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The chronological order of my stories is now listed in WifeWatchman's biography. Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas. This story contains g


Becca wiped her damp forehead with the smelly rag attached to her belt, stepped back and let a sigh escape from her lips. The temperature was hot for september, and she had decided to get the last use

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1) The First Time... I let a complete stranger into my house late last night. He walked in, took off his clothes, kissed me on the lips, squeezed my tits, massaged my clit with his thumb, then came on

melanie   learns   hard   lesson  

A woman stands on the corner of the dark street, waiting for her bus. Melanie is twenty five, 5'5", blonde, and chocolate box pretty. Suddenly a car appears from nowhere and squeals to a halt right in

max   and   story)   nev   love  

The blaring alarm woke Max out of a dead sleep. He was yet again in a hotel room alone while they were on the road filming Catfish. Nev had chosen to stay in a separate room tonight. Sometimes MTV gav

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Marcellus Jackson was a middle aged brotha(around forty-five years old), but you would never know it by his youthful appearance and straight up street swag. He stood around 5'9 and weighed in at aroun

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I've been married now for 15 years to my wife Sally, and to help keep our sex life interesting. We have created a lot of sexual fantasies that we tell to each other. It all started early in our marria

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Saturday I woke up to find Tammy and Alice moving around the RV. Tina was still asleep. "Do you want me to make you guy's coffee or something?" I whispered. "No, we get that in the park but thanks." T

husband's   mistake  

Once when we were lying in bed, relaxing after love making session, Adnan moving his hand on my hips, "You have a muscular butt, Saeeda," he said. "Thanks, I think," I replied. he slid a finger into t

satyr's   lust  

This is entered in the Valentines contest. If you enjoy the story, please vote. And I always appreciate comments. * Larry sat his quiver down by the entryway wall, tucked his wings in tight to his bac

sweet   ass  

This section of Sweet Ass is dedicated to my friend, Indy Submale, who helped me with comments and suggestions on Randy's cuckold angst and bisexual tendencies. ***** Chapter 13 I was still awake at 2

happy   birthday  

My 45th birthday was last September. As our kids are older, to do a fun celebration my wife suggested we do something different than the traditional family dinner of getting drunk, and complaining abo

kate   and   jake  

Thanks to Tigersman for editing... I'm going overseas for a month so this might be the last chapter in the Kate and Jake story for a little while. Thanks to all my readers for your pleasing and constr

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A continuation of my previous story and my second one I've written. As I said, any and all feedback is appreciated. I hope you enjoy. ***** I let out a long sigh, tired from filling and filling out th

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"2 BIG TREATS FOR ME" It's your birthday and you said that on your birthday you wanted to see me do something special for you, something you've been thinking about for a long time, and I agreed. So no

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Chapter Eleven – Claiming Her Ass The next several weeks went without much incident. Eric spent much time as he could at home teaching protocols and rituals to Cass. But there were still times when sh

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This can be read as a standalone story, but you will get more enjoyment if you read the "Weekend Working" three part story previously posted. ***** It had been several months since 'that' Saturday, wh

goes   anya   vorhees  

Anya thought that the dining room would be empty, but she should have known better. This was a spa, and she was certainly not the only client that they would have within its massive walls. They could

fucking   through   georgia  

This is a long and complicated story set in America as it was plunging towards civil war in the mid eighteen hundreds. It is about one woman's efforts at preventing that war by using the only facility

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As much as I loved being a teacher, I was burned out and tired of the low salaries and policies of seniority. I was in my early thirties and had spent the past year helping my friend's business get of

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As I mentioned in the first story about my High School friend Gloria, she did come by for a visit a couple days ago now. Now Gloria is one fine looking woman and she knows how to blow a man's mind and

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I woke up to the sound of the front door shutting at my parent's farmhouse. I looked and watched Stacy sleeping peacefully when I heard my Dad's pickup rumble to life. I quickly looked out the window

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INTRODUCTION: Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I've written a nice hot erotic story and lately I've been missing it! This is a true story that takes me back to 2010 when I had the experience o

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All characters are 18 years old. A switch of perspective for this part of the story, I didn't want to switch first person narratives and maybe confuse you, the reader. I hope you enjoy as I tie Louis'

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The closing chapter, kinda long with but all the love-making that was missing in the last chapter... ***** I arrived at Stowmarket Police Station as the place was coming to life, and my concerns were


Please read part one or part two and then forward by chapter before you read this. (Or say "fuck you" to me, and read them like a porn version of Twister, skipping up and down the line. OR, realize th

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Act I: Tipping Point Scene 1: Blow by Blow – By Loveforgirlieboy © 2015 Edited by shygirlwhore and copperskink October 12th Thursday evening. My eyes open in a flash. I must have fallen asleep. I bat

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This is a story about sexual exploration and, open relationships. Open relationships can and do happily exist; but they are not for everyone. If you do not believe it is at all possible for open relat

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Stacey had had the worst week. It was the worst for a few reasons: First of all, her best friend had gotten married. Which, of course, is great news! She was in the wedding party even. And had a blast

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Author's Note: I recommend that you read the 1st installment in the series before venturing into this one. This story contains graphic lesbian sex and vampirism. Much of the sex is anal -- I've marked