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Note: This is dedicated to the real Johnathan and Elizabeth who inspired the story. The entire back story is based on real events...the plotlines are real fantasies of the lovely couple. Note 2: This

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Sara had a master. He was a director at Cobolt Lansing, a major corporation. She worked for him as a secretary, handling all of his personal and professional needs. When the doors closed, Sara handled

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Make no mistake about it, when government office workers party it is almost always boring and lifeless. But, I attended one party several years ago that was anything but lifeless. Thanksgiving was loo

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Summary: A temp secretary is willing to do it ALL for a full time job. Note 1: I wanted to write a story about 21st century women who were both intelligent and yet sexual beings. So, unlike many of my

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After the Christmas party, I didn't see Sam again for a few days as we don't work in the same department; it was later that week before I ran into her in a corridor. It was strange, it wasn't awkward

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Author's note: Hello readers. I hope you enjoy another story featuring Pam Beesly from The Office. This idea was suggested by an anonymous comment left on my most recent Office story. That comment ask

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Your phone buzzes on the nightstand. You look up, glancing at the bathroom door. Of course, there is nothing to worry about. Like clockwork, his routine doesn't vary. He will be stepping out of the sh

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Author's Note: Hello again readers! Pyrofanity here back with yet another The Office story. This one is based off of the episode from season 6 called Double Date which is the 9th episode of that seaso

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Tom Poulton worked for a firm of chartered surveyors and until recently Tom's employer had seemed immune to the cuts that had dogged the World's economy. Then, without warning, a standard memo was e-m