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anal   summer  

This story is a work of fiction even though parts of it were inspired by real-life incidents. Any similarity to real people, living or dead, is coincidental. All the characters are 18 years of age or

poolside   summer   fun  

It was the hottest day of the year, only about 1030 in the morning and already thirty degrees. Mark stepped onto the deck, closing the door to the kitchen behind him. It was Wednesday, and he had subm

summer   love  

Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. ****************** Miami, Florida. The wind swept over the palm trees rustling them as the cool breeze hit the man in the back wal

with   aunt   summer   family   brandi's  

Growing up, my parents were always a prime example of what a healthy, functional marriage should look like. They fought from time to time just like anyone does, but, for the most part, they got along

incestuous   summer   love  

Summary: A crazy summer forever changes father, daughter and son. Note 1: Thanks to Bill who shared this story of his life and his special intimate loving relationship with his children. Much of the s

1984   summer  

My grandfather emigrated from Austria in 1919. He had four sisters, but he was the only boy. He married my grandmother in 1940. Unable for whatever reason to have children of their own, they eventuall