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Diary of an Incubus Ch. 07

My intention is to release my entire erotic novel in chapters. I hope you enjoy my writing. Constructive feedback is always appreciated.

Copyright 2014 by D.J. Winters

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping or by any information storage retrieval system without the written permission of the publisher except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

This is a work of fiction. All of the characters, names, incidents, organizations, and dialogue in this novel are either the products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously.

This is the seventh chapter and continues where the sixth left off.

Please keep in mind that this is a complete novel and the build is a slow one...


7. University Life

A natural flirt, he found that now that the desperate edge was off his hunger, he quickly made a variety of friends among the fairer sex. Apparently, there was just something about his eyes that drew women to him, or at least that's how several of his female friends explained it, though he couldn't help but wonder how much the rumours of his exploits with Tammy were helping or hindering him.

As women got to know him, he was also accused of listening when they spoke and making them feel like they were the only people in the world. More than one said that when they were with him, he made them feel like a princess and that it was so refreshingly different from the typical approach of his peers.

Oddly, though many were charmed by him and dearly loved his company, very few wanted to date him or pursue a long-term exclusive relationship with him. He was scrupulous in his relations and never made a secret of the fact that he wasn't looking for a commitment and that he was sleeping with a number of different women. Even with this, a number of women were perfectly content and happy to join him in bed with him no emotional strings attached, once they'd satisfied themselves that he was taking the necessary precautions and getting regularly tested.

Initially, he found this reaction and acceptance disconcerting. He had always been led to understand that women put a much higher premium on the emotional side of sex and were not inclined to engage in casual intercourse. In fact, almost every single one of his female friends insisted that this was the case, usually just before they crawled onto his lap and kissed him. There was something about him, they claimed that when they were with him they felt an arousing combination of desired, empowered and, oddly, safe. Simply put, they insisted; he was the exception to the rule.

Whatever the reason, Jozef found that women were often just as inclined to lose themselves in the physicality of the moment as men were, giving him ample opportunity to feed his hungers and eventually begin to push some boundaries.

The biggest opportunity came while sitting in lectures one afternoon when he had the stroke of luck to be seated beside Angie. He didn't know it at the time, but his horizons were about to open widely before him.

Angie was a petite brunette with eyes that sparkled and ruby-red lips that she gently chewed on while thinking. When he first noticed her, both were doing their best to focus on the professor's voice. Unfortunately, this particular professor did not seem to understand the concept of inflection and his lectures quickly devolved into a droning monologue that inspired unconsciousness. Five minutes into the lecture, half the attending class was beginning to glaze over into a strange biphasic state.

In a desperate effort to remain conscious, Jozef began doodling on the papers in front of him, giving shape to random drawings that flitted through his mind.

At one point, while he was desperately trying to focus on some notes, the professor was scrawling onto the chalkboard in his nearly illegible chicken-scratches, Angie leaned over and added to one of his doodles. She finished the wardrobe on a girl whom Jozef had doodled, adding a short mini-dress to the image. She made brief eye contact with Jozef when she finished and he gave her a smile before he added a necklace and bracelet to the picture.

Seeming to consider for a moment, Angie finally responded with her own smile before connecting the bracelets together turning them into handcuffs and adding a leash to the necklace. He was initially stunned by this unexpected turn of events, she'd caught him off guard, but he realized that he was fully willing to explore this subject with her.

Drawing in anklets that he then connected to the bracelets, he pushed the paper towards her with a smile and a cocked brow. Angie studied their combined picture for some minutes, glancing at him several times out of the corner of her eye and chewing intently on her lip as she considered how to respond. Finally, after what felt like an eternity during which Jozef paid absolutely no attention to what was happening at the front of the class despite staring directly at it, Angie turned her pen to the sketch. She added a simple gag to the image and pushed it back toward him.

Jozef was thoroughly enjoying himself now and couldn't help wonder where this silent exchange might lead. In a moment of inspiration, he added a long feather next to the woman in his picture. As he pulled his hand away, he made sure to 'accidently' caress the back of his hand against Angie's forearm. The gesture was awkward enough that he realized he wasn't fooling anyone, there was no way she would consider it accidental, but what the hell.

Angie looked at him again, a small smile creeping across her lips and he realized she definitely wasn't fooled. He returned her smile, his eyes sparkling in excitement. Her mind apparently made up; Angie drew a line through Jozef's feather and pulled the paper towards her as she began to draw beneath it. She held her body in such a way that it was impossible for him to see what she was drawing and Jozef found his curiosity mounting.

When she pulled her hand back to reveal what she'd added Jozef experienced a sudden rush of blood to his penis. There on the paper, nestled just under the crossed out feather was a detailed little riding crop. It's location was proximate to the drawn figure's ass and she'd even gone so far as to add motion lines to settle any doubt as to the intended use of the crop.

Jozef quickly added a cartoon style checkmark and a question mark to ensure that he really understood what Angie was suggesting. She was no longer chewing her bottom lip and the small smile had been replaced with a mischievous one. Now that she'd put her idea out there, she seemed much more comfortable with it. Reaching over she placed her hand against the back of his. He stared for a moment at the petite hand against his, the bubble-gum pink of her nail polish made him smile. When she dragged those bubble-gum nails down his forearm, leaving little red track-lines against his skin, Jozef gasped with excitement at the minor pain.

Angie suppressed a giggle at his reaction, covering her mouth with her hand. Jozef cocked an eyebrow in her direction before cautiously looking around the lecture hall. As much as he felt that everyone's eyes should be on them, he was relieved to find that he and Angie were the focus of absolutely no one's attention. In fact, with the lights darkened toward the back and focused on the professor at the front and with the droning monologue of said professor, the majority of the class was nearly asleep. Actually, given the occasional sounds of snoring, he was pretty certain that at least one or two of his fellow classmates had lost the battle completely.

Stretching out his arms, in what he hoped was about as close to a natural gesture as possible, he reached behind Angie's back and caught hold of her long brown hair, giving it a quick yet hard tug. Angie's head was pulled back slightly with the pressure.

"Mmmm." The sound came softly from her closed lips and ended as he released her.

As he returned his hand to his own desk, he checked the clock on the wall, as far as he was concerned, this class needed to be over soon. Thankfully, the clock concurred and showed a mere five minutes left and as he did his best to refocus on the professor, he realized the man was finally winding down.

The class finished and everyone got to their feet, beginning to file out. A sharp slap to his ass in the crowded throng of people told him that Angie was close behind him.

In the main hall, Jozef came to a moment of nearly paralyzing indecision. Where should he take her to now? His residence wasn't close and he really wanted release sooner rather than later. It was Angie who settled the matter grabbing his hand as she passed him, pulling him into the audio-visual room for the lecture hall and closing the door behind them.

The room was dim, though the lights shining through the large window overlooking the lecture hall offered enough illumination for him to note a couple of chairs and a table with a collection of switches to work the recording, lighting and screens in the lecture hall.

"They almost never use these rooms," she said with a smile and nodded toward the large window. "Besides, I think we have an hour or so before the next lecture starts down there."

Jozef looked out the large window overlooking the hall they had just left; the hall was now devoid of students and looked strange in its emptiness. Angie was right, unless the professor was showing a film or the lecture was being recorded for the distance-learning curriculum; the room would likely remain empty. It was perfect.

Turning, he watched as Angie leaned back against the door and reached behind to lock it. She folded her arms across her chest and stared at him. The position lifted and framed her breasts beautifully and Jozef was momentarily mesmerized, a hungry smile crossing his lips as he raised his gaze to meet hers and stepped towards her.

"Last chance," he said softly.

Angie gave a small nod as he moved into her space, his arms reaching for her. His left hand slipped down and along her waist while his right caressed her cheek before disappearing into her long brown hair. Entwining his fingers, he jerked her head back sharply and savagely kissed her lips. Her hands slipped around his back, nails raking up and down biting in despite the fabric of his shirt. Pulling tighter on her hair, Angie gasped into his mouth. He took advantage of her response, catching her lower lip between his teeth.

He was gentle at first, hesitant to bite too hard, but as he felt her nails dig deeper into his back, he responded in kind, biting harder. She moaned in excitement.

Sliding his other hand up to join its mate, he controlled her head roughly and savoured her mouth. As his tongue teased hers, she bit down suddenly capturing it painfully before releasing it. Rough kisses and bites defined their play as their intensity built and their lust grew.

Angie pulled his shirt free from his pants and her hands slid up, warm against the bare skin of his back. The soft tease of that initial contact lulled him, leaving him unprepared as her bubble-gum pink nails raked deeply, painfully down. Caught by surprise, Jozef threw his head back in a groan of erotic bliss.

Seizing the opportunity, Angie's mouth came down against his exposed neck. Foolishly expecting a hickey, he was surprised to feel her teeth catch against the soft skin of his throat and he could swear that a small growl escaped her lips. The contact was wonderfully painful, sending shivers down his body.

Finally, Jozef used his grip on her hair to jerk her head back from his neck, pulling her away before spinning her and pushing her hard against the door. He pinned her between himself and the door, sliding his hand up to her throat, using firm pressure against her windpipe to control her. Leaning in, he brought his teeth to bear against her earlobe and was rewarded with another moan.

Sliding his other hand up, he took a few moments to roughly grope her, enjoying the feel of her breasts through the fabric of her blouse and the thin lace of her bra. He couldn't help notice her nipples growing hard with the rough treatment. An evil smile spread across his lips unseen and he gave into the urge to painfully pinch the nipple through the fabrics. Angie gasped and the initial wave of aroused energy that flowed from her was heaven to Jozef.

"More?" Jozef whispered into her ear as roughly twisted the delicate flesh in his hand.

"Uh-huh," she gasped.

"As you wish milady," he answered before biting down hard on her earlobe and sucking it into his mouth, both hands playing with her nipples now. She moaned loudly and ground her ass into his groin. Releasing her nipple, he quickly captured her wrist and pulled her arm up behind her back. She cried out at the rough treatment before demanding more.

He held her, incapacitated on the edge of pain, moving her away from the wall and pushing her roughly across the room towards the table and large window. When he reached it, he shoved her forward folding her over the table all the while keeping her arm pinned against her lower back, maintaining his control.

In this position, her ass was beautifully displayed before him and he took a moment to marvel at it. Angie wasn't good with the pause and began squirming on the table. A slight tightening of the pressure on her arm settled her quickly.

"Now, now, why all the squirming?" he asked in a quietly commanding tone. "I think you're enjoying this." She squirmed against him and he increased the leverage again. "Are you ready for more?" he asked more kindly.

"Yes," she answered breathlessly and nodded, her head still pressed against the table.

Jozef smiled before cupping his right hand and bringing it down in a resounding slap across her denim clad ass cheek. Angie yelped in surprise and he spanked her again, this time he was rewarded with a grunt of satisfaction. Again and again, he spanked her beautiful ass, each stinging impact greeted with a moaning groan from Angie.

As they both warmed to the task, he let go of her arm and flattened his hand as he spanked. No longer restrained she made no move to change position and instead placed both hands on the table to brace against the impacts. He loved the sound of his hand against her ass and the accompanying moans of pleasure. He could feel her sexual arousal continuing to rise and wash through him. The energy made him giddy and excited, awakening his cravings more and more.

Pausing for a moment, he slipped his hand around her waist, releasing the button and zipper on her jeans. Angie moved to straighten up, but a firm hand against her back pushed her roughly back against the table. Pushing her jeans and panties down over her shapely ass and legs, he brought his hand down hard against the reddening cheeks of her bare ass. The sound of skin on skin echoed through the room, a different tone than that of skin on denim.

"Ah," she grunted with each hard slap of his hand.

Kneeling, he pushed her pants and panties the rest of the way down to her ankles where they got caught on her shoes. Bent as she was, he had a spectacular view of her puffy vaginal lips and the aroma of her arousal engulfed him, his already hard cock spasmed in excitement.

Running his hands roughly over her thighs and ass, he massaged and kneaded her reddened ass cheeks exposing the puckered rosebud of her asshole and the glistening wetness of her slit. Overcome, he leaned forward to taste her; starting low he allowed his tongue to slip between the folds of her pussy lips, the salty-sweetness of her wetness ambrosia to his tongue. Taking his time he savoured her as he moved up, letting his tongue slip deeply into her slit before licking up towards her rosebud. Pleasantly surprised by the earthy flavour her found he ringed his tongue around her tight little sphincter.

Angie's response to his ministrations was a deep low, nearly growling, groan of pleasure. And as he rimmed her sphincter, her body again rewarded him with waves of energy.

Rising to his feet, he laid his hand against her lower back and she clenched the cheeks of her ass, excitedly anticipating what was to come. His other hand came down across her bare cheek and Angie grunted from the impact before wiggling her butt towards him for another. Jozef did not keep her waiting long and the cheeks of her ass were soon glowing red from the attention, Angie gasping for breath while he found himself sweating from the exertion.

"I can't take any more," he groaned as he leaned tightly against her, his cock rigid and straining uncomfortably against his jeans. She nodded in response.

"Condom in my purse, side pocket," she gasped as she did her best to catch her breath, unconcerned with her exposure as she contented herself with lying across the table waiting.

Jozef spotted the purse on the floor by the door where she had dropped it when this had all started. Grabbing it, he quickly found the condom and freeing himself from his jeans, he slid the latex over his demanding erection. The sight of Angie as she kicked off her shoes, freed one of her legs from the tangle of her jeans and spread herself for him was one of the most erotic and sensual things he'd ever seen and more than enough to maintain his erection.

Her neatly trimmed bush and vagina glistened wetly and he stepped toward her, lining his penis up with the welcoming warmth of her slit. Angie gasped at the thickness of him as he slid inside her, stretching her with his first stroke. Initially, slow and easy strokes allowed Jozef to enjoy the tight pressure of her vagina. Her moans answered every thrust and were music to his ears. As the pleasure took him, he began building up speed, driving harder and deeper into her.

"Wait," she said breathlessly as Jozef pulled out and prepared to plunge back inside her. "Slide out," she instructed.

Jozef was confused, but with all the self-control he could muster, he did as she asked giving her a quizzically confused look. She smiled back at him in reassurance.

"Don't worry," she purred lustfully. "I just want something else."

Reaching back with both hands, she spread her cheeks wide exposing her tight little sphincter, Jozef almost orgasmed on the spot.

"Are you sure?" he asked excitedly.

Angie nodded and closed her eyes. "Just slowly at first, okay?"

Jozef moved forward, the tip of his cock aimed at her tiny rosebud. Between the lubrication on the condom from their earlier fucking and the sheer amount of wetness Angie had created, he hoped he was lubricated enough. She liked pain, but he didn't want to push her past her limits. As a precaution, he slipped his fingers into her sopping wet pussy and transferred some of that moistness to her sphincter by slipping his finger into that tight ring.

"Ohhh, yeah. That's it," she groaned.

Figuring she was as lubricated as he could make her, he pulled his finger from her tight hole and pressed the head of his cock against her ass.

"Mhmm," she encouraged and he pushed. The wetness of the condom allowed the head of his cock to stretch her outer ring and Angie gasped in a combination of excitement and pain.

"More," she begged and Jozef obliged. Inch by inch, he slowly pushed his hard shaft into her ass, marvelling at the tightness around his cock as he filled her. It was all he could do not to explode from the pressure and he found himself desperately thinking about other things as he tried to push off his own climax. Finally, his balls met the cheeks of her ass and he was buried fully inside her.

Angie released a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding and her whole body relaxed. Jozef felt the tightness around his shaft release a bit, reducing the urgency of his pending climax.
Pulling back unhurriedly, Jozef began to gently and slowly fuck Angie's ass. She moaned, clenching and unclenching her muscles as he moved inside her, the effect increasing the pressure against his cock. As they both grew comfortable with the sensations, Jozef found himself beginning to thrust faster and harder, his hands eventually dropping to Angie's hips as he held her close, while allowing him to plunge as deeply into her as possible. She moaned and gasped; with each thrust, her fingers splaying and grasping at the table as he took her. The sensations were simply too intense and Jozef prayed that she was as close to her orgasm as he was.

It turned out that she was even closer and as his balls slapped against her as he plunged deep, a spasm wracked her body as she came. As the tidal wave of energy rolled off her, all her muscles clenched in ecstasy and Jozef lost it completely. Buried deep inside her, buffeted by that wave of energy, he groaned out in passion as his cum pumped from his body. Each spasm of his pumping cock was met with a matching clench from her abused ass, the pressure exquisite as he was drained completely.

"Wow," he whispered as his body processed the energy it had gained from her orgasm and used it to rejuvenate him. His cock gave a little spasm inside the tightness of her and she looked back at him in wonder.

"Already?" she asked.

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