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Brad Keller was new at the job he was now in, but he's only been there a week and his staff was shit scared of him, what he might do, what he was going to do, who was going to get it in the neck. Who

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Gina-Marie and I lay in bed, exhausted after a recent sex session. She was panting, her eyes glazed over from the multiple orgasms that racked her body over the past hour. Her breasts were rising and

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NOTE: This is the concluded part of this story. I thank for the comments posted by the readers. Definitely yours comments will boost me to improve my writing. Somebody asked me to find some editors. I

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I have been asked many times how my series about my wife cheating, first started. This is the beginning, and it changed both our lives forever. First, some background. My wife and I have been married

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Authors Notes Revised August 2015 fixed several typos and continuity errors. Getting ready to write part 3. This story contains hetro sex, mild bondage, voyeurism, food play, masturbation, cunnilingus

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Note 1: This is a 2011 Christmas contest story so please vote. Note 2: A special thanks goes to Estragon for editing this story. * My wife is amazing. I have listened to man after man complain about t

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Summary: Note 1: This is a Halloween 2015 Contest Story. Note 2: This is one of two different versions of this story; you can read the wife's much longer version called Kinky Tales: I Pegged my Husban

teens   milf   cams   &   wife  

Authors Notes Revised on August 2015 to fix typos, make minor changes and get ready to write Ch. 3 The Housewarming. This story contains hetro sex, voyeurism, cunnilingus, a cheating husband, anal fis

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I am remarried after a long, horrible marriage...never thought THAT would happen. I am new wife is 45...but she passes for early 30's...absolutely! I have always had this fan

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Summary: Straight married man sacrifices wife to his black Master. Note 1: This story is dedicated to goamz86 and in making one of his fantasies as real as possible. Note 2: Thanks to goamz86, Robert,

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I wanted to depart from my current situations and relate a story that began with the marriage to my first wife. As I mentioned her in my first attempts at writing so I won't go back in to that just ye

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A few days later, Drew and I are enjoying a long free period since our physical education teacher wasn't around that day. We head to our school's library and use his laptop to check out what's happeni

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Summary: Sweet teacher's naughty photos end up in a stranger's hands. Note 1: Thanks to Sweet Daisy Haze for allowing her photos particularly from the following photo shoots to be used for this mammot