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dad's   best   friend  

The bar was pretty busy when my friends and I walked in. As we sat down at the bar, I noticed a familiar face-my dad's good friend Jeff. I knew Jeff my whole life, he was pretty much a staple in my ho

dad's   best   friend  

I was seeing Jeff for a few months. I would spend a few nights (and sometimes the mornings too) a week at his place having mind-blowingly hot sex! I was such a frequent guest that I practically lived

friend   helping  

This is a separate story series about some people I have known all my life, and is not connected to any other stories. I was sat in my friend's living room one Saturday afternoon, staring into my coff

best   friend  

When I was nineteen, I was a freshman in college, and had just reconnected with an old friend of mine named Alex. We had gone to middle school together, but then to separate high schools, and hadn't s

granddad's   best   friend  

The allure of an older man is undeniable for some young women. The realization that this attraction even exists may not be apparent until you meet that special person, and the time and circumstances a