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So after I cleaned up my desk and carpet and changed pants from all the cum I decided that I had to get some work done. It was excruciating work as I could not think about anything but you. That soake

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The music was pumping at full volume through my headphones as I rounded the corner and back to my street. I needed the distraction to keep my mind from racing and thinking about the turn my life was t

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She lay sprawled on her stomach on the thick duvet. Her hands were level with her head and gripped the pillows tighter in time with the thrusts that shook the bed. She had given up trying to escape in

good   girl  

This was not how I wanted my last night with Tom to end. I was stuck going on vacation with my family as some sort of lame attempt to re-kindle our childhood magic or something. Why didn't my dad unde

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(All of the girls involved in sexual acts in this story are AT LEAST 18 years of age) The last time we were together, you got to see my first experience with my true self. In this next part of my stor