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vacation   with   daddy  

DISCLAIMER: This story contains incestuous content between father and daughter, anal sex, some lesbianism and choc-play. If any or all of this offends you, please read no more. This story is told pure

christmas   myth   near   the   last  

1. Somewhere deep in the arctic a great beast lies on the floor of an ice cavern held by three chains still striped with bruises from the shaft of a fireplace poker. 2. Lord Hugh Stephen, sat in his c

for   the  

Lydia stretched out. The babies were asleep, the house was quiet, and she was just going to spend her time on the couch. She was rather thankful that Susan spent her time at the yard. Elunara was up a

possessive   sex  

This is just a fun little Halloween idea I've been meaning to write up for a couple years. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please vote and leave a comment. * Cheryl stood in the kitchen, her yellow gl

impregnation   tanya's  

Our life in Bangkok was moving very well. I had told my husband about the romping sex session I had on a business trip which also involved my boss David. Fortunately he was at the time too drunk to re

the   constance   gardener  

This is a tale of a chance encounter along the long tow-path that trails below the garden gates found between Runnymede and Windsor. I guess, if you wanted, you could wander all the way from London to

cove   aquata  

Chapter 56: Starting Back On As the men mumbled incoherent lyrics after God knows how long they've been singing, the water began to stir lazily around the three smaller boats. One of the men, skinny w

concerts   the   pier  

Back in 2005, the summer before I met my second husband, I used to go to the free concerts at the pier at the Everett Marina on Thursday nights. Sometimes I would go with a girlfriend, but usually I w

uncle   and   johnny  

"Now catch your breath," Uncle Johnny growled in my ear, "and then it's my turn." I was still coming down off the high of having been fucked by my daddy for the first time. Sitting on Uncle Johnny's l

how   changes   life  

I guess I should take a moment and describe Jason. He is 25 year-old slender 5 foot 6 inch male. He has blond shoulder length hair, blue eyes, and a butt to die for. He is, to say the least, a little

wicked   ways  

Most of them settled down a bit, except Natasha, who began fucking Donald's ass herself, clearly enjoying the fact that she was now returning the favor and giving it to him as hard as he gave it to he

four   sluts   the  

Sarah, Rachel, and Elizabeth stared at their best friend Lauren in total shock. As usual they were in one of the hallways by the art department about a half hour before class started. For the fifth ti

days   mountain   the  

Before you read this work, please note that it is adult oriented and very sexually explicit. Also, it is very lengthy and broken into 10 'parts' that should be read in order. Most of them will stand o

night   girl's  

"You want to cum too, don't you bitch?" Sophie said. "But pleasure is only reserved for Mistresses and Dommes. Not sissy whores like you." Sophie looked down at him, grinning evilly, turned on by the

sally's   first   black  

After the first of the year, Will called and asked if he could come down for a weekend in February when the weather in DC was at its worst and he would have little work. I jumped at the idea and didn'

tutor   the  

This is the sequel to The Tutor, Pt. I, which introduces the characters and relationships. I strongly recommend you read that first before continuing. This story contains elements of nonconsent and re


Sometime in the middle of the night, my cock had slipped out of Williams's ass, and he had turned in his sleep. What woke me was his now hard cock, poking me in my stomach. As he breathed, his cock ge

scratching   itch   your  

Daddy introduces his Kitten to Anal. * * * * * Click Here to listen: .mp3 format or .ogg format. (15 min/mp3) * * * * *Daddy introduces his Kitten to Anal. * * * * * Click Here to listen: .mp3 format


Overdose It was the dead of night leading into Thursday before Lexi escaped the halls of Beta Theta Mu. Perhaps "escape" wasn't the right word. They hadn't been held against their wills, after all. Fa

son   and   dad   explore  

"Bye boys! I'll see you in a week!" My wife Marge was visiting her sister who was unwell upstate for a week and was looking forward to seeing her little sis for the first time in over a year. "Bye, mo

man   and   wife   older  

I have been asked many times how my series about my wife cheating, first started. This is the beginning, and it changed both our lives forever. First, some background. My wife and I have been married

anal   slut  

A Anal Slut—Almost a Virgin. It was a warm fall afternoon as I strolled down Main Street. I noticed my reflection occasionally in the store windows. I was a handsome young man at six feet tall, 30 inc

legion   sex   vijayalakshmi-  

VIJAYA SLEPT BADLY, tossing and turning, her mind filled with the vision of her sister, her beloved sister, Sheila, fucking their Uncle Coomar ... Sheila moaning and gasping and writhing and sweating

the   allowance  

"Hey, Cara, are you coming to the beach with us in a couple of weeks?" Joni called to Cara from her car. Cara was on her daily run, her huge breasts heaving in a tight, hot pink sports bra barely cont

gate   gods   through   the  

ORCHID heard her own name yelled in the midst of the shrieks of joy and peals of happy laughter. She was hugged so hard she could barely breathe, and gave back hugs that were just as hard. "Together a


* * * * * Click Here to listen. (17 min/mp3) * * * * * I sat at the computer playing solitaire. I was signed into messenger as I had been for every night for weeks now. Would tonight be the night that

weapon   lethal  

This is part 3 and the conclusion, please read Lethal Weapon parts 1 and 2 to find where we are before reading this. My keyboard has a habit of skipping letters and doubling letters. I usually catch t

daphne   &   carl   juniper   the   inn  

"I just don't know how I feel about it." Daphne had said. It was the night before they're anniversary. Daphne and Carl had been married five years. Over time the sexual chemistry of the marriage had f

lydia   submission   episode  

"I have a surprise for you today, slave" he sternly proclaimed from behind her, hidden, dark and looming like an imminent storm. As Lydia squirmed uncomfortably under the strain of the rope, her pelvi

into   one   two   four   plus  

Here is Part 6 of the series. The first Four Plus One', is in the First Time category: start there or just dip in and start where you like. A vote or comment is always welcome! ***** "Mmm... yeah, who