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This story is a work of fiction even though parts of it were inspired by real-life incidents. Any similarity to real people, living or dead, is coincidental. All the characters are 18 years of age or

poolside   summer   fun  

It was the hottest day of the year, only about 1030 in the morning and already thirty degrees. Mark stepped onto the deck, closing the door to the kitchen behind him. It was Wednesday, and he had subm

'extra'   coaching  

Darcy stared at herself in the mirror with disgust. Despite the one-piece, well-fitting bathing suit she wore, she was still critical of herself. She was still a very attractive woman in her mid-forti

son   does   won't   something   dad  

"C'mon, Jim, just go a little lower." I was walking past my parents' bedroom one night when I heard my mom say this. I was confused, so I stopped to listen. "No, Annie, you know I don't like doing tha

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Note: This is dedicated to the real Johnathan and Elizabeth who inspired the story. The entire back story is based on real events...the plotlines are real fantasies of the lovely couple. Note 2: This

tigress   the   wrestling   club  

"Rebecca!" The crowd roared and the darkhaired girl looked over at me. I bowed my head and closed my eyes. I just wanted all of this to go away. A little while ago I was a strong fighter, an alpha wol

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I held out little hope of hearing from Pete. I wondered whether he was drunk and feeling over confident the night before. Although I'd gone home and masturbated slowly at the thought of a proper meeti

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Paige had been very tempted to just stay in AJ's little love nest until the next RAW, maybe longer, however she wasn't about to lose her job over this little feud, no matter how fun it was topping Kai

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After a few minutes, Gary got his breathing controlled, he looked at me, and asked if I wished to go indoors. I replied "Sure." And headed toward the steps to get out of the pool. As I got to the step

touched   moonlight  

"I've never been afraid of them. Not once. Because I had you." ~Katrina *** Luciano looked down at his hand in a daze. He could still feel Katrina's warm skin beneath his palm, smell her scent around

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-- Chapter 1 Gabby examined her makeup and hair in the full-length mirror, then turned and checked that her black stockings were straight. She didn't need to lift her skirt for this, since she wasn't

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Hello all my lovely fans. I know you've been waiting for awhile so I hope this gives you a *little* workout! For all my fans who have been asking about another Red/Wolf audio, we have a couple things

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All characters are 18 years old. Here it is, number 100, I can't believe I've written that much smut, LOL. I hope you enjoy this one. I have had questions since I finished Iron Rain and spread out to

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So after I cleaned up my desk and carpet and changed pants from all the cum I decided that I had to get some work done. It was excruciating work as I could not think about anything but you. That soake

country   high  

With a nudge and a yawn-smothering smirk Jeremy pokes me in the ribs and falsetto whimpers at me, "wake uuup..." as I ironically continue to drive and he awakens from traveler's daze. Always his way-

wife's   gangbang   first  

As I had said in one of the first of these stories, both my divorces were painful to go through but they were not mean. The emotions taking a beating was the painful part. So, what I am about to write

never   too   it's   early  

Cassie woke as she felt Zach's hand on the small of her back, his fingers moving in slow insistent circles. One look at the clock told her it was 5.30am, she didn't have to get up for another hour yet

goes   anya   vorhees  

Anya felt her breathing run rampant as she tried to ignore the ache in her cunt. Looking around her outside, she found the dildo near where she had been lying and picked it up, and then located the as

beth   with   games  

As I eased into the huge tub, I sat back and admired her walking toward me. She was a perfect vision. While I had fallen for her personality and heart via text messages, I was truly astonished that sh


Thank you to BlackInk07 for all the ideas and help with research! I do not own anything Hannibal! ***** There had been no time for goodbyes. No time to pack or even to blow a farewell kiss to her home

mary's   new   life  

Please read Chapter One before beginning to read this new chapter. But like before it is not necessary, although helpful to have read the previous series Mary's Story before reading this new narrative

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Alice now works top less unless there are non-locals in the bar. if no none locals are in the bar she will be made to suck cock anywhere in the bar that a local demands it. If nonlocals are in she can

donna   goes   camping  

It was dawn on the last day of our campout. I woke up in my tent with my girlfriend, Donna, asleep by my side. I am normally not a very emotional guy, but I was so happy and relieved that Donna was st

sister's   video  

Note: All persons are over 18. ***** "Mom!" My sister yelled as she ran from my bedroom. "Fuck", I said as I tried to pull up my pants and turn of my computer at the same time. That was all I needed.

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"A Shemale Submission": A Lust Story Summary: Author Jasmine falls for a hot new teacher with a big cock. Note: Thanks to hfernandez1983 for the many pictures used in this story. He spent weeks gettin

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"Yeah, night Steve." James turned and wandered off to find some more beer. I opened John's door and walked into his room. Emma sat up on the bed, "Oh, hey Steve, you ready for sleep now too? Can you l

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Hey everybody! Sorry for the long wait between parts two and three, I've just been busy and working on other stories as well. As I mentioned before, this story isn't strictly incest/ taboo, there are

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Dear Reader, thank you so much for reading this story. It has taken nearly a year of my writing life to get the whole thing finished. This is Chapter 13 of 14 chapters and the total is over 250,000 wo

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This is Part 2 of my fantasy on what happens when an angel meets a stranger aka the sequel to Naughty Theatrics. Thank you for your sweet comment and feedback on my first story. I never expected more

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Thank you for taking time for reading my story! This story has the same characters as An Angel and an Owl The story Dragon Wings and Faery Dust also has the same characters and overlaps the events of