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New Girl Ch. 02

I hope you enjoy the story.

Disclaimer: all characters in the story are 18 or older, and all events are entirely fictitious. Remember, this is a fantasy. Always follow your dreams, the darker and kinkier the better!


Selene gasped as they neared the stairway. It seemed to stretch before her like the gaping maw of a nightmare. She couldn't believe they'd cuffed her hands behind her back and put a slave collar around her neck with a dangling chain.

"We don't want you tripping on the way down," Maric said. He swung the girl over his shoulder so that Selene's head dangled near Maric's butt. His one hand cupped her ass cheek as he descended into the basement with Nikki at their heels.

"Ohhh, we're going to have so much fun with you down here," Nikki promised.

What had she gotten herself into? Selene had trusted Maric. They'd worked together before. Yet she'd said the safe word after the amazing sex had turned a little weird...and now they hadn't listened! Selene felt her heart pounding as the stairway ended abruptly at a cement floor and cinderblock walls. Maric switched on the harsh lighting and walked into a wide, spacious room.

Maric set the naked girl down on her feet and put his hand on her neck, waiting to give Selene a chance to survey the room. There was a large, comfy-looking bed near the far wall. Beside it there was a platform with a saddle-shaped sybian, its ribbed pink rod jutting from the base like a monster's cock. It was the ultimate fuck-machine, and just looking at it made Selene feel a little faint. Her insides thrummed with a need that screamed 'I want that thing fucking me!' and she licked her lips.

"You like my toy, slave?" Nikki traipsed by Maric and Selene, skipping around the sybian as she lovingly stroked the artificial cock. "Would you like this inside your pussy, slave? Drilling your tight, WET cunt until you come again and again?" The big-breasted dominatrix walked up to Selene, cupping her chin. "Answer me, bitch."

Selene stared at the sybian. "Y-yes Mistress. This slave would like that very much."

Nikki's hand stayed to Selene's sex, cupping her pubic mound as she kissed the side of Selene's face. " that so? But I thought you said the safe word? Poor, scared little slut didn't think she could handle my dungeon of pleasure. Are you sure you don't want to back out now? I'll let you, if you wish." The question lingered for a quiet moment. Selene licked her lips and felt her pussy muscles clench at the thought of that sybian so deep inside her.

"No, Mistress. I...I changed my mind. I want to continue."

Nikki's hand gently stroked Selene's clitoris as she whispered huskily in the girl's ear. "Good. That's what I wanted to hear." Nikki sauntered over to the bed, kneeling over the foot of it and presenting her shapely ass and pouting pink cunt lips. "But first you have to EARN a ride on the sybian, slave. Come here and lick out your Mistress's pussy."

Maric dragged Selene forward, thrusting her face into Nikki's swollen sex lips with a hand on the back of her head. "MMMppph!" Selene groaned as her tongue slipped between Nikki's velvety folds, sliding along her wet channel and tasting the remnants of Maric's seed. She continued to lick, suck, and tongue the older girl's moistening slit as Nikki stuck her ass up high in the air to give her easy access.

"OOohhh, yeah baby. You're such a good little fuck-toy, licking out your Mistress's cunt," Nikki purred.

Selene gasped as she felt Maric's cock slowly nudge inside her damp heat from behind. Her body felt on fire as Maric began thrusting in and out, groaning with satisfaction each time he saw his cock vanish between the seal of her cunt lips. Selene kept feasting on Nikki's pussy, moaning into the woman's snatch the faster Maric stuffed her with his shaft.

"Aahhhh...I can't get enough of this sweet pussy, Nikki. She makes me hard again. Fuck!" Maric growled, his hips flying forward as his shaft buried to the hilt inside Selene's wetness. Selene's low grunts were timed perfectly to Maric's pulverizing fucks, and now Maric reached underneath, cupping Selene's supple breasts for leverage as he slammed into her sex harder and faster, his testicles slapping against her thighs with each violent penetration. The loud smacking sound of two bodies joining filled the room, an echo of sexual depravity mingled with the sounds of Selene's desperate slurping.

"Ooohhh. Keep that tongue in my pussy, slave. I'm going to CUM in that worthless mouth of yours. Aaahh!" Nikki cooed, shoving her crotch backward against Selene's tongue. Selene could smell her Mistress' arousal, the most pungent scent ever. She could taste her Mistress's sweet-scented juices on her tongue, flowing down her chin already. The squelchy-wet sounds as she slurped at her Mistress's sex was an overpowering turn-on, and soon her own pussy was greasing Maric's shaft with its own flavor of cunt cream.

"Mmmm. The bitch is creaming up with my shaft sliding in deep," Maric groaned. He pinched Selene's nipples hard and gushed deep in her slit, pushing his cock desperately toward her cervix as the spewing load of cum emptied completely in her young pussy. Selene moaned at the same time as Nikki's juices spurted into her mouth, coating her entire throat with its sweetness.

Selene lapped greedily at her Mistress's pussy until Nikki moved away and turned around to look at Selene's face glistening with her juices, so much cunt cream dripping down her chin.

"Now get your tongue in my ass, slave. I'm not done with you yet."

"Oh god. Mistress, please not that," Selene moaned, still feeling Maric's semi-hard cock spurting its last vestiges of jism.

"You heard me, bitch!" Nikki presented her anus to Selene's face, and the petite brunette reluctantly dived in. She tongued the rim of Nikki's hole before darting inside, flicking her tongue inside the girl's anus with fervent obedience. Nikki's anus smelled of a recent shower and jasmine soap, not nearly as awful as Selene had feared. She continued to lick and stab her tongue inside Nikki's star-shaped hole, stimulating the older girl as she moaned with delight.

"Aaahhh. You were born to lick ass, little cunt. Keep that up and you'll get to ride the sybian."

Meanwhile Maric had pulled out his wilting cock, watching his load of cum drip from the gorgeous brunette's swollen pussy. He thrust two fingers into her well-lubricated sex, pumping them inside the girl with a furious rhythm.

"Her pussy's a ruined mess," Maric said.

"Ooohh. Well done, my love," Nikki said. "But this is only the beginning. We'll get this cute bitch impaled on my sybian."

Maric stabbed his fingers into Selene's cunt with one hand while his other hand caressed her joy button, rubbing it with tantalizing strokes as he watched Selene's sex juice up under his attentions. The slender brunette was crooning loudly with her face thrust between Nikki's ass cheeks. Her tongue was apparently working its furious magic, because Nikki's groans were nearly as strident as Selene's lust-filled moans.

"She's almost there. Come for me, you little cunt. Come for your Master," Maric growled. He stabbed his fingers in deep, scraping them along the insides of her sensitive, wet slit. Selene squealed as the orgasm ripped through her, her juices spurting onto Maric's hand as her cunt clenched greedily around his fingers.

"Yes, little cunt. Now that's what I like to see," Maric murmured. Shortly afterward Nikki finally pushed Selene's face away from her ass, sighing with satisfaction.

"That's enough, bitch. Now you get your reward." Nikki moved away and tugged on Selene's chain, forcing the slave to follow her quickly over to the sybian. The tall shaft was at least three to four inches around, and it stuck up from its base like an obscene spear, the bulbous head molded perfectly to imitate a man's penis. The big-breasted dominatrix quickly smothered it with her mouth, coating the tip with her saliva.

"There, bitch. It's ready for you to ride."

"Mistress...oh please, slowly," Selene begged as Nikki made her straddle the sybian's huge shaft. At the last moment though, Nikki thrust down brutally on the girl's hips, forcing her to impale her snatch in one swift plunge. Selene squealed as she felt the tip of the shaft thrust up into her cervix, a feeling of fullness unlike anything she'd ever known. She bit her lip and groaned, her forehead slick with sweat as her nipples hardened like thumb tacks with her arousal, her pussy clenching naturally to hug every inch of the artificial cock.

"Uuuhh..." Selene groaned, at a loss for words. Maric tied rope around her legs to ensure that she would remain impaled.

"Do you feel it stuffing your young pussy FULL, bitch? Hmm?" Nikki smacked the side of Selene's face hard enough to startle her without causing any real harm.

"Aaah!! UHh! Yes Mistress. Please, be gentle with me," Selene moaned. Ignoring her plea, Nikki leaned over and affixed a nipple clamp to each of Selene's breasts, smacking her breasts lightly to wrest a plaintive groan from the beautiful girl's throat.

"Ooh please! That hurts."

"Shut up, stupid cunt. You'll get pleasure soon enough." Nikki switched on the sybian, and the rod came to life inside of her, pumping like the merciless phallus of a sex god. Now Nikki tied a strap around Selene's waist which also attached a clip to the girl's clitoris. The clip rubbed up against her sensitive nerve bundle, using the constant motion of the sybian's cock to achieve the perfect friction.

Soon Selene's moans and coos filled the basement, her body trembling on the enormous cock drilling her tight, wet pussy. She felt herself building to orgasm, a wave she was destined to crest and ride in no time. 'Oh god,' she thought, biting her lip hard as she felt the exquisite pain in her nipples obliterated by the much greater pleasure of the sybian pumping so relentlessly between her thighs.

"Mistress, oh please...oh god!"

Maric clucked with disapproval. "The bitch is already on the verge of coming. I think she should have to wait, don't you?"

Nikki nodded. Yet even as she agreed with her boyfriend, Selene's body was already betraying her. The slender brunette's breasts shook as she convulsed on the sybian, her cunt clenching and un-clenching, pungent juices streaming down the length of the whirring shaft.

"OOOOhhhh! Mmm. I'm so sorry, Mistress. I did not mean to come without permission," Selene sighed.

Nikki and Maric exchanged a naughty look. "You came without permission nonetheless, you worthless SLUT," Nikki said. "And your punishment will be to ride that sybian all night long while it drills your helpless sex and makes you come over and over again until you'll beg for even the slightest relief for your oversensitive clit and cunt."

Nikki turned toward the bed. "Shall we take a nap together, lover? I think we could use some rest. Perhaps by the time we wake, our slave girl will have learned her lesson."

"Noo! Uuuuhhh!" Selene huffed, her body slickening with sweat as the sybian's shaft whirred deeply between her pussy lips, creating fiery sensations all through her core...sensations which threatened to overstimulate her to a second orgasm within minutes if not seconds. "Please, don't just leave me on this thing," Selene wailed.

But Nikki took her boyfriend by the hand, and they climbed into bed, sweeping the covers over themselves. Maric wrapped his body around Nikki's, his one hand cupping one of her breasts as they spooned tenderly, like a loving couple. They ignored Selene even as the slender girl's moans sailed higher, indicating another imminent climax. They continued to ignore Selene as she cried out again, her pussy spurting another orgasm on the sybian as she trembled and convulsed deliriously on the pumping shaft.

"OHHH fuck. It's so deep in my pussy. Mistress! Master! OOohh! I've had enough. Please! Take me off of this. Ooohhhh!!" Selene begged.

Nikki swiveled around, facing her boyfriend as they lay in bed together. She looked into his deep brown eyes and he looked into hers just as intently.

"What do you think? How do you think my idea turned out, bringing a submissive into our relationship?" Maric said with a smirk.

"I must admit, this turned out better than I'd hoped." Nikki traced a finger down Maric's muscular chest. "This is such a turn-on, having a submissive slut to play with, and I actually find that dominating HER diminishes my need to dominate YOU."

Maric's eyebrows went up. They continued to ignore Selene's pleas in the background. "Oh really? That's welcome news." Maric looked down, seeing his penis twitch back to life by some small miracle. "I think my friend down there likes that idea. Would you mind if I dominated YOU for once?"

Nikki looked down at her boyfriend's lengthening cock. She took a hand and began stroking it, admiring the veins along its girth. "Oh, I think I could allow it. In fact, right now I want to lay down as you fuck my brains out, lover. Come on, I have an idea." So saying, the big-breasted Asian girl stepped out of the bed and splayed out on her back right at the foot of the sybian.

She opened her thighs wide, her pouting pink cunt lips begging for a cock to be shoved roughly between them. "I need your cock Maric. Claim this pussy and make me yours," she said huskily.

Maric knelt between her legs, lining up his reinvigorated cock right between her legs. He groaned with anticipation as his bulbous cock-head nudged between her petal-like labia. Thrusting forward with a deep sigh he filled her, then started a rhythm, fucking her with long, deeply penetrating strokes.

Selene helplessly watched the couple fuck like rabbits as she rode the sybian, her pussy gushing for the third time on the cruelly relentless shaft. Her body was so sensitive now, her pussy throbbing, that it was enough to make her go mad. "Oh please! Please turn it off! My pussy is so sore!" she begged, her slender body trembling as it received the most thorough fucking of her young life. Selene watched as Maric plunged into Nikki's heat, grunting with every thrust as the two lovers kissed and pretended she didn't exist.

"Noo! Please!" The naked slave girl's hands clenched behind her back as the fourth climax tore through her overstimulated cunt, spewing more of her glistening juices down the shaft. Fifteen minutes later she passed out, her body sagging forward as the sybian continued to drill her young snatch like a cruel, sex-crazed machine with a mind of its own.

Maric thrust his cock with full force into Nikki's wet and welcoming snatch.

"Yes, baby. Give me every inch of that fucking cock."

"Shut up and kiss me," he growled, smothering her lips with his, their tongues battling as he rubbed deeply inside her. The two were only dimly aware of Selene's nakedness still impaled by the whirring sybian's artificial cock.

As Maric slid into his girlfriend's dripping heat he groaned loudly, barely staving off his orgasm. His arms encircled her, holding her tight as their sweaty bodies joined as one again and again. Maric couldn't believe how badly he needed to come. His whole body vibrated with mindless, desperate need. The need to fuck, to procreate, to empty every last drop of cum in this woman he loved.

"Yes...oh yes. Fuck me, lover. Put that cock so deep in my tight, wet pussy. Feel me clench your cock, Maric. I love you," she cooed. Nikki shuddered as she felt his cock straining inside her soft sheath, thrashing as her sex released a flood of juices to claim Maric's cock fully in her scent. "Aaaaahhhhhh... Ohhh god!" She moaned, biting Maric's shoulder as the climax continued to roll through, one wave after the next.

"Ahhh... fuck!" Maric sighed, feeling Nikki squeeze his shaft with exquisite pressure as he thrust inside her with one more violent lunge, trembling and shouting as his cock erupted.

"I love you, Nikki. Ahhhhh. Fuck." Nikki's hands reached down, clenching his butt cheeks hard as she felt him empty his scalding seed deep into her womb.

"Oooohhhh," she groaned. "Yes. Give it all to me, lover. Every fucking drop."

The two lay there together, Maric draped across the alluring Asian girl like an oversized masculine blanket. Heat radiated off of him, adding to their sweat-slick bodies. He enjoyed the feeling of Nikki's heart beating beneath his chest, and his hands gently caressed some of the sweat-slick and disheveled hair back from her fierce yet gorgeous face.

"That was amazing, baby." He gave her a tender kiss as she moaned and felt his cock slip free of her silken channel.

"Mmmm. I didn't want it to end," she pouted. The two stared into each other's eyes, sudden understanding mirrored perfectly between them.

"You may have been right," Nikki said slowly, as if each word was a jewel pried from an enclosed fist. "This idea wasn't as crazy as it sounded, adding a submissive into the mix," Nikki whispered. "Bringing Selene into this...god, it made me realize how much fun we used to have. And it's made me realize that you act so much more free and confident with a submissive around. I can see that you're truly being yourself, not changing who you are for me. I'm glad I'm seeing the real you, Maric. It is so fucking hot, and it's the only version of you that I'm willing to give my love to from now on."

Maric's face broke into the most relieved grin. "You have no idea how good it is to hear you say that." Then, his tone lightening, he said, "Does this mean that I get to be on top more often?"

Nikki bit her lip, feeling his hot cum drip from her swollen pussy lips down to the crack of her ass. Damn...she was going to need a thorough shower after this.

"If you behave...yes. I'll lie back and let you fuck the daylights out of me, but with one condition."

"Oh?" Maric's eyes sparked with added heat.

"I want to keep her." Nikki motioned toward Selene, her slender body still impaled as the squelchy wet sounds of the pumping sybian penis still thrust loudly between her soft folds.

"That is more than fine by me. In fact, we should probably stop neglecting our slave girl." With difficulty Maric stood up and stretched, then helped Nikki up. Together the couple approached Selene, who was just coming to after passing out earlier. Her eyes snapped open, pleading.

"Ooohhh. My cunt's so sore and sensitive, it's RAW...Ahhh. Please have mercy on this slave, Master...Mistress. Oh god, I'll do anything. Just get me off this thing."

Maric leaned forward, taking off the nipple clamps, and Selene gasped at the sensation of blood rushing to her tender peaks. "Poor slave, look at these abused tits." Maric dove down, sucking on one of the girl's nipples even as Nikki laved, licked, and suckled firmly on the other breast.

"Please, oh god. No!" Selene writhed as another orgasm tore through her overstimulated young cunt. She moaned plaintively as Maric drew back, the taste of her skin and sweat still fresh on his palate. He exchanged a look with Nikki, who was now cupping the girl's supple cones and squeezing them like doughy stress balls.

"Should we be merciful, Nikki?"

"Mmmm. I suppose. Let's have her join us in bed, but I'm not done with this cute cunt...not quite."

Together they undid the ropes tying Selene's legs. Then they turned off the sybian machine and lifted Selene by her arm pits. The girl could barely walk, so they draped her arms over their shoulders and half carried her to the bed. Plopping the gorgeous slave girl onto her back, they slid onto the mattress on either side of her. Nikki cupped Selene's face, giving her a sweet kiss even as Maric caressed Selene's back.

"Ooohhh god. You sadistic bitch. I ache all over," Selene groaned between kisses. Nikki stiffened at first, ready to take offense after what Selene had just called her, but she soon relaxed when she realized that Selene was kissing her back, and doing so quite fervently.
Selene's hand strayed to the dripping mess of Nikki's cum-soaked cunt, stroking her lips and clit. "Mmm. You may be a sadistic bitch, but this is so hot," Selene murmured. "I love being dominated by both of you."

Maric's ears perked up at Selene's unexpected confession. He laid a soft trail of kisses down the back of her neck, fondling her ass. "That's good to hear, slave, because we have one more surprise for you."

Selene's blood thundered with excitement fueled by that perfect dose of fear. "What surprise?"

Nikki swatted Selene's hand away from her crotch. "You don't get the privilege of fondling your Mistress' cunt. Not yet. Face the headboard and put that sexy ass up high in the air for us." Selene did as she was told, her skin prickling as she heard Nikki murmur something to Maric. A few moments later Selene felt something cold as an oily liquid flowed into her anus. Two of Maric's fingers probed her tightest opening as she clenched up and moaned.

"Wait, stop! Oh god! Master, what are you doing?"

"Would you prefer that he fuck your pussy again, sweetie?" Nikki said as she viciously plunged two fingers into Selene's sore sex. Selene moaned as her raw-rubbed cunt protested against every inch of friction. The slender girl whimpered and shook her head, her body tightening around both sets of fingers in her pussy and ass.

"Okay, okay. Fuck me in my ass. Just let my pussy rest. Please." Ironically enough, Selene relaxed as Nikki withdrew her fingers from the girl's snatch and let Maric take over. The muscular boyfriend rubbed the oils around gently until the girl's anal opening was well lubricated. Then he positioned his cock, which was also glistening with the same lavender-scented oil, and began nudging it inexorably forward, inch by inch.

"Uuuughh. No, please. Oh god, your cock's tearing me apart," Selene squealed.

Nikki grasped Selene's breasts, squeezing her nipples roughly. "Shut up, bitch. Relax your muscles if you want to make it easier on yourself. Maric doesn't want to hurt you." Nikki turned to her boyfriend. "Go ahead, lover. Give it to this bitch right in her tight ass. I want to see the look on her face as you tear out her guts." The savage dominatrix gave Selene a sloppy kiss, stifling the girl's moan as Maric thrust the first three or four inches into Selene's star-shaped hole.

The girl kept squirming and moaning until all of Maric's cock was compressed between her sexy butt cheeks. He started a rhythm, plunging into her unbearably tight opening, grunting and enjoying himself. Selene's mouth hung open as her eyes glossed over. She was trying to blot out the discomfort.

"Ooohhh. Uuugghh..." was all the lithesome young slave could say at first, but Nikki noticed that her nipples were hard and she risked reaching underneath to ever so gently finger Selene's pussy. Her feather-light touches soon distracted the slave from the unbearably full sensations in her ass, her groans succumbing to more pleasant coos.

"Do you like that slave? How does it feel, having a cock embedded deep in that fine ass while I caress your poor little cunt?" Nikki growled. She stared at Selene's tormented face, the delicate nose and mouth looking so beautiful when matched with those wide-open eyes. The disbelief in Selene's expression was such a pleasure for Nikki to watch. Then the strong-willed Asian girl looked back and saw her boyfriend's cock pumping in and out of Selene's puckered opening.

"It feels..." Selene groaned as Nikki pinched her nipples again, annoyed with the slave's slow response. "It feels...amazing. Ohhh. Thank you, Mistress. Keep fingering my pussy while he fucks my ass so hard," she sighed.

"Hard? You haven't seen hard yet, bitch," Maric growled. He began thrusting into her mercilessly, his testicles smacking against her smooth butt cheeks in a steady rhythm as his hands held her by the waist and forced her ass back to meet his punishing fucks. "Ahhhh, that's it. Clench those muscles on my cock, you little slut. Tell me how much you love having your ass reamed."

Selene was panting now, the combined efforts of Nikki's cunt-fondling fingers and Maric's cock awakening a new level of sensation in her loins. "Uuugghh. Oooohh! Master, please fuck me harder!" she squealed, her body writhing in his grasp as Nikki looked on.

"That's it, lover. Give this girl the ass-fuck of a lifetime." Nikki leaned into Selene, kissing the side of her face as her fingers continued to playfully tease the girl's dripping cunt lips. Selene moaned, a pathetic whimper that soon rose from one octave to the next.

"May I come, Mistress?" Selene panted, begging as her nipples stood out erect on her aching breasts. Nikki caressed those nipples fondly and looked into the slave girl's desperate eyes.

"You may. NOW, bitch. Now or never." Nikki watched with satisfaction as rapture overwhelmed the traces of agony on Selene's face. Nikki felt the girl's snatch twitch and spurt its cream, the sticky juices coating her fingers completely before she drew her hand away. Selene was still twitching and moaning in the throes of her release when Maric groans overshadowed it.

"Ahhh. Get ready, cunt. I'll leave a load of cum deep in your bowels." He groaned more loudly this time, his eyes rolling up as his face went rigid, his testicles stiffening as their seed pumped through his cock to spew and deflower the slender slave girl's tightest hole. Selene cried out as she felt his cum shoot toward her guts, his heat shocking her in a place she'd never been taken before.

"Yes. Oh fuck. So much cum in my ass," she wailed, sagging face down on the bed as Maric continued to pump his last, heroic load of viscous cream, feeling overspent and exhausted by the time he was finished. His form lay sprawled on top of her, their bodies breathing raggedly in tandem.

Selene's disoriented face looked as if she'd died of woken up in another world. With a sigh the lithesome submissive licked her lips and groaned. "I've never been fucked in the ass before...uhhh. Maric, you're as sadistic as your girlfriend."

As Maric withdrew, his now totally flaccid cock was definitely spent and needed to recuperate. He pointed at Selene's gaping anus and looked at Nikki.

"What are you waiting for, bitch? Lick out your fellow slave's ass. Clean out all that jism." Nikki gasped. She couldn't believe that Maric would dare call her a bitch and go all dominant on her. Normally she would have hated that...but somehow, as she stared at the cum leaking from Selene's wrinkled hole, she felt a surge of arousal. Being dominated could be just as pleasurable as being the one calling the shots, and her instinct screamed with lust, telling her to obey and play by someone else's rules for a change. Truth be told, it felt liberating to let everything go and just follow her budding submissive instinct.

Nikki burrowed her tongue in Selene's ass, slurping loudly as she lapped up her boyfriend's seed. There was an oddly flavorful mixture on her tongue, the combination of the oil's taste and Maric's jism making for an interesting cocktail. When at last she'd swallowed up every drop and thoroughly cleansed Selene's anus, the Asian beauty sat back on her haunches and licked her lips.

"Did I do well, Master?"

Maric gripped Nikki by the neck and crushed her mouth with his furious kiss, his tongue sliding in deeply to explore her and taste her as if it were the very first time. "Mmmmm. You did more than well, my love. You were incredible."

The two lay down then on either side of Selene, snuggling up against her as she moaned and let them rain kisses and caresses on her exhausted body. Selene felt Nikki's hands knead her shoulders even as Maric laid loving kisses in her hair.

"Mmmm. My beautiful, sexy slave girl. You were amazing tonight," Maric murmured.

Selene closed her eyes, breathing in Maric's masculine scent. She also smelled Nikki's more feminine perfume, which turned her on just as much. Selene took stock of her aching, battered, and sexually sated body. She melted into the arms of her Master and his Mistress. "Ooohhh please, may we rest?" Selene dared to ask. "You two are going to fuck me to death at this rate."

Maric and Nikki exchanged a knowing, playful look. "For now, sweet girl. For now." Selene let her eyes close as Maric draped an arm over her nakedness. Nikki slid her hand over Selene's side, closed her eyes, and joined her in what should have been the calm of sleep.

Their dreams were anything but calm, however, filled with erotic images. Selene moaned in her sleep. In her dream she straddled Maric's lap and sank her dripping cunt onto his rigid shaft, grinding on him like a sexed-up goddess as Mistress Nikki lashed her cruel whip against Selene's bouncing buttocks again and again until Selene's moans filled the dungeon of the dream world, begging for mercy that never came...


The next morning Nikki woke, slanting sunlight rudely poking her in the eye. She blinked a few times before the world came into focus. Somehow in the night everyone had shifted. Maric had cocooned Nikki in his arms, making her feel warm and loved. Selene lay in front of Nikki, her naked body never looking more flawless, her face serene. Nikki looked at the caked stickiness of cum along Selene's pussy and thighs. Shower and sustenance were definitely the top two orders of business today.

Quietly Nikki slipped from the bed and tiptoed upstairs to make breakfast for everyone. She had quickly finished cooking up the eggs and toast. She was just getting the batter for pancakes poured into the skillet when she heard the door to the basement open and shut, then two sets of feet padding into the kitchen.

"Hey." Maric and Selene walked in. Selene took a stool near the kitchen island and Maric sat beside her.

"So. How did everyone sleep last night?" Nikki decided to play it safe and make small-talk as she got the pancakes underway.

"Look guys...the sex was amazing. It was out of this world, I'll totally admit it." Selene paused, and there was a major 'but' about to hit like a city-destroying asteroid. Nikki and Maric both tensed.

"But?" Maric asked, stepping away from his stool as he gently rubbed Selene's shoulders.

"I don't know if I can do this."

"What do you mean?" Nikki went very still.

"You guys clearly have a close relationship. I don't want to interfere with that on the one hand..."

"You're aren't," Nikki insisted.

"But I don't want to be on the other end of the spectrum either," Selene said.

"What do you mean?" Maric's hands moved lower, rubbing the girl's back in deep, mind-calming circles.

"I don't want to be the fuck-toy you guys play with. I mean, I DO, when we're in the fantasy, when we're having sex...but that's not the world I want to live in every second I'm with you two. I want something substantial and real outside of the fantasy realm. This has to be more than just a 'fuck and humiliate the submissive' fest." Selene sighed, feeling Maric's hands freeze at her last words. "There, I said it."

Nikki shook her head and chuckled. "I couldn't have said it better myself actually." She flipped a pancake onto a fresh plate and handed it to Selene. "Now listen up, girl. You are part of the 'pack' now, understood? We are not going to let you be a hook-up girl. Not a chance." Nikki pulled Selene off her stool and placed her hands on her shoulders, giving her a look that contained equal parts compassion and no-nonsense pragmatism.

"Last night was...well, let's be honest, hot, totally forbidden dominant-submissive sex, intense and downright savage at times. But that's not the world we can live in day in and day out, and we know that. The fantasies, the forbidden dominance-submissive roles, those support who we are in real life. It doesn't replace it." Nikki caressed Selene's face. "Now, the plan for today originally involved me and you shopping through at least half of the day, if not more. And by the way, YOU get to pick where we go and I get to pay."

She smiled when Selene gaped at her. "After that, Selene, you tell Maric and I what you want to do next. We can spend the day downtown, go to a museum, go to your favorite restaurant. And once again, guess who's paying?" Nikki smiled when Selene finally surrendered with a grin. "You and I may not be girlfriends yet, sweetie...but believe me, we can make up for lost time. So, what's it going to be? Shall we give this three-way relationship a chance?"

Selene licked her lips, glancing at Maric, then Nikki. "Depends. Are you ALWAYS going to bribe me with free clothes and food? Because I could get used to that."

Nikki and Maric both glared at her. Nikki smirked and shared a glance of hidden meaning with her boyfriend. "Maric, I think this slut may need to get fucked hard and receive extra punishments tonight, at the rate she's going..." Nikki's hand cupped the girl's sex as she stifled a moan.

Maric winked and placed a kiss on the top of Selene's head as he walked by. "Oh, I'm all for that..."

So began an unlikely relationship, two girls, one guy, where a strange kind of harmony led to a lasting bond.



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