, stroking his chest and legs with her feet, and pressing her toes into his mouth with instructions to suck them, which he happily did.

Then she leaned forward and squirted some lube onto his cock from a little tube, and she placed the soles of her feet around the base. She squeezed hard, and began to stroke up and down. He watched intently as her pretty little feet rubbed up and down his shaft. She stroked the underside of his penis with one foot, whilst rubbing her big toe around the head, smearing the emerging precum around. He fondled her calves and ankles while she did this, enjoying the feeling of her toned muscles flexing themselves.

She adjusted her feet so that she was holding the head of his cock between the toes, and stroked as fast as she could, a real workout for her abs and thighs. Suddenly, almost without warning, he came, his cum arcing across the space between them, splashing on her tits and stomach, and dripping of his cock onto the dark red leather. He leaned back against the arm of the couch.

"Oh, my God, Gabby, that was incredible," he said, "thank you!"

She smiled and leaned towards him. She gave his balls a gentle squeeze, and milked a few more drops of cum out of his cock, causing his whole body to spasm, then gathered up her apron and headed back out, once again needing to clean cum off herself.

-- Chapter 8

Gabby visited every area of the mansion, reminding all the guests that it was almost two AM, and would soon be time to gather in the main lounge downstairs for their traditional send-off.

She gave them time to make their way down, then headed there herself.

There were six couples still present, many having already left. They sat around, some still naked, some with towels or sheets wrapped around themselves.

Gabby approached each couple, confirming that they'd had a good time, and listening to excited stories about their sexual adventures that night.

Finally she stood in the center of the room, naked except for her white apron.

"Ladies and gentlemen," she said loudly. Conversation quickly tapered off, and everyone turned to pay her attention.

"It seems that everyone had a good time this evening." She gave a quick, knowing smile to Sammy. "However, there is still one Gold card unaccounted for."

The young woman, Anna, who had brought her boyfriend for his first time spoke up.

"Yes, it's Paul," she said, "Paul, what's on you card?"

He peeled the sticker off. "It says 'Members Choice'," he said, "what does that mean?"

"You get to have me any way you'd like," smiled Gabby.

"You can fuck her pussy, ass or mouth," Anna told him, "or you can just let her lead the way."

Paul hesitated.

"Gabby, you take control," said the woman, "he likes a strong woman."

She pushed Paul forward, and he stepped uncertainly into the center of the room.

Gabby immediately put her hands on the sides of his face and kissed him, firmly forcing his lips apart with her tongue. She pressed her tits and hips against him, and felt his cock spring up against her. She slipped her hand down between them and gripped his shaft.

"Nice..." she murmured into his mouth.

She pulled back.

"Now get on your knees," she said, with a soft, but decisive voice.

As he did so, she gestured his girlfriend to bring a chair and put it behind him.

He was on his knees before her. She moved forward so that the fabric of her apron brushed his face.

She reached behind her waist and untied the apron, letting it drop between them. Her bare, shaved pussy was now just an inch from his face.

"Lick my pussy," she commanded.

He pressed his face against her and pushed his tongue between her delicate labia, relishing the tangy taste of her juices and spreading them up to her clit. She stroked the back of his head, running her fingers through his hair, pressing his mouth harder against her.

The she let go and turned around. She spread her legs about twenty-four inches apart, and bent deep at the waist, pushing her ass into his face.

"Kiss my cheeks," she said.

His hands on her thighs, he kissed each buttock.

"Now lick my asshole."

He spread her cheeks with his hands, circled her little pucker with his tongue, then pressed it inside.

"Mmm, that's nice," she said, "now fuck my cunt with your tongue."

He pulled her hips to him and shoved his tongue inside her as far as he could, only coming up to breathe when he had to. Gabby reached down and took hold of his cock, giving it a few firm tugs.

He ran his tongue up and down, into her ass and pussy, sucking on her lips, pressing against her clit, smearing her juices all over his face.

She stood and directed him to sit on the chair behind him, then she backed up and sat on his knees. She slid herself back, pushing his rock hard cock against his belly.

She took his hands and placed them on her tits. He squeezed and groped, rolling her nipples between between his fingers, pinching and tugging on them.

"Pinch my nipples really hard," she directed, "oh yes, like that, harder! Yes, now pull them. No, harder!" She moaned in pleasure as he tortured her perky little nipples.

She grabbed his hands and made them squeeze her breasts harder. She felt his hard cock against her back, his hot breath on her neck.

She spread her legs wide and pulled one of his hands between them, rubbing it up and down, and guiding his fingers inside her. His other hand joined in. He pinched and pulled her lips, and fucked her with his fingers.

She rolled her hips, using her ass crack to rub his cock against him, and he gripped her cunt tighter, fingers probing inside her, spreading her open, feeling her wetness.

One hand groped up to her tits again, spreading the juice around her nipples and between them.

She rose to her feet, then turned and bent over to kiss him. She pushed his knees apart and sank down between them. She firmly stroked her hands up his thighs, and slipped the fingers of her right hand under his balls, cupping them in her palm while pressing up on his taint. Her left hand squeezed the base of his shaft, and she milked upward. A large drop of precum emerged from the tip, and she slowly licked it off, running her tongue around the head of his engorged cock. She licked up and down, flicking the string, probing gently into the hole, then closed her lips around it. She sucked hard, and drew his length into the back of her throat, almost all the way to his balls.

"Oh sweet Jesus," he muttered.

Her mouth worked up and down his cock, her hand stroking in time, and her other hand rolled his balls around, fingers probing and pinching, teasing and tugging on his sack.

His fingers gripped her long, dark hair as she sucked him, back and forth.

She felt him approaching orgasm, so stood and straddled him. She grabbed his head and pulled it into her chest, pressing her tits around his face. He licked and sucked her nipples, tasting the pussy juice he had just smeared there.

His hands found her luscious ass, and he squeezed it and dug his fingers into her firm flesh. He fingered her crack, brushing the tips across her asshole, then into her pussy, first two fingers, then three, fucking her hole as hard as he could, still licking, sucking and biting her nipples.

She pushed her tits together, so he could get both nipples into his mouth together, and he sucked voraciously.

She reached down and took hold of his cock. She lowered herself a little, and rubbed the head against her pussy. She smeared it around her, mingling her pussy juices with his precum and her saliva, stroking up and down the full length of her crack, even pressing it briefly against her asshole.

Then she placed the tip into her cunt. She let go of the shaft and took his face into her hands. She kissed him hungrily, pushing her tongue into his mouth, rubbing her tits against his chest, and slowly impaled herself on his cock.

He let out a deep groan as the hot pussy took his length and began to ride him. She started slow, lifting her curvy hips until he was almost out of her, then sliding back down, over and over.

Then she stopped at the top, and held his tip between her lips for what seemed like an eternity, her eyes locked on his, until he couldn't take it any more, and thrust himself up into her. She grunted loudly, and dropped herself onto him, then began to ride him faster and harder. She put her hands on his shoulders and leaned back so he could see her tits frantically bouncing in time to their fucking. He leaned forward and caught a nipple between his teeth and held it, letting her motion tug on it almost painfully, but she didn't let up.

She grabbed one of his hands and brought it up to her mouth. She could taste herself on his fingers. She wet his index finger with her saliva.

"Finger my ass." she said, breathlessly.

He groped at her butt, spreading the cheeks and finding her hole, then he slid his wet finger inside.

"Oh yes, fuck my tight ass!" she exclaimed.

He thrust his finger in and out frantically. He could feel it from inside against his cock as she rode him.

"Two fingers!" she commanded, panting hard.

He forced another finger inside, and she gripped his cock harder with her pussy, sliding up and down.

She slowed a little, once again teasing his cock at the brink of popping out of her, then plunging back down on him. For a while she bobbed gently, letting her pussy lips stroke his tip, then dropped on him again.

She could feel his fingers digging deeper into her cheeks, and knew he was close. She started long slow strokes with her cunt, and panted into his ear.

"Spray your hot cum into my tight cunt, I want to feel it, make me yours, fill me till it drips out of me, I want to feel it running down my legs, I want to push my fingers inside my snatch then lick your cum off them."

With a huge groan, he came. She lifted her feet off the ground to put her full weight on him, forcing his cock further into her, and clenched her cunt tightly, milking him. His face pressed into her neck, and he grunted incoherently as his balls pushed his load out of his cock and into her hot tightness.

He started to relax, but she kept squeezing his cock with her pussy muscles until he begged her to stop, and she lifted herself off him.

She stood up, breathing heavily, perspiration glistening on her pert breasts.

She looked around at the other members who had been watching. All the men were stroking their hard cocks, and most of the women had one hand between their legs, fingering themselves.

Anna had slid a large leather ottoman into the middle of the room, and she quickly guided the dazed Gabby onto her back on it. She dropped to her knees and spread Gabby's legs wide. Before Gabby knew what was happening, Anna was lapping the cum out of her pussy.

This was clearly not Anna's first time - she expertly probed and licked, sucked and whorled, until Gabby was almost meowing with pleasure. Gabby closed her eyes and reached out her arms, and almost instantly had a cock in each hand, which she started to stroke. She felt hands on her body, stroking her breasts, her thighs, her feet.

She felt something bump against her cheek, and quickly turned her head toward it, parting her lips. A cock was slipped into her mouth, and she sucked hungrily on it, eagerly tasting mingled cum and pussy juices.

She heard one man grunt in orgasm, and felt hot cum splash on her tits, closely followed by a warm mouth licking it off and sucking on her nipples. One of the cocks she was stroking began to jerk, and she pulled it toward her, directing more cum onto her chest and belly. The man on the other side of her came, and added to the hot mess on her voluptuous body, and the soft cocks in her hands were quickly replaced by hard ones.

She suddenly felt a jet of semen in her throat, and struggled to swallow it all. The cock pulled away, and Gabby felt the soft warm lips of one of the women, kissing her, tasting the cum in her mouth, sucking on her tongue and nibbling her lips.

Gabby's entire body was in ecstasy, hands and lips and tongues all over her, hot cum running down her boobs, hard cocks in her sticky hands.

Anna's tongue licked up and down her, now thrusting deep into her cunt, now sucking her clit, then pushing into her asshole.

Then Anna began to focus on Gabby's clit, and multiple fingers began to probe her, darting around in her pussy, slipping in and out of her ass, spreading her, teasing her lips, rubbing her g-spot.

Gabby felt the orgasm building. She dropped the cocks in her hands and clutched Anna's hair, pulling her face hard into her pussy. Anna kept up her pace licking Gabby's clit, and Gabby came, hard, oh so hard, her body arching and twisting, a long, low gasp coming from her throat.

She let go of Anna's hair, and felt her ankles grabbed and lifted. A hard cock pushed her pussy lips aside and thrust deep into her. The man pushed her legs way back until her knees were pressed against her tits, and put his weight behind fucking her. Soon, she was cumming again, and her clenching cunt quickly brought him to orgasm.

Another man took his place in her sopping wet pussy and pumped his semen into her, and then another. She felt cum being forced out of her by the fucking, and running down her crack and across her asshole, and she came again.

Once all the men were exhausted, two of the women got back between Gabby's legs and took turns licking her clean, giving her one last, massive orgasm.

Later, after all the guests had left, Gabby took a long hot shower and smiled to herself as she tried to count just how many cocks she'd had in her, how many orgasms she'd given, how many people she'd made happy that evening.

It had been a good night...

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