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Well, Reba and the 4 other women in my life about killed me with a full weekend of non stop sex. I was screwed blued and tattooed. Sucked, pumped, anal-ized and if you can think it up, I experienced i

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NOTE: This is the concluded part of this story. I thank for the comments posted by the readers. Definitely yours comments will boost me to improve my writing. Somebody asked me to find some editors. I

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As I was on my way to get fucked, I reflected, once again, what I was up to... I was a married guy, happily married, who liked getting another guy. It wasn't love, yuck. It was an extremel

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It's getting late when you turn to your friend and say, "I need to get home; I'm out of cash and it's a bit of a walk". In reality, you know she's eyeing up the guy across the bar and she'll be going

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He led me out to the upstairs hallway and told me to stay there while he went into the bathroom to shower. I've been up for a while but I'm still in my sleeping tee-shirt that goes down to my knees, b

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After having heard and physically witnessed his and Chitra's interludes, where they fucked and enjoyed, her sister Chitra noticed him one afternoon at the market, while she was shopping for groceries.

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Miranda's cunt tingled as she gripped the cane and lay it across the bare buttocks of the feminised and willing male, watching the flesh squirm as he slipped his erect cock against the sheets in antic

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He should have known Linda was bad news before he married her. More than one person had accused him of thinking with his "little head", and the moment he walked in his door to find the tall blonde nak

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Harriet's satisfaction peaked as she befriended 'Curious Mandy' via e-mail; she learned that like so many housewives she had inhibited a strong sexual desire to dominate, particularly as she suspected

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"Tell me that you don't have to leave right now?" Brittney said as she was wiping Robert down. "Hell no baby. I have all day." Robert said. "Perfect. Now another question. I want to invite a friend ov

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Hello All, I have been thinking of sharing my story since long but never been able to write it up. But I am finally writing it now. I am a 30 year old guy settled in California USA now. This story goe

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It had been almost a year since the divorce. John had been heartbroken when he discovered that Allison was cheating on him. When found out, she had simply stated that she didn't love him anymore and s

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"I still don't understand the bracelet, he buys it for you and tells you you can keep it if you don't fuck him?" James said holding her wrist looking at the expensive piece of jewelry, "If he wanted t

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Author's note: Our Heroine, having committed a crime against her Master, awaits her correction. This Scene describes how she comports herself and her trainers' reactions. Then, a new Force appears. J

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98) "Ron, honey, I've been thinking." "What, Sabbie?" "Nancy fucked my husband almost 100 times while I was married to him and we still haven't done anything about it." "Well, Nigel did deprive her of

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Day 7 – Exposure Jack leaned back, watching his wife Kelli bustle about the kitchen preparing their breakfast. Though cramped and seriously out of style, the cabin's kitchen contained enough modern ap


The first romantic look we held was electric. My fuck buddy, Veronica was smoking hot. A perfect 10. Long brown hair down to her waist, which was saying a lot, since she was 6 feet tall. Thin frame, d

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I love to please my wife. Her happiness is my happiness. Whatever she wants I try to give her because I'm always the one who reaps the rewards. To see her writhing in her own orgasm is the greatest pl

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This is the sequel to 'Dating A Sex Addict Ch 01' about my sex addicted girlfriend Sarah. * Sarah and Lila began spending more and more time together, sometimes with me, sometimes without, but to be h

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Warning, strong sexual content, some forced, multi partner, gang sex, and strong language. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading. ***** I've always known I was different, but never just how different unt


"Defence!" I yelled, as I dropped myself down into my stance, glove up at the ready, as 2 of the other teams skaters broke through my team mates and made a rush towards my net, the game in our favour

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Author's Note: These short fantasies started off as weekly mini-stories for my readers, but the newsletter was shut down because autoresponders do not accept adult content. I thus decided to publish t

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Lacey's BDSM Test Lacey's alarm rang in her ears. The sound pounding in her skull; rolling over she flings it from her night stand. Reaching for her phone she looks at her messages. None. Throwing bac

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2). The second time... he came around again it was similar to the last time: the door was open, the lights were off, but this time I had some music playing we'd organised it all previously via text th


Author's Notes: This story is erotic fantasy written by Etaski. I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this story, wherever it is posted. If found posted anywhere except with

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DISCLAIMER: This story contains incestuous content between father and daughter, anal sex, some lesbianism and choc-play. If any or all of this offends you, please read no more. This story is told pure

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1. Somewhere deep in the arctic a great beast lies on the floor of an ice cavern held by three chains still striped with bruises from the shaft of a fireplace poker. 2. Lord Hugh Stephen, sat in his c

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Lydia stretched out. The babies were asleep, the house was quiet, and she was just going to spend her time on the couch. She was rather thankful that Susan spent her time at the yard. Elunara was up a

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This is just a fun little Halloween idea I've been meaning to write up for a couple years. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please vote and leave a comment. * Cheryl stood in the kitchen, her yellow gl

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Our life in Bangkok was moving very well. I had told my husband about the romping sex session I had on a business trip which also involved my boss David. Fortunately he was at the time too drunk to re