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Author's notes: In her bibliography Literotica member/author Peggy46 wrote that she is very turned-on when people write stories about her. She extended an invitation to anyone to continue or add to th

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The Afghanistan's rocky desert was completely still and silent. It stretched for many freezing miles in all directions and was strewn with ancient torn canyons and shifting sand dunes. Each feature wa

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I'd been working at my job for several years before we hired Linda to work in my group. We became fast friends after my husband left me, and we've gone out many times to eat or to clubs or the theatre

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I drove home, unable to focus on anything. Anything, however, did not include the sexual affair that I just video taped between my ex wife and her yoga instructor. Or, should I say, the sex tape that

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My ex wife Beth and I lay together in the middle of the yoga studio, my soft penis in her suckling mouth. Blindfolded, with her yoga instructor filming, I had just received the wildest camel ride of m

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Filipe had always yearned to wear satin knickers. He loved the idea of wearing tight, little briefs made of sensuous silky material. He simply could not see why boys should not be able to wear silks o

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My ex wife and I lay in our respective beds, each wiped out from masturbating. Beth, alone in her room, spent a little too long primping for her affair with a yoga instructor, feeling the immediate ur

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Note: this is a true story about a one-nighter I had during the relationship I had in my other true story, 'Green Eye Burn'. ***** This is the story of an experience I had about 25 years ago. I've nev

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A Secret Delayed "Can I turn on the TV?" The words echoed across my room like an exploding bomb. I had just watched my ex-wife enjoy thirty-five minutes of locked door, in the bedroom, sexual private

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The words hung in the air. "I love you." I guess I did still, despite all of the aggravation over the years. Beth apparently sensed it during our infrequent interaction and used it against me. Gaining