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This story is a work of fiction even though parts of it were inspired by real-life incidents. Any similarity to real people, living or dead, is coincidental. All the characters are 18 years of age or

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Chad was a 6ft4 220 pound sophomore at college, his height and physique combined with his blonde hair, blue eyes and dashing good looks meant he had no trouble with the ladies. His fraternity were hos


"Defence!" I yelled, as I dropped myself down into my stance, glove up at the ready, as 2 of the other teams skaters broke through my team mates and made a rush towards my net, the game in our favour

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A Anal Slut—Almost a Virgin. It was a warm fall afternoon as I strolled down Main Street. I noticed my reflection occasionally in the store windows. I was a handsome young man at six feet tall, 30 inc

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Thank you to Kingswoman for editing my story. Please check out her audio stories. I find they have a big effect on me (wink). ***** I don't like the women you see in professional porn. Perfect hair, t

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I was still sound asleep when my cellphone rang at 11:00 am. It was BJ. "So what time did you get home last night?" He was trying to sound upbeat...dude knew I took a late call for him, and he knew he

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Part 1 of 3: Sally's Wish Sally was always the adventurous type. Of all her friends, she was always the one who liked to explore. Nothing was ever too big or too small. Everything was always about the

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Part 1 of 3: The Politician From the moment Patricia awoke, she knew it was a bad day. The scandal had been brewing for a while. At first it was just silly rumors. Something she could easily dismiss i

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Foreword from Lord Odie Politics as Usual is a spinoff of my Anal Etiquette stories. While set in the same Etiquette universe, there will be creative differences going forward that neither Cypher or m

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City Hall Is this meeting ever going to end? I was thinking to myself as I scanned the mostly empty City Council Chamber. As usual, being Deputy Mayor, I sat in the center of the long oak desk used to