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After a few minutes, Gary got his breathing controlled, he looked at me, and asked if I wished to go indoors. I replied "Sure." And headed toward the steps to get out of the pool. As I got to the step

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As I had said in one of the first of these stories, both my divorces were painful to go through but they were not mean. The emotions taking a beating was the painful part. So, what I am about to write

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I was extremely nervous, this was not the first time I had made arrangements to meet a guy I'd met online through an ad I had posted on Craigslist but after over 5 years of progressively intensifying

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Straight guy gets spit roasted by a BBC In checking my email, I saw a message from Gary. Excited, I opened it up. It was fairly short. "Hey, got back from vacation, wife is going to be at work tomorro

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It was an itch I needed to scratch. It had started months earlier, one evening when my wife and teenage daughter were downstairs watching their favourite soap opera and I was upstairs in my office tra

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Recently I had been experiencing some back problems that didn't seem to be fixed with physical therapy. I knew turning fifty would bring on additional health issues but it was still quite irritating a

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Although this is written as a stand alone story, I encourage you to read "18-year-old Virgin's 1st BJ." I'm sure it will tie some of the parts together. Before you begin reading either story, let me a

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After the first of the year, Will called and asked if he could come down for a weekend in February when the weather in DC was at its worst and he would have little work. I jumped at the idea and didn'

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He is lying in her arm, she touches his face, her gentle voice is sending shivers down his spine, just like all the times. She is playing with his nipples again, they are already hurting a bit. She is

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Sorry I haven't been here to work on this series for a while. Too many things going on in real life. But I will try to finish it in the next few weeks. ***** Following a long, hot, sexy shower, in whi

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We get back to your place after a nice coffee date, it was a great day. We laughed and talked like old friends and the other part of our conversations never came up. When you asked me back to your pla

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I've enjoyed crossdressing for most of my life, but it has been only in the past few years that I have discovered that there is a Stacy inside of me, and have allowed myself the joy of complete transf

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I had been reading for awhile about an adult bookstore in eagle rock. It was in a pretty rough area. My dirty little fantasy was to dress really sexy, party up in my car, walk into the porn shop and s

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Well, since I'm being honest, I need to tell you my deepest fantasy... I was involved with a woman named Jodi. It was a brief relationship which we both wanted to last but certain outside forces put a

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Hi Friends, My name is Sagar and I am 28 yrs old living in Rishikesh, India. I am bisexual. This is true story about me and my neighbor. When I was 19 yrs old we had one neighbor Shailesh Ji. He was 4

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The following story is fiction, written purely for entertainment purposes and not based on any actual event. Please enjoy reading: ***** "Young Jilnar Jardaly's First Fuck" Hello to all my horny fans!

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I had been curious for awhile. I couldn't tell you exactly when but it had been years. It grew over time. At first i truly only liked women. But as i aged my fantasies took a turn. Even when dating be

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So here I am. Lying on Robby's bed. He's kneeling over my face. Not so gently sliding his cock into my mouth. My first blow job turned from me giving one to getting my face fucked. And you know what?

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"Forgive me Father, for I have sinned." I pause before continuing, "I seduced a married man. A man who is 38 years older than me and has known me my entire life." ***** I never meant to seduce him. In

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James was in quite the predicament - he was kneeling at the feet of his burly, masculine cellmate, his lips swollen and slick from sucking Kyle's cock, tears streaming down his face, his cute blue eye

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I'd just waken up from our afternoon nap, and with Sandra still asleep. I thought I'd better give Beth a ring, to confirm the arrangements for tonight. As I waited for her to answer the phone, I pulle