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diana's   changing   room  

Foreplay: Although this runs on from Changing Room pt1 and 2, I decided to take a look at Diana's life as a spin-off. If you haven't read Changing Room all you need to know is Terry is the IT manager

good   gone   girl   bad  

The music was pumping at full volume through my headphones as I rounded the corner and back to my street. I needed the distraction to keep my mind from racing and thinking about the turn my life was t

the   bigger   better  

Kim graduated high school a virgin, she dreamed of sex and would often play with herself. Her parents often warned her of the issues with having sex too soon. Pregnancy, STD'S, and having her heart br

bus   abilene   from  

Sometimes I think I was born with a "fuck me" sign painted on my butt. But then, I seem to have been born with that young and vulnerable look that turns some men on, and I'll have to admit that I love

friends   grace   entertains  

As I discussed in a previous letter, I had accepted the role of being the door prize at the swinger parties held by my step-son John and his wife Christine. I would arrive before the guests did so, an

1422   clemency   drive  

1422 Clemency Drive. I'll remember that line for the rest of my life. It changed me, matured me, brought me into reality, but is still a legendary myth. A local legend, as is the person involved. 1422

and   rick   lori   liz  

To say that I was looking forward to next Saturday would be an understatement! After almost twenty years of marriage, I got to experience anal sex for the first time. Oh, not with my wife, Liz, but ou

sally   and   miriam   fucking  

I first met Sally in a bar. I was going out with friends and spotted her in a corner with some pimply-faced chap who did his best to chat her up, but she was having none of it. She was tall, curvaceou

days   mountain   the  

Before you read this work, please note that it is adult oriented and very sexually explicit. Also, it is very lengthy and broken into 10 'parts' that should be read in order. Most of them will stand o


Note: I got the idea for this story from a Hentai comic written by Akiha. All characters in this story are at least 18 years old. ***** John walked into the school at a side entrance. The main office

girl   the   pretty  

I've always been "the pretty girl." Even as a young child, I was always referred to as the pretty little girl. You probably think that would be a great, but not really. Everyone seemed to have higher

labour   manual  

Author's Note: If anybody is interested in finding out how Eve found herself in such a compromising position, the first half of her adventure can be found in Erotic Couplings under "Manual Labour Ch.

djinn   the  

Disclaimer: This story contains sexual content between a male and futanari, shemale, etc. Any names referenced in its writing that bear resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental. All charact

fuck   toy   making   the  

Chapter Four – A meeting of Mind and Body When Morning came around for Cass, it was brutal. She'd not slept much thinking about what had happened to her. She was disgusted with herself and the way he'

humiliated   enticed   and  

Part 15 - Hustling at the Gay Bar I couldn't believe that I had received $50 for giving a blowjob, the previous night! If I could do that a few times a week I would be set financially. I could finish

emptiness   filling   the  

Eloise was sitting in a chair, her legs curled under her, with a book in her hands. Caleb walked into the sitting room and smiled at the sight of his lovely wife. Eloise looked up and returned the smi

view   from   the   top  

He thrust into me, hard. "Oh fuck!" I moaned as I threw my head back, his large cock stretching my pussy. ***** We were coworkers. Well, not initially. Initially, he was my boss, one of the big execut

crack   the   dawn  

I've wanted to put this into writing for some time but I don't really know how or where to start. So I'll just plow right into it and try to tell the story of how the last few months have become the d

secretary   the  

She had spent too long waiting for a long promised fuck but tonight was the night. Even though she was in a relationship, for her the best sex was with others - the lustful dark fucking that she would

one   who   got   away   the  

Author's Note: This is the first installation in what I intend to be a long series that explores the beginning(s) and end of a relationship. Naturally, as the introduction to the characters and their

repair   the   guy  

Edited by Windy Swimming "Damn it, what's wrong with this TV?" She muttered as it wouldn't turn on, the third time this week. She tried the usual trick of rolling the batteries, and then finally gave

10-year   load  

A time-honored truth among men is that the longer you wait, the better the orgasm. Of course, no normal guy can physically hold out for ten years, but the mind can certainly hold a deep, lustful desir

encounter   casual  

Before: I'll keep the background short because I want to tell you about the sex. I went to a pub with some girlfriends. We drank. We got drunk. I went home with a stranger I was flirting with. The enc

game   the   generation  

"She was fucking amazing," Dan was saying. "I wanted to find a way to thank you properly for sharing her with me, so here it is. You're going to the conference in Edinburgh next month and staying in t


I wasn't aware of how long I'd been kneeling on the floor. My knees were starting to get painful and I had no idea when he'd be back. I knew that I probably had enough time to stretch my legs before h

"veronica"   inflatable   doll   the  

It's funny how an inflatable woman can be the only tool needed to help me seduce a straight roommate at college. While at university, I shared a flat with three other guys. The oldest of these was the

landlord   the  

I wrap Gillian's hair around my hand and pull her into Ashleigh's bedroom. She grabs a hold of my forearm in a feeble protest attempt. Ashleigh snatches up the money on the bed, uses her sleeve to wip

the   island  

Author's note: This is a story involving gay male sex. Please feel free to comment. I hope this series is being enjoyed. Thank you for your time. *************************************************** Ma


This is the fourth and final part of a story that was presented as a challenge for me to write. I don't condone or approve of true non-consent though admit the fantasy is an intriguing idea. I was ask

night   one   had  

If I had one night with you I would tie your hands and feet to the bed. I would start by licking every inch of your body briefly stopping to suckle your clit and nipples. Then I would bite and kiss yo