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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the celebrities, people, places, organisations, even

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Ok, I am a dirty fucker and I am married to another dirty fucker (some would say FREAK), and I LOVE it!! My wife and I have an amazing sex life full of dirty games, porno, toys etc. Recently, I have b

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Monica Fiorentino couldn't help being jealous of Zoe Byrne. The gorgeous Gunnedah native considered Zoe both her friend and her rival; she got along well with Zoe, but also considered her slightly ove

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Derry, Maine home of families. Years beforehand it had been deemed one of the most pleasant place in the United States, a place for growing businesses and those seeking somewhere other than large scal

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Author's note. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, happy new year, and all that good stuff! I got this particular idea due to boredom, curious research on Mrs. Claus, and my own natural curiosity. I inte

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Straight guy gets spit roasted by a BBC In checking my email, I saw a message from Gary. Excited, I opened it up. It was fairly short. "Hey, got back from vacation, wife is going to be at work tomorro

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Hi Guys Sanpeux here! Nano is finally over and I can finally update this series, yes that is right. Chapter 03 is here! On to some questions that were raised in the previous chapter. Chapter 01 was a

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I snuggle closer to Jeff, partly because it's so cold out and partly because I want to feel closer to him. His arm squeezes me in to his side and I can't help but sigh. The sky is clear. We're in the

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The Warehouse Two weeks had passed and Miranda still hadn't heard a word from the handsome police officer that had taken her for a ride. Trent had been told Miranda's secrets by his younger brother. W

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The next day I woke to an empty bed, but the place was still warm. Tara, my princess, could not have been gone for long. I heard the shower down the hall. Knew she was rinsing off. I got up, threw on

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Cassie rushed out of the airport bathroom with flushed cheeks straightening her short skirt and tight hoodie as nonchalantly as she could, power walking to join Will in line just in time to board thei

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Earnest Johnson was a middle aged black man who worked hard for everything that he owned. By day, he had managed to elevate himself into a manager for the baggage department of an airline. And every o

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Sam hoped out of the car and headed for the hotel door. The third hotel in two weeks he thought to himself. He glanced around as he walked to the reception desk. There was a couple at the small bar wh

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Hiya – my name is Teresa. I'm 48 years old. I'm a widow. Jack, my husband, was hit by a truck while helping a damsel in distress whose car had suffered a puncture. I have 3 sons – Jack Jnr is 25, Dan

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"Just kill me now," I thought as I dragged my aching feet to the supply cart and hung up my duster. It was the end of my first week at Corporate Cleanup and I was wrecked. I had no aspirations of bein

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This story starts off a bit slowly perhaps, but the ideas discussed during the build-up are important. It all pays off eventually, don't worry ;-) -----------------------------------------------------

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"What was that?" Alyssa gasped. "We're picking up an emergency distress beacon" John replied over the din of the klaxon. He pushed a button reducing the volume to a much more subdued level. John looke

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I was seeing Jeff for a few months. I would spend a few nights (and sometimes the mornings too) a week at his place having mind-blowingly hot sex! I was such a frequent guest that I practically lived

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Summary: Slut and black husband submit to white men and women. Note: This is dedicated to the real Johnathan and Elizabeth who inspired the story. The entire back story is based on real events...the p

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It was finally happening! Mistress H arranged to meet up with me at a nice hotel to have some fun. She told me depending on my behavior; she may decide to move me in with her to be her full time slave

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Chapter 13. 'Miss Butt-Slut.' Angel's Wand Raid. Blen meets the President. Typhoon Cimaron. Bombs? Stag Night Party. Miss Butt-Slut and the Masters of Uranus. In mid-evening, there was an alarm. Near

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"Uncle Johnny!" Cara called, coming into the house from the backyard. "Where a-a-a-r-e you?" She had been sunbathing nude next to the pool all afternoon, occasionally diving into the water to swim a f

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It's no secret, I like getting fucked! But I only get soaking wet, when my husband rapes me. We've been married for six years, and in the beginning it was tough telling him what to do and how to ravag

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Months passed. Becca had officially wrapped up her first semester in college, Fleur had transferred to another undergraduate program under some strange circumstances, and Erin and I were nearly finish

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Gina-Marie and I lay in bed, exhausted after a recent sex session. She was panting, her eyes glazed over from the multiple orgasms that racked her body over the past hour. Her breasts were rising and

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There was a lot about her current job Caroline Channing hated, but if she had to narrow it down to just one thing it would be total lack of hygiene. Seriously, if their customers knew the truth about

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"Mr. Janus." A female voice whispered. Her voice was the only sensation Mr. Janus had felt in the dark, and it was far away. He was confused but regaining consciousness. "Who are you?" Mr. Janus asked


I wasted the day away, waiting for the right time to head out to the club. Despite my excitement, I still had to be convinced – that it was okay to step back out into the real world; that if I had nev

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Drip, drip, drip! Thick drops of watery fluid was falling from the ceiling and hitting Harley on the forehead. She groaned loudly and rolled away. Every part of her body ached. Not that this was surpr

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This story is a fantasy, nothing more. It's not real; please don't leave feedback saying that you can't believe that this really happened. If you don't like gay sex or like reading about one man's sex