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This is a first submission to the site so all comments are welcome. I hope for constructive and appreciative but have more realistic expectations :). This is a long one. If, like me on occasions, you

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I'd been working at my job for several years before we hired Linda to work in my group. We became fast friends after my husband left me, and we've gone out many times to eat or to clubs or the theatre

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Nathan headed out of his house with a big grin. Working the farm always made him happy. It was really the cow shed that did it, which was the main reason he'd had to sell off most of his fields to his

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Friday afternoon had me showing up at the airport, looking like a very expensive call girl. Heavy makeup, blonde hair long and flowing as he likes, short black skirt, white button up blouse, slightly

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The terms 'Daddy' and 'baby girl' are not incestual in nature. They are meant between consenting legal adults and refer to subset of the BDSM culture. * Baby girl wakes up before her Daddy. She snuggl