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Merna's Story Pt. 09

This is a continuation of the story about Merna. Really need to read first 8 parts to understand story.

I get an offer from Keene

Greta and I were awakened by a knock on the door at 9am. Greta wrapped a towel around herself and I sat up in bed. She opened the door and let a hotel employee in with several packages. He laid them on the table and handed Greta a letter. Greta and I opened the package for each of us. They were the clothes from last night and a beautiful box. We each opened our box. It was the pearl jewelry from the first outfit I wore at the show.

Greta opened the letter and read to me, "Thanks for the great day. Henrik and I had a great time with you two girls. Please accept this gift as a token of our friendship. We wanted to buy you dresses but realize you get those all the time but I don't think they give you these. Please accept these gifts.

Merna, Rose and Sherman are very impressive and I think we can do business. It will happen if it good for us all. Oh yea, here are your clothes. Hope you enjoyed your trip back to your room. We thought you would."

"What do you think?" I asked Greta.

"Well, I knew they wanted to buy you something," Greta said, "And I know they bought Rose the cocktail dress of the small model. I had no idea they would buy me anything much less both of us something like this. These sets are about $10,000 each."

"My God, that is too much," I exclaimed loudly. "We need to give them back, don't we?"

"I am afraid it would insult them," Greta said. "I think we have to keep their gifts."

"It sounded to me like you and Henrik hit it off," I said smiling.

"He really banged my ass," Greta said. "It felt so incredible to have him slam away at my butt like that."

"You know Carl was really good also, especially for an older guy."

"It was amazing, the whole day," Greta said.

"Let's go have some breakfast and hit the road," I said.

"I need to get by the office this afternoon," Greta said. "Didn't your friend ride with you?"

"Let me check my phone," I said. "She texted me late last night. She and Sherman are working most of the night and meeting most of the today. Carl is having them driven back to Birmingham when they are ready."

We took a shower, taking it together to save time, dressed for the first time in 12 hours, packed, and went to breakfast.

It was 10 so the dining room was almost empty. We were both very hungry and ordered a large breakfast each. We were both in a hurry so it did not take long for us to finish. Just as we were paying the organizer from Keene came up asking if he could join us. His name was Brad Pierce. He was carrying a briefcase and looked ready to work.

"Please do," Greta said. I decided to let Greta take the lead. I was afraid he was there to say he would never use me again. The check came as he was sitting.

Before either of us could reach for it he said, "Please put this on my tab."

He looked at us and smiled saying, "I had an interesting call from security this morning. Apparently 2 girls got off the elevator on our floor, nude, arms linked and skipped down the hall. He could only see their backs. He did not see their face or whether they actually stayed on our floor. Isn't that interesting?"

"It really is," Greta said, "Girls just want to have fun."

Mr. Pierce looked at us both laughed hardily and said, "I only regret I missed that party. It was probably more fun than I had. I had him erase the recording."

Both Greta and I just gave him our best 'we are innocent smiles' we could muster.

"Merna, you did a really great job for us last night," Mr. Pierce said. "We are so pleased with all the work you have done for us so far. You seem to have it. Greta you know what I mean. You can not define it but it exists."

"I know exactly what you mean, Mr. Pierce," Greta said. "She actually interviewed with us to do graphic art work. My sister recognized her potential."

"Yesterday, we had 7 traditional models, you know the size 2 tall thin and three non-traditional models," Mr. Pierce started. "The three were you Merna, our full figure model, an older model, and a very small short model. The three non-traditional got our highest marks. It seems people could relate to you. I wasn't surprised at your popularity; I have seen you work after all. Merna, I want you to know that Keene appreciates your work ethic and attitude."

"Well thank you," I said blushing. Greta was trying not to smile.

"We want to use the non-traditional models more, and in particular we want you," Mr. Pierce said. "We want to offer you a retainer for the year, with a signing bonus, and a sum for doing Keene exclusively in our high end market. We know you will need to do other work but we would like Keene to be your only high-end department store client. I have a letter of intent that outlines what we would like as terms."

He reached in his briefcase, handing Greta a one-page letter. Greta moved where I could read it. I was stunned, doing my best to show no reaction. The terms were a $40k retainer, $30k for being exclusive, and a $5k signing bonus.

"The hard part is describing what the retainer covers," Mr. Pierce continued. "We are expecting 12 sessions like the first you did for us, 4 shows like this, and one trip to Dallas to do a few days taking photos and doing promotions in our main store. During this visit we will also do some work on our Christmas catalog. As you both know that is big for us."

"I think we can work out that language," Greta said. "When someone is willing to do this kind of deal, we are going to be very flexible. I don't want either of us to take advantage of Merna's good nature. I really think that is what you are buying, so let's both respect that. I have to say, usually I will always negotiate numbers but I don't see any need for that. Merna, what do you think?"

"I think you know better than I what my value is in the market," I said. "I trust you Greta."

Greta looked at Mr. Pierce and said, "That is really what you are buying. Merna is beautiful but there are lots of beautiful full figured girls. But few have Merna's attitude, work ethic, and charisma."

"You are absolutely right," Mr. Pierce said. "I used those words exactly with our CEO. He consulted on this and the small model we used yesterday. She has agreed to a contract something like this, so you will be seeing her when you come to Dallas."

"Good, I liked her," I said. "She looked great in that cocktail dress."

"That was our most sold dress yesterday," Mr. Pierce said. "The gown you wore at the start of the show was the biggest revenue achiever and the one selected as the best in show. We also sold a large number of the Pearl Jewelry set you wore. People usually don't focus on jewelry in our shows. But I think your anatomy causes people to focus on your chest and hence necklaces. We have decided that you will do a lot of our jewelry modeling for the Christmas Catalog. In the first session done in Birmingham, I thought the head shots with that necklace were stunning."

"Mr. Pierce we accept this offer contingent on getting the details work out," Greta said. "Keene has always been a valued client to us and this just makes it more so. You have my numbers, call be if there are ever any issues with our work. I have no doubt that you will be pleased with Merna effort."

"I will get you the contract next week," Mr. Pierce said. "Think about how to word the work we want for the retainer. If you can get that to me by Tuesday, we will have the contract back to you before the end of the week. It is not long until we will want Merna back in Dallas."

Mr. Pierce stood and extended his hand to me, "Merna, we appreciate your work. Thank you."

"My honor," I said.

"Let get this worked out next week," he said to Greta.


He was walking away, turned and said, "I would have really liked to be included in a party like that you two girls attended last night."

As he walked out Greta reached out and gave me a big hug saying, "Congratulations, you earned it. Let's get checked out. Want to see if Carl is still in the Penthouse Suite to thank him for our gifts?"

"Yep let's do it."

We knocked on the penthouse door. Someone we did not know answered and we asked to see Carl. The person told us he was in a meeting.

"Please tell him Greta and Merna want to see him," Greta requested.

Carl and Henrik came to the door and closed it behind them. "Sorry, we would ask you in but we have a lot to do before the end of the day," Carl said.

"Really sorry to bother you," Greta started, "but we could not leave without seeing you again to say thanks for the gifts. But please don't do that again. Merna and I are just glad to know you, we don't need gifts."

"It was nothing," Carl countered. "We just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed the day yesterday and spending a little money just seemed appropriate to us."

"Thank you," Greta continued. "Merna and I will wear the necklaces with pride. Maybe we can find an occasion to show them to you and Henrik."

"You are killing me," said Henrik. "I wish we could see them now but we have to get this done."

"I want this for Rose and Sherman," I agreed. "So let us leave you to it. I know if it is right it will happen."

"Exactly," Carl agreed. "Did you girls make it back to the room ok?"

"We did," I answered. "Greta and I hate you for that." I laughed so they knew I was kidding.

"We know you loved it," said Henrik laughing.

I pulled him down so I could kiss him on the cheek, and then did the same with Carl. Greta duplicated the gesture. "We are going to get together again guys," Greta professed.

"You can count on it," Henrik said.

With that we left and drove back to Birmingham where I dropped off Greta at the office. "Come in Monday afternoon so we can discuss the Keene deal," Greta instructed. "I don't have any work for you as of now but you probably could use a week off. We do need to discuss how much you want other than Keene."

"See you Monday." I got home after 5 had dinner and relaxed for the rest of the night. I did get a text from Rose saying she and Sherman were staying over night at the Penthouse suite. She said it was really going well and thought the details of a deal could be worked out tonight.

Rose and Sherman have good news about partnership with Carl

Sherman and Rose made it home Saturday afternoon. Carl's limo driver helped bring in their stuff. He asked if there was anything else he could do for them.

It was everything I could do to wait until they got settled to find out what happened.

"Let's grab a glass of wine," I said, "and come on the deck. I am dying to hear what happen."

Rose came out to join me with a glass of wine, Sherman had some iced tea.

"Well?" I asked.

"We have a deal almost," Rose started. "I need to get my lawyer to review the documents but all the terms have been agreed to. In summary, we are going to establish a new company yet to be named. Howard Technology will license a right to use software and technology we have developed to the new company. Howard Technology will retain all IP rights and patents. Howard Technology will transfer over the trading platform we have developed and also agree to not provide services or technology to any other investment firm. Howard Technology will no longer have a trading platform except to test. Howard Technology will continue to work in other industries. So the exclusion is only to the investment industry."

"The really key issue for us was to retain all IP rights," said Sherman. "It took some wrangling but that was achieved. We also retain our existing clients as there is no conflict."

"For the new company 60% will be owned by Peterson Investment and 40% to Howard Technology," Rose continued. "Henrik, Carl's son, will be president and CEO of the new company. Did you meet Henrik yesterday?"

"Yes." It was all I could do to not tell Rose he was a great lay.

"What did you think?" Sherman asked.

"I liked him," I answered. "He is a lot like Carl." And in so many ways I could not tell Sherman but would Rose later.

"Henrik is moving to Birmingham," Rose continued. "This is where the new company will be located. Turns out they have wanted to collocate operations anyway. We will provide consulting to the new company. Sherman and I will do that as part of the deal but will get consulting rates for other Howard Technology employees. Howard Technology will be paid $200k for the right to use license and another $300k over time from revenues for the exclusivity in the agreement. Peterson Investment will cover all start up costs of the new venture."

"The $200k will give us the opportunity to hire some new developers and expand our reach," Sherman added.

"I think I understood some of that," I said quizzically. "Was there anything you did not get you wanted?"

Rose and Sherman looked at each other saying together, "No!"

Rose continued, "Carl came in that room Friday wanting a deal. We had spent most of the night working through some technical questions the CTO had but by the time he arrived, we had satisfied the CTO that we knew how to solve all the issue technically. So starting Friday afternoon, it was only a matter of the business issues. Sherman and I barely got to 3 hours sleep Thursday night and did not finish with Carl and Henrik until late last night. We slept in the Penthouse suite last night. Carl and Henrik went home for the night around 10pm."

"So does that mean Sherman is going to be an employee of Howard Technology?" I asked.

Rose looked at Sherman and smiled. "No. He will become an owner. We have agreed that upon signing the agreement with Peterson Investment, Sherman will get 15% and Merna will get 5% of Howard Technology."

"What me, why?"

"Because we don't think it would have happened without you," Rose said with a tear in her eye. "I might not have been able to function after the break with Jeff without you or Sherman. So I want you both to own part of the business."

"I don't know what to say Rose."

"Sherman's agreement will allow him more ownership over time."

"I am floored," I said. "I assume you will open an office and vacant my basement?"

"Yes, we will but we want to pay to finish the basement the way you wish," Rose said.

"But you paid rent," I countered.

"Not enough compared to the benefit we received."

"I do want to continue living here for a while," Rose said. "If you can put up with me a little longer."

"Absolutely, it will be a sad day when you decide to leave."

"Here is to a successful business venture," I toasted. "Now let me tell you what happened to me."

So I updated them on my deal with Keene. They were very happy for me.

The business success is celebrated

Move forward 6 months and the following had happened. Rose and Sherman made the deal with Peterson Investment. Henrik moved to Birmingham to be President and CEO of PH Trading Company. Howard Technology hired 3 additional programmers and shared the facility with PH Trading Company. Rose also hired a Financial Manager named Alison from a local big bank. She had a master degree in accounting and finance from University of Alabama. Alison became CFO of Howard Technology with responsibility for finances and personnel management. Sherman and Rose worked all the time for those 6 months.

Rose paid to have my basement finished as a Girl Cave and gym. We both enjoyed it when Rose had time.

Carl and Greta were dating occasionally, even though they were an odd pair. I went out with Henrik and Tommie until I introduced Alison to Tommie. They were about the same age and Alison was absolutely gorgeous.

My modeling career was going very well. The week in Dallas went very well. I was getting all the work I could handle between Keene and some smaller client Keene approved of. I had done some work for LaTonia. Jerome and LaTonia were also very busy so we had not had much fun time.

The revenue was poring into Howard Technology from the revenue generated by PH Trading Company. With the first quarter of revenue from the PH Trading Company, Carl was very pleased so he decided to throw a party for all involved. He asked Greta to plan it for him.

Greta and he were dating as much as possible for 2 successful business people in 2 different towns. Greta found out that he and his wife were married for 30 years before she died. They were swingers and did not make much of a secret of it. Carl and Henrik were devastated by their lose. Henrik and his wife divorced soon after his mother died. Henrik said he wanted to have the same kind of relationship as Carl and his wife but it just did not work for them. Greta was open to almost anything so they got along.

Greta worked up the following itinerary, there would be a formal dinner served at an upscale restaurant close to Bound Gym. The second part of the evening was to move to Bound Gym and be what she described as a Roman style orgy. Of course Alison was worried about inviting employees to this part of the party. She talked to the 3 new hires and made sure they knew they did not have to attend this portion but if they did it required a release.

May, the female black programmer Rose had met while at Georgia Tech wanted to come and bring her husband. She was average size and very cute. Really was personable for a geek. One of the male programmer opted out of orgy and the other signed without problem and seemed excited about the whole thing. Sam, the CIO of Peterson Technology, who worked a lot with Rose and Sherman, was also attending the whole event.

A memo went out to the attendees saying that during the Roman Orgy portion of the evening there would be a talent competition, a wet toga competition, and an event described as any things goes to end the evening. It sounded great to an exhibitionist like me.

So the day came for the event. Rose dressed in the white cocktail dress Carl bought for her. She looked really sexy in this outfit. Of course she did not need nor want a bra. I dressed in the black cocktail dress Keene gave me from the show in Atlanta plus the Pearls Carl had bought for me. Rose and I were both excited to show Carl his purchases. Sherman rented a tux and looked very handsome.

Henrik came with a limo to pick us up at 5pm. Henrik also wore a tux and he always looked handsome. The man never gained a pound or had a hair out of place. He had good genes. When Henrik came in to get us he said, "I must have died and gone to heaven. You two are the most beautiful creatures I have seen. Don't you think Sherman?"

"I have said the same thing several times but I will say again I agree. They are both visions and together they are magical."

"Let go," said Henrik. "The limo driver is Earl. He will be with us all night."

We all arrived on time for cocktails in the bar. Carl was there with Greta. Greta was wearing a more formal dress than Rose and I. She was wearing the Pearls Carl had bought her at the Atlanta show. Bertha was there as a solo. She was dressed to attract. Lots of cleavage, helped with a push up and in bra, in a short black sequined evening dress. It barely covered her ample ass. Her legs were far shapelier than when I saw her fucked in the ass in the Bound Gym shower. There with Carl were the CIO, Bob, and his wife, Hannah. They were middle-aged white-collar couple. She was not pretty but elegant with a full figure. Not quite as large up top as me but plenty hippy. She was a few inches shorter than me. I would guess slim when younger but filled out, as she got older.

Alison was with Tommie. I hugged Tommie and Alison as they came into the bar. I liked them together and I had a feeling Alison would share. I thought Alison was a lot like me except 10 years younger. Alison was wearing a very similar outfit to Bertha except she did not have as much overflowing. May and her husband, LJ, arrived. He was a black stud. Looked a lot like LL Cool J. May was wearing a red evening dress with white gloves. Tommie and LJ were also wearing a tux. Rose's two male programmers were solo. Both were very geeky and young. The one staying for the Roman Orgy was tall, ungainly, and very thin. His name was Ernie.
We all had cocktails and made small talk before being seated for dinner. It was a very elegant dinner with first class service. The wine flowed. Carl, Henrik, Rose, and Sherman all gave short speeches, mostly thanking everyone for their hard work. Rose particularly commented on the sacrifice made by people's family and noted that the owner wanted them to know how much tit was appreciated. Sherman focused on the vision for the future. All the employees made short toast to either the companies or management. At 9 the dinner ended and we were escorted to Bound Gym, which was only a few blocks away. It was nice to walk off the meal and get some fresh air. The one programmer said good night and left, so there were 14 people going with 7 males and 7 females.

I did not know how everyone else felt but I was ready to party and a Roman Orgy sounded good. When we arrived at Bound Gym 2 young women and 2 young males met us. The 2 young girls were already in very skimpy and thin white togas. They fit very loosely on top making any movement reveal their breasts, nipple and all. Neither was very large and what I thought of was the Sammy strippers. The males looked like Chippendale dancers. They were dressed in gladiator type outfit. No shirts up top and a leather strip skirt covering the bottom barely. It was meant to be provocative.

As we entered, the girls were escorted to one side of the locker room and the male to the other. We were instructed to have the slaves help us dress for the evening. So 2 at a time the girls assisted in removing our formal clothing and then presented us a toga exactly like the one the girls were wearing. As each girl dressed she was directed to the bar for a glass of wine. This was a very stimulating sight to see these attractive women all dress in almost see though, skimpy togas.

We were now drinking more wine. Bertha could not keep her drooping large out of control breasts contained in the skimpy material on top. And her big ass was only half covered. I gave no effort to covering anything. Henrik's dick was already getting hard and poking out.

There was a DJ playing music as we mingled. There was a stage set up with several couches. The DJ announced there the gladiators would first fight until the death. The two male slaves had a mock gladiator fight with wooden swords. They were clearly dancer and not wearing anything under the gladiator skirts. It was entertaining. Then the DJ said we were to be treated to a wrestling match. The 2 girls slave then actually did have a wrestling match. The tops were torn off each of them almost immediately. On multiple occasions one would get the other in a position to either suck a breast or lock the others head between their legs and force a pussy licking. In the end neither was wearing anything except their slave collar and a gold chain around their waist that hung down to the pussy lips. Instead of shaking hands that the DJ requested they made out including feeling up each other's butt. This was the dress for them the rest of the night. The males had now lost their skirts.

The DJ said it was time for the talent contest. Does anyone want to compete? The DJ announced the first talent was the Bound Sisters performing a Latin dance. It somehow seemed appropriate to do a Latin dance in a Roman style toga. Greta played the male. I thought they had at some time trained in ballroom dance. They knew what they were doing. The dance looked like a combination of Samba and Tango. Neither tried to keep the dresses from slipping. Bertha immediately let the top drape off her shoulder. Her floppy tits were flying all over the place. Several times they clinched, with Bertha huge tits squashed against Greta's stomach.

Each twirl allowed a full view of both their ass and pussies. Both were enjoying this exhibition of themselves. It was both funny and sexy. The last move was Bertha falling back to have Greta catch her. Greta did catch her but could not hold her up as Bertha laid back. Bertha fell on Greta with both their legs sprawled for all to see their glory holes. They were laughing very loudly. Got up most ungracefully as we were laughing and clapping simultaneously.

The DJ said laughing also, "Wasn't that great folks?"

"Yes," yelled Carl and Henrik. Carl hugged and kissed them both.

"Now we have three eggplants and a cauliflower doing a gymnastic dance. Rose, Sherman, May, and her husband went to the stage. The two guys primarily break danced, while Rose and May mainly did tumbling passes. The tumbling was mainly a reason to see spread eagle pussies. The guys had obviously practiced this as they were mostly synchronized. Rose and May had also worked up a routine. I was surprised at how May could almost stay with Rose. May while not large was larger than most gymnasts. The last move was to have May's husband lifted May to straddle of his neck and Sherman doing the same with Rose. Then May husband grabbed her feet and pressed her straight up like a cheerleader. His chest and arm muscle rippled while doing this. He balanced her there for a couple of minutes. Sherman took Rose's arm in a hand to elbow grip and lifted her over his head in a handstand. Rose toga slipped where everything was exposed from the waist down. She exaggerated this by putting her legs in different positions. After a couple of minutes of this the guys let their ladies down gracefully. Again we gave them a big applause.

"What a show," the DJ announced. There will be a winner. Give applause to the Bound Sisters. Now for 3 eggplants and a cauliflower. "Ok, I give, it is a tie." The six contestants hugged and lifted each other arms. "Someone get our talent some ice water."

"Time for the wet toga contest," the DJ announced. "First up is our sophisticated Hannah."

"What do you know about Hannah?" I asked Henrik.

"Not as much as Carl," Henrik started. "She is upper crust northeast. She met Bob in college and they married as they graduated. Bob was very smart and I always thought she picked him because he could make money. Bob is good and has made a lot of money with my Dad. Dad and Bob have a close working relationship. She has always struck me as an unhappy, stuck up bitch with no sexual desire. I am very surprised they are here. Dad, on several occasions has asked Bob to come to something like this. I think this is their first time. I can not believe she is actually about to show her body off."

Hannah was walking up the step to the stage regally with a look of concern. Bob was behind her. There was a water sprayer with a catch basin for the water to drain off. This very elegant, upper crust women stepped into the water basin to be hosed down. I was mesmerized. Bob hosed her down from head to foot making sure not to get it on her face. She was soaked. The gauzy material clung to her body and reveled everything. She did have a killer body for an older woman. I was now guessing closer to 50 that 40, she had just taken very good care of herself.

The music started, Bob was staring in disbelief, and she started her dance. She did not overtly touch or displayed her body but nonetheless she was. She danced with moves of a slow ballerina. It was clear she was doing the positions for the arms and legs. All I knew was they were called first thru whatever positions. She did the releve movement; feet are held together and bend at the knees, allowing a good view of her spread pussy. She did several of these before moving on. If she knew what she was showing us, she did not show it. With the basic moves done she gestured for Bob to come over. She used him as a bar. She went through several positions; I wished I knew what they were called. Each one involved a form of lifting one leg either to the side or forward or to the rear. Each one revealed a very pretty bald pussy and nice firm butt. Several of the positions required bending from the waist that reveled breasts that were large and creamy smooth. It was so sexy to see the precise unsmiling woman do ballet positions and movement reveling a lovely body. The last was a slow pirouette with one leg that started to the side and raised. She had to know that this was spreading her pussy so all could see. As she finished she gave a ballerina bow and trotted off the stage like ballerina run.

I think we were all stunned. Ernie was standing as close to the stage as possible with a huge hard on. His penis was in the air and he literally had his mouth open. Bob was staring with his mouth open. After we caught our breath, we clapped with honest approval. Carl yelled, "Encore!"

She skipped back on stage, held Bob's hand and got in an Arabesque position, one foot on the floor and the other leg extended behind her and bent at the waist. She was able to extend her leg straight and higher than parallel to the floor. Bob then walked around her to the left a full 360. She then changed the foot on the floor and had Bob walk back the other way. This was the sexiest move so far. She bowed again and skipped off the stage. Again, we cheered.

"Well, I certainly have never seen that before," the DJ announced. "The next wet toga contestant is Alison."

Tommie wet down Alison and it was as I expected she had no rhythm. She was beautiful but could only sway back and forth. I grabbed Henrik and pulled him to the stage. He wet me down. I got behind Alison and whispered in her ear, "We both have the same affection. No rhythm. Let me help you and get me out of trouble to."

She glanced back smiled and mouth, "Thank you."

Neither of us made any effort to dance. Standing behind her lifted up placed my hands over both tits and pushed them up making them look even larger. I moved my hands up and pinched each nipple making the nubs hard. I moved the material aside and did the same so her tits were displayed in the bare. I moved my hands down and messaged over her clit hood. She moaned a little when I did this. I pulled the toga up so I could do the same thing but with a bare pussy. I spun her around lifted her toga and spanked her bare bottom.

"Now do the same to me." Alison mirrored my actions.

As Alison started working my pussy I heard one of the female slaves say to Ernie, "Can I help you?"

"Yes," Ernie replied. I assumed she was stroking him because she stood by him. Ernie put his arm around her shoulder. She slipped his hand to her ass.

When Alison finished, I grabbed her hand, turned us around so when we bowed our asses were being shown to the group. We got applause but no where close to Hannah. One of the male slaves handed us each a towel. I decided the toga was no longer needed so I took it off, handed it to the slave, and dried myself. Alison did the same. Henrik followed me to a couch that was located away from the stage. I decided I really wanted to see this spectacle.

"Next up is 1 eggplant and a cauliflower."

May and Rose did not get water sprayed on them but had LJ and Sherman dry off the stage. They then did a couple of tumbling passes. Bowed, received applause and got off the stage. I think we all knew that Hannah was the winner.

"Now the Bound Sisters." Carl went to the stage with them and wet both the sisters down. They started with a very close dance, again ballroom. Bertha still had not pulled her top up, so it was draped around her waist. With the additional weight of the water, the toga was all but off. I then saw the front was caught on the chain around her waist. The was it drooped in back her entire ass was showing and in front it drooped down to the top of her pussy lips. Greta was so wet, even though the material was there, it was translucent. Greta moved her hands down to Bertha's ass cheeks and started rubbing and kneading the large mounds. Bertha pulled up Greta's toga and did the same to her. Greta then turned Bertha around kneaded her large orbs. The areola was large and the nipples must have protruded a half-inch as Greta excited her. They were still moving to the music. Greta moved her hands down her stomach, found the chain release the toga and allowed it to slide to the floor. Bertha did not care. Greta moved both hands to the VEE that formed the top of Bertha's pussy. She pushed the flesh together, accentuating Bertha fat pussy lips. They were swaying back and forth. It was very sensuous seeing one sister do this to the other. Bertha's eyes were closed and in a different world.

Ernie's female slave had started sucking him off while he watched this spectacle. I could literally see Bertha come as Greta messaged her clit hood. Ernie could not take anymore. He came in the girl slave mouth. She licked as much as she could up and lick his dick and balls. I could see that we were all now nude except for Greta and Carl. Ernie slave stood and put his arm around her again with his hand on her ass.

Carl decided that these girls needed to end the show. He motioned to the male slave to come to the stage, moved a couch close to the edge of the stage. He gently separated the sisters took Bertha hand and gave it to the male slave and said, "This lady needs to be fucked hard and soon."

The slave moved her to the couch laid her back raised her legs and started sucking her wet fat pussy. I don't think she knew what was happening. Carl dropped Greta's toga off her shoulder and lead her to the other end of the couch from Bertha. He bent her over with her butt in the air and started sucking on her pussy and asshole.

"It is close but I think the winner is Hannah," the DJ said. Hannah, nude with the exception of the waist chain, came to the stage with a smile on her face. Bob followed. The DJ put a sash over her shoulder and across her chest that said 'winner of the wet toga competition'. "Would you like to say a word?"

"I want to recognize my husband," Hannah said with the most sarcastic smile on her face as she grabbed Bob and kissed him hard. "I particularly would like to thank my fans for their support." She was waving like a queen looking directly at Ernie as she walked toward him. She squatted with her legs spread apart so he could see her pussy lips, took his hand and forced it into her wet vagina. She had him smell her discharge. She then licked it. She again stuck his finger in her pussy while saying, "My boy, you need to take better care of this girl. She gave you head and you gave her nothing. I want you to bring her to the stage and let me show you how to take care of a lady. Do you agree my slave?"

"Yes, Mistress Hannah," the slave said.

Carl was banging away at Greta's pussy with her draped over the couch. Bertha had both her feet on her slave's shoulders as he banged away kneeling on the floor. Alison was screwing Tommie on the floor in the Asian position. The floor had a large yoga pad down making it look comfortable. May was lying face down on the floor with LJ on top in the jockey position.

"I have to see this," I said lying side ways on the couch with my face looking facing out. "Put it in spooning me from behind so we can see this." Henrik, I think also wanted to see the activities so he did. His long dick helped as my pussy was not open to him. Neither of us could move much but this helps us hold out while we watched.

The acoustics were good in this room as it was the aerobic classroom. Hannah instructed the threesome, "I am going to lay back on this couch, Bob you suck my pussy, slave you straddle my face facing away form Bob, Ernie I want you to watch me suck this girl's pussy so you will know how it is done."

"Yes, Mistress Hannah," the slave said.

"Son do you have it?" Hannah asked.

"Yes ma'am," Ernie said. Hannah laid back, Bob started licking her wet pussy, and the slave positioned herself over Hannah mouth where all she had to do was raise an inch. Ernie was watching intently as Hannah's tongue expertly moved aside the clit hood and stimulated the clit with the tip of her tongue. The slave was moaning from the first lick.

Carl and Greta, LJ and May, Alison and Tommie, and Rose and Sherman had finished round one. They were now watching what Hannah's group was doing. Henrik was very hard in my wet pussy but I had him pinned against the couch back so he could not move enough to get off.

Bertha was milking the last of her male slave's ejaculation. She rose up and had her slave sit between her legs while she rubbed his groan and watched. I had a feeling she wanted to go again soon.

"Are you seeing what I am doing?" Hannah asked Ernie.

"Yes ma'am."

"Rub her tits and kiss her," Hannah instructed. Ernie did. Bob stopped to see what was happening.

"Don't stop Bob," Hannah demanded. "You can put it in now."

"Yes, Mistress Hannah," Bob said. He knelt and put his dick in Hannah pussy and started moving slowly enjoying the show.

"Slave, turn around, straddle me facing Bob and bend over a little." Hannah instructed. "Ernie you can fuck her now but do it trying to make it feel good to her. Bob you can rub and kiss her tits."

"Yes mistress," they all said. Bob was picking up the pace. The slave straddled Hannah so she could lick her pussy while Ernie fucked her from behind. I could see the fluid flowing from the slave's pussy onto Hannah's face. Bob was rocking in and out. Ernie was pumping away at the girl's pussy from behind.

LJ was getting hard again as May was stocking his dick. Rose and Sherman joined May and LJ. Rose took May's hand and placed it on Sherman's dick and she took over from May with LJ. The boys were sitting with their legs crossed on the floor. Rose started sucking LJ to get him hard again as May did the same with Sherman. Carl was growing hard again with Greta's help. Bertha had her slave sitting on the couch and was sucking him to get him hard again.

Bob was getting close. Hannah was working on the slave pussy, occasionally licking Ernie's balls. Hannah sensed Bob was ready to ejaculate and said; "Not yet Bob, don't move."

Bob stopped. Ernie was pounding away and all of a sudden he stopped, making a primal screamed indicating he was ready to explode in the slave. "Now Bob," Hannah said. Bob took 3 stroked and he had his release.

Henrik whispered in my ear, "In your life, would you imagined this?"

"No, I am astonished."

"What do you bet my dad fucks her next?" Henrik said. "He has wanted to for a long time."

Henrik barely got this out of this before we heard Carl said, "Mind if Bob gets seconds with you?"

"Good with me," Greta said. "Offer him my ass."

Rose was flat on the floor with LJ riding her in the Jockey position. Sherman was fucking May in the missionary position. Alison was being fucked by Tommie doggie style. The slave had Bertha bent over the couch fucking her from behind.

The slave was getting off Hannah and Ernie was spent. Hannah sat up to let Bob kiss her. As he released her, Carl walked up with a hard on already. "Bob can I have second? Hannah would you allow me to fuck you? Bob, Greta would like for you to take her in the ass."

Bob looked over at Greta and she waved and smiled at him, turned around showing him her ass. Her limp dick twitched. Hannah saw it.

"Slave you help Bob get ready to take Greta's ass, Ernie watch Carl and learn. Bob that ass is yours. I want Carl to fuck me."

Ernie moved back to the floor to watch the activities. The slave went over to Greta and they both worked on Bob to get him hard again. Hannah smiled at Carl saying, "Can I taste that beautiful dick?"

"Well sure," Carl said. "Don't tell me you have wanted to fuck me before?"

"I have dreamed about it for years," Hannah answered.

"Me too. Go figure."

Bob was hard again. The slave took Ernie sperm from her own pussy and lubricated Greta butt hole. She kissed and stuck her tongue in to help lubricate it. The slave then eased Bob forward as Greta bent over the couch next to her sister that was being fucked from behind. The slave lined up Bob's dick with Greta's hole. She took two fingers and penetrated Greta sphincter and spread it apart enough to easily slip Bob dick half way into Greta's asshole. She reached between her own legs and pulled more of Ernie discharge and lubricated Bob's dick before pushing him in all the way. Bob and Greta both groaned in pleasure.
"She is yours now master," the slave said to Bob. Bob started making small movement to fully lubricate Greta's butthole.

"How do you want to do it Mistress Hannah?" Carl asked.

"Sit on the bench." Carl did. Hannah spread his legs, faced away from him, and sat on his penis. It easily went into her pussy drenched with Bob's ejaculation. Carl reached around her and squeezed her to his torso and kneading her ample bosom. Hannah was making small movement up and down on Carl's dick. Her legs were clinched together putting a lot of pressure on Carl engorged dick. Hannah was clearly continuing to have orgasms.

May and Sherman, Rose and LJ, and Alison and Tommie were finished again watching the Hannah and Bound Sisters show. Bertha slave pulled out and sprayed cum all over her big butt. Bob was slamming away at Greta's butthole. He was not that big and it looked like Greta was taking it easily. The slave had positioned herself to get her hand into Greta pussy, pleasuring her.

I could feel that Henrik was ready. I spread my legs a little and gave him a little room to move. It took only a few strokes and he filled me up. We both continued to watch. Bob said, "Can I cum in there?"

"Sure go ahead," Greta answered. "Slave work my pussy a little harder I want to orgasm with him." She worked Greta's pussy harder and faster and Bob pumped his ejaculation into her.

Hannah moved up and down a little faster on Carl's hard dick. Carl said, "Hannah have a big one with me." They both had orgasms. Hannah fell back on Carl. He kissed her neck and he continued to message her grand tits.

Henrik and I sat up looked at each other, hugged and kissed. "That is the longest fuck I have ever had," said Henrik.

"Me too," I said. "Want to come take me home and stay over tonight?"

"I did not think you wanted to make a commitment like that?" he asked.

"I don't," I said.

"Deal," Henrik said. He walked over to the stage and said, "It is time to call it a night. I don't want anyone to drive home. Is there anyone who needs a ride? I know Greta, Carl, Bob, and Hannah are staying at the Tutwiler. Tommie, Alison and Bertha are staying at the Bound Condos. The limo is taking Sherman, Rose, and Merna home. May and LJ you can stay at the Tutwiler in my room as I have another invitation."

"Sounds good to us."

"What about Ernie?"

"I have a spare room," Tommie said. I had a feeling Bertha had other ideas.

"Ok, we are all set," continued Henrik. "I want to thank the Bound Sisters for planning and providing the place and service." We all clapped.

"Let's all get a shower," Henrik instructed. "We have something you can wear home and keep your good clothes in their boxes. Ok let's get out of here so the Bound Gym can get back to normal.

We all went to shower, the slaves had us towels and clothes, which were a tee shirt and pajama bottoms that were loose fitting with, draw strings. There were also terry cloth slippers. We received our boxes with the clothes we wore to the restaurant.

As we got in the limo, we all agreed it had been a great night and we would have to do this again.

That ends the story.


Rose and Sherman, Tommie and Alison, Henrik and Merna were married in a group ceremony a few months later. We went on a honeymoon together. But that is another story.

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