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poolside   summer   fun  

It was the hottest day of the year, only about 1030 in the morning and already thirty degrees. Mark stepped onto the deck, closing the door to the kitchen behind him. It was Wednesday, and he had subm

group   fun  

He looked down at her, she had worn the ivory corset, as he had asked, he could feel the ties along her back, his hands itching to release it, and expose her. But not yet, this was her night, he would

3some   fun  

We meet up with another female in a bar for a few drinks, she is wearing a little dress, and you can tell she has no underwear on underneath, I'm wearing a very short skirt, low cut top, and stockings

little   fun  

Moderate BDSM. Female sub, male dom. Also, the people involved are just playing - they don't "live the life." And they sometimes stop playing for a little. They're playing quite aggressively though. T

some   hotel   fun  

We meet in the lobby of the hotel- I'm wearing dark jeans, nice boots, a collared shirt and a leather jacket, and I see you, leaning against the wall, watching and surveying the room, waiting for me t

all   fun   for  

The hand placed on Norm's head gently guided him down to his knees. As Norm dropped down onto his knees he knew what was expected of him. In his hand before him, Norm held the stranger's cock. Norm ha