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later   discovery  

After that first day and night, Phyllis and Mark have spent all their free time together. His home has been over 20 miles from hers; say 40 minutes driving. She has visited his place and they've staye

months   later  

Chapter Two: The Unveiling of The Slaves In Chapter One, Kelly and Celia were blindfolded and gagged separately, and strapped to each other in a 69 position on a hotel bed. They were forced to lick ea

later   discovery  

Phyllis' erotic training is progressing every day and every week. It has become big fun and the joke between her and Mark, "All this has been amazing for me; and exciting. I can't wait to see where we

later   discovery  

Phyllis and Mark have been together for a year, and they have a joke, that isn't really a joke. It is serious but also enjoyable. Every time they attempt or experiment with new experiences, she asks h

later   years  

Disclaimer: This story contains adultery. If this offends you in any way, then please do not read it. * "329, 331, 333..." I muttered to myself, reading the numbers off the doors as I made my way down

later   discovery  

Since Mark joined the firm, he and Phyllis have had regular business meetings; every few days; just the two of them. Company things moved quickly between them and so did their friendship. In only the