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Dating a Sex Addict Ch. 01

If you had told me when I was fifteen that I could one day date a sex addict, I would have thought it was a dream come true; what could be better than a girlfriend (especially a hot one) who wanted to have sex all the time. However, I would later find out that the reality is not at all what I had imagined. In reality, dating a sex addict is exhausting and stressful.

I met my girlfriend Sarah at work, she was a receptionist at my office and don't get me wrong, she was great. She was a tall redhead with bright, almost orange hair, and pale skin. She had a slim figure with long smooth legs and a firm pert arse. She was quite well spoken and seemed very classy but when I got to know her a bit I realised she had a slightly naughtier side.

We hit it off straight away and went on a few dates before we first had sex and I remember thinking at the time that she was a bit wild in bed. I just assumed it had been a while since she had been with anyone and that she was more horny than usual.

The sex was amazing, she sucked my dick like she was starving and had me on the verge of cumming in a matter of minutes. I didn't want to cum too soon so I stopped her sucking me and licked her sweet pale pussy to two orgasms before fucking her to a third and shooting a huge load of cum inside her. I had barely recovered before she was frantically trying to suck me back to life, and I managed to get it up twice more that night (which I was quite pleased with). She stayed the night and I woke up to see her straddling me and rubbing the head of my cock against her pussy lips, waiting impatiently for me to be hard enough to slip inside her again.

After a long slow morning fuck, we showered and went out for breakfast and then on the way back, she leaned over while I was driving and started to rub my cock through my trousers. To be honest, my cock was actually starting to ache but Sarah was gorgeous and once she got her hand in my trousers, she managed to get me hard once more. I found a secluded spot just off the road and when I parked up, I hadn't even turned the engine off before she was climbing on top of me with her skirt pulled up and frantically trying to get my cock inside her. I managed to blow another load inside her before my tired cock softened and slipped out of her pussy and then I dropped her off home and drove back to mine hoping I had finally satisfied her.

It wasn't long before I realised just how wrong I was. When we saw each other a couple of days later, she was all over me, seemingly desperate to get her clothes off and wrap her thighs around my head so I could eat her pussy. It was only a matter of minutes before she was grinding against my face screaming that she was cumming, and then immediately climbing on top of me to ride me like a bronco. We were at her place this time and as we were lying in her bed, she was casually stroking my cock and rubbing her own pussy when she said she had to tell me something that she didn't think she could hide any longer. What followed was a very strange conversation in which Sarah confided in me that she was a sex addict. It almost seemed like a joke at the time but she was being deadly serious and went on to explain that she was horny all the time and genuinely couldn't help herself. Listening to her describe it I began to realise that it really was an addiction, it was a craving, she couldn't control her behaviour any more than a drug addict or a gambling addict. Maybe I was slightly naive but I really did like Sarah, it wasn't just that she was smoking hot, she was really cool and I wanted to see where this relationship was going, so we agreed that we would keep dating and see how it went.

The next few weeks were interesting to say the least, I think Sarah was relieved that she could be totally open with me about how she was feeling and she also understood that there was no way I could possibly keep up with her sexual appetite. She basically wanted sex 24/7 and I obliged as much as I could but there was a limit to how many times I could get it up in a day, even for a girl as gorgeous as Sarah. I fucked her as often as I could and at other times I would eat out her sweet pussy (which was by far the best I had ever tasted) and finger her to as many orgasms as I could before my fingers cramped up. Even that wasn't enough and she would often masturbate several times and day, sometimes while I was there and sometimes on her own. Even when we were chilling out, just chatting or watching a movie, she would often be fingering herself or shoving a dildo into one of her holes. She had an alarmingly large collection of dildos and vibrators, and I quickly found out what a turn on it was when we were talking on the phone and I could hear either a vibrator buzzing in the background, or her breathing heavily as she fucked herself. What made it weirder is that we usually weren't talking about anything sexual, it wasn't when we were having phone sex (although we did that too) it was when we were just having a normal conversation that she would masturbate the whole time.

I had noticed before we started dating that I never saw Sarah wear trousers at work, she always wore skirts or dresses. At first I thought this was to show off her amazing legs but I later found out that it was mostly so she had easy access to her pussy. No one else at work knew this but a lot of the time, she didn't even wear underwear, it turned her on to know that she could touch her pussy any time just by slipping a hand up her skirt. There were two receptionists who worked part time, with Sarah usually on the morning shift, and she told me that most days she would slip a hand up her skirt and masturbate while she was driving home. Then she would spend much of the day using her various sex toys on herself, often while watching porn. We also watched porn together on quite a few occasions, usually when I was spent and she was lying beside me fucking herself with a rubber cock and trying to get off again and again. She was weirdly keen on gangbang videos and liked to watch girls just getting passed around from guy to guy offering all their holes to anyone who wanted them. There was a part of me that began to worry that this could be a fantasy of hers rather than just something to watch, but I tried not to think about it. We did act out a couple of things we had seen in porn movies though. My favourite was when she would put a particularly large dildo between her legs and fuck herself with it while giving me a blowjob. I can't even describe how sexy it was seeing her on her knees, with her orange hair up in a ponytail swinging around while she bobbed up and down on a big rubber cock waiting for me to spray a load of cum all over her.

We managed to carry on like this for a few months and it was exhausting, but it also made me feel a little insecure; although I understood Sarah's situation, I couldn't help but feel like I wasn't enough for her. Of course the reality is that no one would've been enough for her but that didn't stop the niggling feeling that I just wasn't good enough. Also, her insatiable desire was often really inconvenient, sometimes she was just so uncontrollably horny that she had to have a release no matter where we were or what we were doing. We often had sex in the car at the side of the road; we did it in restaurant bathrooms, in bedrooms at parties, in a broom cupboard at a wedding and around the back of pubs or party venues.

One time, I was working from home and had arranged to be alone all day as I had loads to do and had a really important conference call with several directors from my company. Sarah decided to come over after work anyway as she was horny and wanted me to satisfy her so I managed to take a short break and fuck her doggy style on my sofa. As usual she was still horny after that so she sat naked in the living room bugging me to go to bed with her. I told her she knew I had to work but she wouldn't let up, she was pouting and pulling sexy poses, trying to seduce me. When my conference call started, I told her to be quiet but she acted like it was a game and came over and straddled my lap trying to distract me. I gestured to her to stop but I couldn't move because my headset was plugged into the phone and I couldn't speak because everyone was listening. Eventually, she slinked down between my legs and started blowing me so I let her continue thinking that at least it kept her quiet, but soon she looked up at me and mouthed "I want you to fuck my arse."

I shook my head but she smiled and nodded enthusiastically. Again, I couldn't really stop her (and there was a part of me that didn't want to) so she spun around and eased my dick into her tight arsehole. I had fucked her in the arse many times but I never tired of the sight of her puckered pink hole slowly sliding up and down my dick. I was totally distracted of course so I missed a few things and when I was asked some questions, most of my answers were ill prepared and badly formed, I ended up sounding like an idiot. Even when I had blown my load up her arse, she spent the rest of the time sat on the sofa giggling and moaning softly as she thrust her fingers in and out of both of her holes at the same time.

Despite all this, I really liked Sarah and wanted to see where the relationship was going but I found as it went on, I became more and more insecure. I knew she really liked me too and sometimes when we had sex, she could be very tender and intimate. More often than not though, there was very little emotion involved, she just needed to get fucked. We carried on like this and although part of me loved it, part of me always felt like I wasn't enough. The sex was amazing and I gave her plenty of orgasms, I even helped her improve her deep throat technique since I have a decent seized dick but I couldn't help but think I just wasn't enough. My thoughts were confirmed when one day, she sat me down a little excitedly and said she had an idea; she wanted us to have a threesome with Lila from work...

My initial reaction was total shock, I knew they were close friends and I knew that Lila knew about Sarah's addiction, and that she was dating me, but I had no idea what any of this had to do with Lila. I didn't know she was interested in girls, or if she even was interested in girls. Did she fancy Lila, or did they just want to try something new? Don't get me wrong I was ecstatic at the thought, Lila was one of the hottest girls in our office, possibly even hotter that Sarah. She was thinner than Sarah but just the right side of skinny and she had quite large breasts for her frame. She had shoulder length brown hair and white milky skin but her face and her smile were stunning. Her firm arse was slightly smaller than Sarah's but equally perfect and I had fancied her ever since I started working there but I never dreamed I would even see her in her underwear, let alone have a threesome with her.

I said I would do it, mostly for Sarah's benefit but also a part of me was desperately excited about seeing Lila naked. The girls arranged it and we agreed that Lila would come over that Friday night. For the next couple of days, I didn't know how to act at work, I usually didn't see Sarah much during the day as she was on reception but I worked in the same office as Lila. I started to notice that she was giving me very discreet knowing smiles and almost sauntering around in front of me. Maybe it was my imagination but I was sure I noticed her swaying her hips a bit more as she walked and standing a bit closer to me when we spoke. I couldn't help but picture her perfect body naked and spent most of those two days staring at her instead of working.

When Friday came around, Sarah and I were waiting at her place trying to ignore the desperate tension of excitement. We usually didn't wear a lot of clothes in private anyway as they didn't stay on long, so I was wearing jeans and Sarah was dressed in skimpy panties and a short silky kimono-like dressing gown. It was at that point I realised I had no idea what to expect, was I just supposed to watch Sarah and Lila, did they expect me to join in? I'm sure Sarah would want to fuck me because there was no way she would settle for one person satisfying her when there were two people there. What was Lila expecting though; would she let me do anything with her? Before I could even voice any of my questions, Lila knocked the door and Sarah jumped with excitement and ran to answer it. Lila was a little nervous so we quickly had a drink to settle our nerves but Sarah was keen to get started so we poured one more drink each and went to her bedroom.

Lila and I were clearly a bit hesitant but I don't think I'd ever seen Sarah so excited; as soon as we entered the bedroom, she turned to kiss me and began frantically unfastening my jeans. I helped her push them down my legs, then she pushed me towards a chair in the corner and turned back to Lila. She suddenly slowed a little and gently embraced Lila, moving in close to her and touching their lips together in a gentle kiss. As soon as Lila responded, Sarah took that as a green light and they began to kiss passionately while running their hands over each other's bodies. It occurred to me that this was the first time in real life that I had seen two women kiss each other, especially two gorgeous young hotties that were about to get naked in front of me. Sarah brought her hands up to the straps of Lila's dress and slipped them off her shoulders, and Lila wriggled her body to help the tight garment slide down to her feet.

As she stepped out of it, I got my first glimpse of her flawless body, she was wearing a smallish pair of pink panties that seemed to almost hang around her slim hips, and a pink lacy bra stretched over her firm breasts. They continued to make out and Sarah quickly pulled off her kimono leaving her in just a tiny thong, and then reached around to unclip Lila's bra. She pulled it off and I saw that Lila had amazing little pale pink nipples that jutted out proudly from the soft mounds of flesh. Now that they were both topless, I just sat and watched while they kissed and fondled each other's bare breasts until Sarah shot a look back at me then leaned in and whispered something to Lila. Lila giggled and nodded, and I watched as they both turned their backs to me. For a couple of seconds, I wondered what they were up to until they both bent over at the waist just slightly and then smiled at each other before hooking their fingers in the waistband of their panties and slowly peeling them down their legs. I can't even describe how sexy it was watching my gorgeous girlfriend and my equally gorgeous co-worker peel their underwear off and show me their amazing firm arses.

When they stood back up and turned around, I could see that Lila had a very fine sparse covering of brown hair above her pussy, whereas Sarah had recently shaved her pussy totally bald. My dick was already rock hard so as they resumed kissing and moved towards the bed, I stood up, took my boxers off and sat back down. I almost couldn't believe what was happening as I watched them crawl onto the bed, Sarah on my left and Lila to my right, and continue kissing as they moved their hands down to each other's pussies. They both slipped their fingers inside each other and started groaning as they fingered each other more and more frantically. Within seconds, they were bucking their hips and writhing against each other as Sarah rolled her head back and shouted "oh yes, Lila, right there." She grabbed Lila's hand and writhed against it as she had an intense orgasm.

As she was coming down from her high, she looked at Lila and gasped "are you okay?" Lila smiled and replied "yeah that was amazing, I'm just, you know, this is new." Sarah giggled and said, "that's okay, I know how to relax you".

With that, she crawled down the bed and put Lila's left leg over her shoulder before pushing her face into her pussy. From where I was sitting, I could just see Sarah's gorgeous arse bobbing back and forth ever so slightly and her puffy engorged pussy lips poking through her thighs. Over her shoulder I could see Lila throw her head back and clasp the bed sheet in her hands as she gasped "oh shit! Yes Sarah, oh wow!"

Sarah continued to work on her pussy for a few minutes until I heard Lila shout "wait, are you... Oh fuck! Yes!" I could see Sarah's arm moving so I assumed she was fingering Lila's pussy but then I heard Lila moan and shout "yes, fuck... I can't believe your licking my arse!" Her upper body rose off the bed and she screwed the pillow up in her hands and continued "yes, fuck me, lick my arsehole, that's it, right there. I'm cumming, fuck I'm cumming!"

Lila had a crashing orgasm on Sarah's tongue that left her gasping for breath and before she had even recovered, Sarah clambered up the bed and straddled Lila's right leg, still holding her left leg over her shoulder. She put her knees either side of Lila's leg in a scissor like position so their wet pussies were touching and started to grind them against each other. Both girls moaned and groaned as they wiggled their hips around and within a couple of minutes, they had both screamed through their second orgasms.

At that point, Sarah put Lila's leg down and straddled her body on her hands and knees, then she looked back at me and gasped "okay I need it now, I need your cock." So far my eyes had been glued to the action of these two hotties and I had been watching so intently, I hadn't even thought about joining in but I certainly didn't have to be asked twice. I stood up and marched up behind Sarah as she presented her arse to me, still straddling Lila.

When I pressed my dick up against the lips of my girlfriend's cunt, I found she was as wet as I had ever seen her so I pushed forward and sunk nearly all of the way into her in one go. She practically screamed with delight and buried her head in Lila's neck and then steadied herself on her outstretched arms so I could pound her tight hole while Lila reached up and fondled her breasts. I had always loved the sight of Sarah's tight arse as I pounded my cock into her from behind but now every time she dropped her head, I could see Lila's gorgeous face looking up at me from beneath her. As I was fucking Sarah towards another orgasm, helped by Lila rubbing her clit while I was slamming into her, Sarah was staring straight at Lila and moaning "fuck Lila, his cock feels amazing, it's so big. I love taking it from behind, it goes so deep." By now, my thrusting and Lila's rubbing had got Sarah on the verge of cumming and she was shouting "fuck its big, it's so good, I'm gonna cum again, fuck!"

I slowed down and just held my cock inside her while she breathed heavily and recovered from her orgasm. While she was just gently wiggling her hips back against mine, I heard Lila whisper "that was so hot, um can I... Can I have a go?" It took me a couple of seconds before what she was saying sank in, Lila wanted a turn fucking me. I couldn't believe my luck as I heard Sarah reply "okay, but I get him back before he's finished."

I pulled out of her and leaned back slightly as she rolled off to the side leaving me knelt between Lila's spread open legs looking down at her perfect naked body. She looked so sexy, lying there with her wet pussy inches from my stiff cock and her body spread out waiting for me to take her. I put my arms either side of her torso and lay above her, bringing the head of my dick up to her wet hole, then I smiled and asked if she was ready. She shot a last quick glance to Sarah and replied "yes, I want to feel you inside me."

I slowly pushed down into her and felt the head of my cock slip past her lips into what had to be the tightest pussy I had ever felt. It was warm and wet and felt like it was gripping my cock like a vice. Lila gasped and told me to keep going so I pulled out just a little and pushed in again. Sarah was already frantically fingering herself as she watched intently while I tried to bury my cock inside her friend. It took all my concentration not to shoot my load straight away and to my surprise, I even managed to last long enough to bring Lila to another orgasm. As she was moaning and squeezing her own soft breast, I warned Sarah that I wasn't going to last much longer and she instantly jumped up and straddled Lila again with her knees either side of Lila's body.
I slammed my dick back into my girlfriend's pussy and almost immediately buried it as deep as I could and erupted an enormous load of cum into her young body.

When my dick softened enough to slip out of her, Sarah moved forward to sit straddling Lila just below her breasts and reached a hand back behind her to finger the brunette's freshly fucked pussy. I moved to lay on the bed next to them and watched while Lila began to rub and finger Sarah's pussy and as she pushed her finger in, I saw my cum start to dribble out all over Lila's hand and chest. She pushed her finger further into Sarah's pussy and seemed delighted when a few more dribbles of cum ran out. I watched the look on her face and she seemed to be fascinated by playing with my sticky juice; as she started to react to Sarah pleasuring her pussy, she ran a cum covered finger over her breast and covered her nipple in the slippery fluid. My dick was already rock hard again and I watched as they fingered each other to yet another orgasm.

After that, we took a break and grabbed some more drinks and when we returned to the bedroom, Sarah jumped onto the bed and Lila crawled on top of her in a sixty nine position. I just watched the amazing sight as the two stunning girls licked and sucked each other to another orgasm and realised I had lost count of how many times these two had cum that evening. Finally, Lila spun back around so that she was lying on top of Sarah, face to face, and this time she was the one who looked back at me and moaned "fuck me baby, I need your cock in me, please."

Lila was lying flat on top of Sarah with Sarah's legs spread out to the side so I straddled Lila's legs and parted her arse cheeks. As I found her pussy lips with the head of my cock and pushed down into her, I found that this position seemed to somehow make her pussy even tighter. It was almost a struggle to fuck her but she was so wet I eventually managed to get in nearly all the way.

It wasn't long before Sarah was demanding that I fuck her so I pulled out of Lila's tight cunt and she spread her legs and moved just a couple of inches up Sarah's body. As Sarah's legs were already spread wide, I managed to get my cock between her legs and find her wet hole. I plunged down into her and my stomach pressed against Lila's arse as she waited patiently for it to be her turn again. For as long as I could stop myself from cumming, I moved from one pussy to the other every minute or two, fucking these two beautiful girls as they kissed and stroked each other. Eventually, I could no longer hold out so I pulled out of Sarah's cunt and grabbed Lila's hips, pulling them up just enough to create a small gap between their bodies. I thrust my cock into the gap and let go, spraying a hot load of cum up both of their torsos. As they groaned in pleasure, Lila wriggled her body around a little on top of Sarah, spreading my sticky cum around and covering their soft boobs and stomachs with the gooey mess. I could barely believe my eyes as Lila rolled off Sarah and then Sarah leaned over and began to lick her body clean of my cum.

That night, we all slept at Sarah's place and although I drifted off to sleep contented, I woke several times during the night to movement on the bed and moans and groans from the girls as they pleasured each other. I got to fuck them both again in the morning and as amazing as it was, I couldn't help but feel a little uneasy so I think I took it out on Lila; without asking, I straddled her on the bed and shot a load of cum on her face. After that, there were a few more occasions when the three of us got together but there were far more occasions when Sarah and Lila hooked up without me. Once, I was away on business and later found out that Lila had stayed at Sarah's for the whole three days I was away. I know I should have recognised that Sarah was cheating on me and dealt with it then but somehow, it felt different because it was with a woman. Also, it was so difficult to be mad at Sarah when she was lying naked on top of Lila and begging me to pull her hair while I fuck her in the arse...

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