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8 Days: Day 4 - FTDS

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

My unsolicited sequel to DamonX's story 8 Days.

So far, the deal between Damon and his fiancée Lacey, to act single for a week, has blown up in both of their faces. He's pissed she cheated on the deal, lied to him, and tricked him. His reward for agreeing to the deal was supposed to be her virgin ass, on their honeymoon. On day one of their agreement she let the stripper she chose take her ass, and do lots more she'd always denied her fiancé. Damon sees it all and gets revenge by fucking the one person he's not supposed to, his long time friend Jenna. When Lacey finds out, she decides to go to war, and behave like a total slut for the remainder of their deal.

The war goes Damon's way, as he sabotages her affair, primarily by putting poison ivy in the bed, and adding hot pepper to her lube. She's no longer able to slut around, and wants the deal to end. He just wants her gone. Lacey's best friend convinces him to try to work things out, and guarantees he'll be able to use his free pass, with her if nobody else. He does, and enjoys it. By Day 4, he's had his friend Jenna, her roommate Nikki (and her virgin ass) and Stacy, the maid of honor.

We've also heard a lot of excuses about why she did what she did. Lying about her first time, tricking him into the deal, and giving her ass to the stripper (as well as sucking him off and swallowing, something else Damon never got). He's still not buying it.

There are too damn many intriguing stories that are never completed. If I find a story that's been left hanging for too long, I'll give you my idea of an ending. Fair warning though, I don't write about total wimps. May not be BTB, all nuclear and shit, but no voluntary cucks, or whiny simpering wimps.

For information on how I decide which stories to continue, please check my profile.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Lacey woke me around 6:00 am. She was calling my name out, from the bedroom. She was obviously miserable. I ran her a bath, and sat with her, scrubbing her clean. I changed the water, and had her sit in another tea bath.

"Where were you last night?" she asked warily.

"I came home around 9:00. I'd been over at Cale's. When I got here, you were out of it. Stacy and I had a long talk. I slept on the couch, so I wouldn't disturb you."

She pouted. "I want to end the deal, baby. You were right. It's not good for us. I'm sorry, Ok?"

"What happened to 'going to war'? Being the biggest slut in the world?"

Her face screwed up, not a pretty sight at the moment. I saw the tears in her eyes. "You fucked Jenna! How could you? How can I ever face her again? I know you're not going to give her up, you're going to want to be friends. She'll be around us, at parties, over for dinner. And she'll have that damned smirk. God, that bitch loves to torment me. Rubbing it in how good friends you are. Now she's fucked you, on top of everything else! Gave you everything, even before I could!"

"Only because you broke our deal."

"I didn't! How can you say that! I wouldn't," she whined.

"Virgin ass. It was supposed to be mine, and mine only, Lacey. You just threw it away for a big dick and six-pack abs."

"You should have said something. I thought giving you my ass would be special, a wedding gift. You'd get to have me there."

"It would have been, if you didn't let the idiot have it first. You knew that hurt me, and you went and did it again!"

She shook her head. "You fucked Jenna, Damon. You know how I felt. Anybody but her. I told you that! Anybody! Just not her." She pouted. "I would never do that to you. Never! How would you like it if I had fucked Cale or Jim? Have to see them every day, knowing they'd had me, and I let them do everything? How would that be?"

"Don't blame me! I didn't want any of it, remember? You're the one that wanted to be single for a week. I said no, but then you promised me your virgin ass, so I went along. This wasn't my idea. You just had to have a turn with your big-dicked stripper, didn't you? I wasn't good enough for you. Not buff enough, not enough cock. Fuck, I hope you're happy with him."

I got up, and she grabbed at my hand. "Please, Damon. Let's end it before it gets any worse. I was wrong, Ok? Is that what you want to hear? I fucked up. You did too. Let's stop."

"I gotta get ready for work," I told her.

She sagged into the tub. "Think about it, alright? I love you."

~ * ~ * ~

Work wasn't bad. A two hour 'funch' break with Jenna was good. Very good. She was in a playful mood, and loved hearing about me and Stacy. "Don't get soft with Barbie. She lied and fucked around on you. She's not worthy of you, and proved it. She'll have a million excuses, but she gave her ass to her stripper. She planned the whole thing. A week before your wedding and she just had to fuck around. What a fucking slut!"

She lubed up her ass, and insisted I take it for a ride. She grabbed one of her toys out of her drawer, and DP'd herself, grinding a fat dildo up her pussy, while I reamed her good. I was getting spoiled, and I loved it.

I was lying beside her, while she played with my cock, looking for a little life. "Dump her, Damon. Dump her, and we'll set up a play-date with Nikki. Two girls. I bet you'd love that. Six holes for the taking." She giggled. "Might have to make an all-nighter out of it."

She climbed on top of me, giving me a big wet kiss. "We're going to have so much fun. Best friends and fuck-buddies. Does it get much better that that? I'm going to ride that fat cock raw!"

I accepted her hugs and kiss, playing with her tight little butt. But I couldn't help thinking I wanted more than that. More than fuck-buddies. I wanted happily ever after, but it looked like that wasn't in the cards.

~ * ~ * ~

Cale called me at work. "Everything's in place. Looks like your girl went to the doctor. They were out for a couple of hours. Gave us plenty of time. Video, audio, the works."

"Perfect. I appreciate it. Tell Fred thanks, I owe him one."

"Maybe you could hook him up with one of those brides-maids. Choice meat."

I laughed. "High maintenance. I'm not sure that would be much of a favor."

"How did last night work out?"

"Incredible. Stacy's an animal. Wild and wicked."

"Better than plain vanilla Lacey?"

"Oh, God. No comparison. At least not the Lacey I know. The whore that fucked that stripper looked like she'd be fun to play with. Guess I'll never find out."

"You gonna try to nail another of her friends?" Cale asked.

"I'm not sure, to be honest. Another ride with Stace would be incredible. I...I'm having mixed feelings about the whole thing."

"No shit. I said you were an idiot for agreeing to the deal. With a woman that looks like that? She must turn away a dozen offers a day."

"Does she? Turn them away?"

"Dude. Don't go there. She might have fucked up, but you don't really think she was cheating on you before, do you? She might be a stuck-up bitch, but none of us ever thought she didn't love you. Damn, half the time she had that puppy dog look. I can only imagine a woman like that looking at me the way she looked at you. Naw, I don't believe it. You gave her a free pass, and she abused it. Don't look at it as more than that. You'd only be lying to yourself."

~ * ~ * ~

I got home late after stopping for a beer. I'll admit it, I was confused. Still pissed off as hell. A cougar sat beside me, and I bought her a beer. I chatted her up. I had no doubt I could have had her if I wanted, all the signs were there.

But I didn't want to. I was almost ashamed. Maybe I should turn in my man card.

It was after 7:00, and I was surprised to see that Lacey was up and around, even cooking dinner. She acted bizarrely normal. "Hope you're hungry," she said.

"Starving. Let me change, and I'll be out in a bit."

I stripped down to shorts and a t-shirt, and joined her in the kitchen. "Smells delicious." I reached around her waist for a hug, gently. "How are you feeling?"

"Much better. Doctor gave me some, uh, pred-something. Said it looked like poison ivy. When I told her about the sheets, she gave me grief. Told me I should always wash everything new before using it. I feel like such a dunce."

"Those are the biggest meatballs I've ever seen," I teased.

"Too much TV. I was watching a show and decided to give it a try." She lifted one up out of the sauce. About as big as a racquetball. Huge. She grinned. "Talk about torture. Seeing these? All I can think about is my special man."

Yeah, I bet. I'm sure Brett would love to hear it.

She must have felt the vibe I was giving off. "Can we talk, honey? Really talk? I don't think we have once since I got that stupid idea in my head."

"Of course," I said.

"After dinner. The spaghetti will be done in just a minute."

We ate an amiable meal, both of us avoiding our issues. I helped her clear and wash the dishes, then she took me by the hand and led me to our bedroom. "I'm starting to itch. My forearm and the back of my thigh. Can you help me?"

"Another bath?"

"Some lotion should do, I think. I got a prescription."

She put down a sheet on the bed, and stripped naked. She was looking better, the swelling around her face was almost gone. Instead of one huge red swollen mess, now you could see patches of rash. I took the cotton balls and cleaned each area with a little rubbing alcohol. Afterward, I applied the ointment, carefully, using my finger.

"Don't get it on you," she said nervously.

"I'll wash my hands afterward. I'm wiping my finger with the rubbing alcohol after each area, so I won't spread it. I'll be careful."

I had been at it for about 5 minutes.

"I had a long talk with Stacy," she said softly.

I nodded.

"Is she right? Are you ready to dump me? Now, on the eve of our wedding, after more than a year?"

I sighed, dabbing her gently. "I don't see much future for us. I don't trust you anymore."

"Because I lied about that first night with Brett? When I said I had no plans? I swear, I didn't. Not for that night—"

"It's not just one thing. It was everything. You blew that bastard at your party. Lied to me about why you wanted your week of being single. Lied about saving your virgin ass for me. Lied about your plans that night. You wanted to be able to fuck around, but you didn't want me with Jenna, or any of the people I know. It's just too much, as a whole. Never mind the shock of seeing how you'd totally give yourself to that asshole, act like such a wanton slut, when you'd never do any of that for me. You gave him your ass, sucked his cock. I never got any of that, but some stripper off the street did."

She sighed. "We see things so differently. It is a problem. I was angry, furious, that you'd break the one rule I'd asked for, but I never thought it would mean the end of us. I love you too much, and thought you loved me."

"Your one rule. The one you added, after we had a deal. After you had already lined up your gorgeous big-dick fuck God, then you say, 'Oh yeah, you can't have Jenna'. I still wouldn't have, if you could have stuck with our deal." I was irritated that she kept throwing Jenna in my face. She broke the rules first!

"You know, I could have overlooked the trickery, the deceit. Setting me up so you could have your lover. I could even overlook the slutty behavior with him. Begging him to use you, to treat you like a whore. But you promised me! You know I wanted your ass, and for a year you denied me. Then you made that promise to me. On our honeymoon, I'd get your virgin ass. One part of you that would be mine and mine only. Nobody else, ever. You lured me into your hateful deal with that promise. I agreed to let you experiment, see other men, as much as I detested the idea, because of that promise. And you gave it to him."

She had tears rolling down her cheeks. "No, baby. I didn't promise you I'd save it for you. That was part of the whole plan. To get me used to it, so it wouldn't be miserable our first time. I wanted it to be incredible. My gift to you."

"You did, Lacey. You promised me anything. And then you whispered in my ear that I would get to, and I quote, ''."

I sat back, having finished her front. "Flip over."

She turned over, and I started another coat.

"I...I think it was a simple case of misunderstanding. Can you believe that? I thought you wanted my ass. I was eager to give it to you. I was. I...I might have said virgin, because it was, at the time. I didn't understand that it meant that much to you. I figured you wanted my ass, not the fact that nobody had been there. You don't seem to mind that you weren't the first in my mouth or in my pussy. It's not like it would be your first time doing a girl in the butt. I didn't know. I wanted the experience, for us. I was afraid it would be bad, otherwise."

"Experience? You could have used a dildo for practice. Not some bastard with a cock bigger than mine. Bragging about stretching you out. Promising him he'd keep getting it, long after the wedding."

She rose up on her elbows, staring at me. "I never promised him that. I wouldn't!"

"How did you put it? 'You wouldn't mind fucking a married woman?' In your husband's bed, stretching your holes out for him? Giving away what you promised to your cucky-fiance?"

"You were listening!" she shrieked.

"Taping it. I didn't trust you, after all the lying. I had a recorder right over there on the dresser. For obvious reasons, don't you think? Setting up cheat dates for after the wedding, with your big-dick lover?"

Lacey shook her head. "I was just teasing him. He was the one talking about getting together later. I never agreed. I wouldn't. I didn't want him to get mad so I just teased him and went along."

"Sure, I understand. Wouldn't want loverboy mad. Piss off your husband-to-be, your 'cuck' as you so nicely put it, that's fine. It's not like I matter. As long as the owner of the big dick is happy."

She dropped back onto the bed, angry. "Couldn't you give me the benefit of the doubt once? Just once? Don't always assume the worst of me."

"I gave you the benefit of the doubt from the very beginning. I went along with your asinine idea, trusting you, counting on you not to destroy everything. I was wrong."

"So I guess you know what a wonderful time I had with Mr. Big Dick, yesterday. Enjoy the film?" she sneered.

"I hated it. If I was there, I would have killed him and taken my chance with jail. Why didn't you get rid of the asshole? Was getting more of his cock that important to you? There are other big cocks out there you know."

"I made my bed, I had to sleep in it."

"Not much sleeping going on," I said.

"What do you care anyway? Why are we even talking? You're just going to dump me for your little tomboy whore."

"If I didn't care, would I even be here?"

She barked a harsh little laugh. "No. You're not here because you care. You're here because Stacy bribed you. That's all. I don't need your pity. If you don't want me, I'm certain there are plenty of guys around who do."

"Sure. Lots of them. Guys like loverboy. Go for it." I slapped her ass. "All done. I'm out of here."

"Where are you going?"

"What do you care? Have you once cared about me since you got that wild hair up your ass for big dick?"

"STOP IT! I didn't care about the size of his dick!" she screamed.

"You're a fucking liar. You loved it. Sucked him like you were desperate for it. How come I never got any of that? You acted like you were being tortured the few times you took me in your mouth. You loved the asshole's big dick. I heard you. You told him so. Told him you could never go back to my little dick after having him."

She started crying hard. "Just go, Ok? Go fuck some little floozy. Leave me alone."

I stopped at the doorway, on my way out. "You know what the worst part is? I loved you. It couldn't hurt this badly if I didn't."

I closed the door behind me and went to the living room to call Stacy.

~ * ~ * ~

"We can't do it here," she said. "Your place is out of the question?"

"I wouldn't mind. I don't think Lacey would appreciate it, but if you don't care, I don't."

"Shit," she mumbled. "Any ideas? Can we get a room somewhere?"

"Let me check around; I'll get back to you, Ok?"

A call to Cale didn't help, but he suggested Eric, who worked evenings.

"The place is a mess, but if it doesn't bother you, go for it. The guestroom bed is made. Just clean up after, is all I ask," he laughed.

He was right, the place was a mess. Took a few minutes to clear off the guest bed. Stacy opened the bed, looking at it nervously. "You don't suppose he has some spare clean sheets, do you?"

Ten minutes later we'd found them and changed the bed. She was giggling. "I feel like a damn high-schooler, sneaking around."

She didn't look like a high-schooler. I helped her undress, and we climbed in the bed. Things were definitely a little weird.

"Awkward?" I asked.

She nodded. "I told her."

"I know." I held my arms out to her, and she came into them. I hugged her close.

"Can we talk a bit?" she asked.

"Of course."

"I take it things didn't go well with Lacey?"

"Not so much. We just don't see things the same. She thinks she did nothing wrong, she's just misunderstood. We didn't communicate well. She always planned on giving away her ass, the whole virgin promise didn't matter. Sucking him like she'd never sucked me didn't matter. Saying she'd fuck him after we were married, insulting me, making fun of me. None of it matters. Damn it! It matters to me."

"Is it over, then?"

"I don't know. Looking less and less likely it's going to work out. Too many lies, deceits. I guess I've got a fragile ego. I need to be first, if I'm going to make her my wife. In bed, I come second to asshole in every way."

Stacy pouted, while I toyed with her nipple. Nice tits on the girl. "When we talked, she really seemed like she wanted to make things right. Work it out. I thought she understood. I told her your issues."

"Maybe she does. I don't know. Even if she does want to work things out, I don't see how. I don't trust her, and I'll be forever pissed that I get treated like a leper in bed, and she's a total slut for that asshole." I sighed. "I've been with four different women in the last week. Just guess who's the worst in bed, by a long shot."

She grinned, reached down and grabbed my nuts. "I know who it better not be," she chuckled.

"No, Stace. I already told you, you're nothing but amazing."

"And that was on a couch. Now we've got a whole bed to work with."

"I thought the couch was your specialty," I told her with a little kiss.

"Improvising is my specialty. Wanna start?"

For Stacy, improvising included a surprising number of creative positions. Lying with her head hanging off the side of the bed, mouth open wide, allowing me to fuck her face, was a nice start. Bending almost in two, her ass and pussy pointed straight at the ceiling, allowing me the easiest of access, was something new and exciting, if a little acrobatic. She lowered herself, while I pounded her tight little pussy. I guess the stress of the position was getting to her.

"You know, stud, I have two holes open down there, no waiting."

She laughed when I pulled out of her pussy in a rush, while she spread her cheeks. "Be gentle, Ok? I would usually ask you to lube me up, but I'm kind of scared of anything we'd find here."

I used her own copious juices and my fingers to get started. Lathered up my cock in her wet pussy, and introduced him to his new home. She was tight. Tighter than Jenna, tighter than Nikki, although to be fair, we'd taken our time opening her up and getting her ready. Stacy groaned as I entered her, but asked for no mercy. I worked my way in, and was soon filling her with the entire length.
"Damn, big guy. Slow and easy for a while, alright?" she pleaded, when I started pounding her.

It was hard to resist taking her hard, but I dialed it back, until she appeared to be taking it well. "Ok?" I asked.

"Perfect. Now you can fuck it," she said.

I pounded her ass, hammered it, and she eked out a lot of groans and gasps, but her fingers traveled down to her little pleasure button, working it over, while I took her. "God, you have a sweet ass," I groaned, as I felt the end approaching.

She didn't answer, moaning sweetly.

She cried out, and I felt her sweet orgasm as her ass pulsed around my cock. I groaned in harmony, as I pumped her full, slamming my cock home and enjoying the sweet release.

We collapsed on the bed together. She looked well used. Worn out. I don't know if I'd ever been with such an energetic lover. I left her there, washing up in the bathroom, before returning with a warm, wet washcloth, and cleaning her.

She giggled. "Well aren't you the gentleman?"

"Seems like the least a man could do for his lady."

I lay down beside her and she rolled over into my arms. "I'm not your lady, stud. Lacey is. I'm just here paying her debt."

"It doesn't work that way, beautiful. This isn't some debt. It's betrayal, plain and simple."

She cuddled in close, kissing me softly. "I thought we were past that, Damon. There's nothing plain and simple about it. A series of stupid mistakes, but she never meant to hurt you."

"I know you want me to believe that, but the lies! So damn many lies."

"I don't suppose you have any fault in this? Nothing you're ashamed of? No mistakes on your part?"

She had me there. I was feeling bad about the condition Lacey was in. Yeah I wanted to interfere with her screwing around, but I certainly never meant for it to be as bad as it was. Hadn't thought that one out.

"She got one good fuck, and one pretty miserable one. How're you doing so far? How many girls have you had? Including your best friend, and hers? Doesn't it balance?"

"It's not about balance. It's about trust and respect. She couldn't respect me, to do what she did, and I don't think I'll ever be able to trust her again. Trust her intentions, her words, even her actions. How am I supposed to compete with loverboy? My dick's not going to grow two inches longer overnight."

She kissed me softly, rubbing the subject of my latest concern. "Foolish man. There's no competition, trust me. You're a hell of a lover. Who do you think she'd choose, right now?"

"I saw her, Shelly. She's never responded to me like that. Never. I can't forget that. The memory won't go away."

"Maybe you can learn from it. Learn what she likes," Shelly argued.

"Learn? She would never let me do the things he did. She acted like sucking me was a disgusting thing, while she adored his cock, making love to it, begging for it, taking it down her throat. She never let me near her ass, but she practically insisted he fuck hers, pleading for him to come in her ass. Once, once, I teasingly called her a slut in bed. I was cut off and slept on the couch. He called her every name in the book and she begged for more, telling him to slap her around, insult her. I squeezed her nipple to hard once, and she bit my head off. He slapped her face. She told him to do whatever he wanted, use her, but I get one bit out of line with what she allows me, and I never hear the end of it. Yeah, I learned alright. I learned she's a whore and a slut, just not for me."

"But she wants to be, Damon, don't you see? She wants to be everything for you. She's just too embarrassed and ashamed to let go with you. Afraid you'll think less of her. I swear, she was doing this to break down her own barriers for you. We talked about it. A lot. She knows she's, well, limited in bed. She doesn't want to be. Not with you."

"Words, Shelly. All I hear is words. The memories of how she is with me, and the images in my brain trump those words a thousand times over. I know what I saw. She loved it. Loved every fucking minute of it. Set it all up, through lies and trickery. Fucked that bastard in our bed. My bed, and laughed about it. Did all the things she never would do for me, and loved it. Can't you understand how badly that hurts?"

Shelly climbed on top of me, her lips tattooing my face. "I know, Damon. She meant well. Think about it. If it worked, the woman on your honeymoon would have been an animal for you, and if you hadn't walked in on her, all you'd ever know is that she was yours totally. Finally." She slid down the bed, and started playing with my cock. "You hurt her worse, you know. Fucking Jenna. Her arch enemy, the one person she knew had a part of you that she'd never have, and you had to choose her, when you knew how much that would hurt. She's pissed at me, but she'll get over it. But Jenna, Damon?"

"She didn't leave me any choice," I argued.

"Bullshit. There are dozens of women out there-"

"Who she warned off from having anything to do with me."

"-dozens, who'd happily give you a tumble. Many just to spite Lacey. It's not like she hasn't pissed off a few people. You're a good looking guy. Hit any bar, and I'm sure you could find someone to spend some time with, it you weren't too damn picky."

"I never agreed not to do Jenna. She added that little bit after the fact."

Stacy's hand and teasing lips were starting to get a response. "You both were kind of stupid, if you don't mind my saying. You should have talked it out, discussed your concerns, make sure you agreed on what your limitations were. You didn't want her giving up her ass. She didn't want you screwing around with people who would be part of your lives afterward. You didn't want her doing it in your bed, she didn't want you spying on her, knowing what she did."

"I didn't spy on her, damn it! She told me she wouldn't be doing anything that evening, and I went home to my house, where I have every right to be, and found her giving herself completely to that asshole, in my fucking bedroom, on my fucking bed. Can you imagine anything more disrespectful?"

"Where was she supposed to do it, Damon?"

"Are you fucking kidding me? Anywhere else. I don't care. The fucker was bragging about it, fucking her in my bed. She was telling him how much she loved it too, how it turned her on, the lying, deceitful slut. Now I've gotta fucking burn that bed. Like I could ever sleep in it again, without having nightmares, remembering the slut she was, where she betrayed me."

Stacy sighed. "Like I said, you should have talked it out. You both expect the other to be mind readers."

"Mind reader? Really? There's not a man alive who would put up with his woman taking a stranger into his bed. It's the ultimate insult. It means you don't care, you have no respect for them, you think nothing of the supposed intimacy between you. That was almost as bad as the lying and giving away her ass!"

She was having a difficult time getting me hard, but give her credit for being persistent. "Try to forgive each other. You've both done terrible things to your relationship."

"It was all her idea."

"I know. That's why I'm here, with you. Your toy. She screwed up worse, I think we can all agree to that. Not out of cruelty or spite, but because of miscommunication. Still, she messed up, and I'm more than willing to help pay the price. Isn't that worth something, Damon? I'm not a slut, I don't fuck around, but I'm willing to do anything for you, if you'll just keep trying."

"Obviously, it's worth a lot. She'd be gone otherwise. At least we're still talking. Sort of." I pulled her close. "Can we stop talking about it for a bit. It's killing the mood."

She gave my limp dick a squeeze. "I noticed. Let me see if I can help."

I sat back and thought about who I wanted next, while Stacy did a pretty good job of getting my mind off Lacey. It didn't take as long as I was afraid it would. She was sucking on my very hard cock, and looked up. "Where do you want it to go?"

"Where it belongs. Inside that delightful pussy of yours."

She straddled me, and was off to the races. "I figured you'd go for the butt again. I don't mind if that's what you really want. Isn't that what this is all about?"

I was ready to give up. "No. Hell no! Do I like that? Sure. Not better. It was all about the idea that it would be the one thing that was mine and only mine. I couldn't be her first in anything else, but that? Her ass would be only for me. Something she saved for me. Not thrown away to some big dick asshole off the street. Don't you get it?"

I got up and pushed her away, my cock wilting, thinking about her with him. "Never mind, Stacy. This isn't working. I appreciate the effort. Let me take you back to your car."

She looked angry, her face red. "So that's it? You fuck me, then get irritated and toss me aside?"

I was tired of arguing. I pulled the sheets off the bed, the old and most recent sets, and she followed me to the laundry room. "I'm starting to think you're not worth the effort," she snapped. "I'm trying here, but you just don't want to give at all. No compromise, nothing. It has to be Damon's way or the highway."

When I didn't respond, she got nasty. "Maybe she needed a better lover. You ever think of that? Someone a little less selfish. All you care about is what you want. Not what she wants."

I tried to ignore her, starting the washing machine, and heading back to the bedroom to get dressed. "What the fuck is wrong with you, Damon! She loves you. Why do you have to be such an ass about everything? So she got laid. Big deal. You don't get to be the first in her ass. Well, boo-hoo. Most guys never even get any. At least you'll get hers."

"Get dressed. I'm leaving in two minutes. Or I can leave you here, if you prefer." I was trying to contain my anger. I was.

"Fuck you, Damon! You don't get to treat me like this! I'm not one of your whores!"

I finished tying my shoes. I walked into the kitchen and she was still yelling at me. "This is your problem you know. You don't want to talk about it. Can't communicate. Just whine when things don't go exactly how you wanted. You made a deal, damn it!"

I finished writing my thank you note, and tucked it, along with a $20 under a refrigerator magnet. "Time's up. I'm leaving."

"We're not leaving until I've had my say!"

"Jesus, you're as stupid as she is. Say hi to Eric when he gets home." I opened the door, ignoring her shrieking. I was pulling out of the driveway, when she ran out, naked, clutching her clothing. I put the car in park, let her get in, went back and closed the door she'd left wide open.

"You'd have left me! I can't believe you! What an asshole." she snapped, trying to pull her panties on.

I stopped the car in the middle of the road. "Get out, you stupid bitch."

She sneered at me. "I'm not going anywhere."

"If you don't get out, I swear I'll take those damn clothes away, take you downtown, and throw you out, naked."

She stared at me, her eyes wide open.

"Now!" I yelled at her.

She leaned back in her chair, as far away from me as possible. "H... how am I supposed to get home?"

"Do I look like I give a damn? You just had to be a complete bitch. You couldn't let it go, had to keep hammering at me. You're just like her, think you can do anything you want without any consequences. Life doesn't work like that. Everything you do has consequences. Hers means she doesn't get me. We're done. Yours is, I don't give a fuck about you. Not after that tirade. Just get out, before I throw you out."

"Please," she whined.

"Too fucking late. NOW!"

She opened the door, and climbed out, wearing only panties, clutching her clothing to her chest.

I squealed the tires, pulling away. I looked in the rear-view mirror, and she was sitting on the curb, crying. Boo-fucking-hoo.

Damn it. She just had to piss me off! I backed the car up half a block, and pulled up beside her. Rolled down the window. "You have a phone, you know."

She looked up at me, tears running down her face. "Just leave me alone, alright?"

I sighed. Put it in park. Walked around the car, and opened the door. "Let's go. I'm sorry. I'm not in a great mood right now, and didn't need you shitting on me like that. I'll drive you back to your place, but you've gotta leave me alone. I can't take it. Not after the week I've had."

She got in the car, sullenly, and tried to ignore me. That was just fine, as far as I was concerned.

We were almost there, when she started to get dressed. "You're gonna do it, aren't you? You're gonna dump her."

"Can't think of a single reason not to. The only thing I keep hearing is she loves me and it was a mistake. Or a lot of mistakes. Everything she does indicates the opposite. She doesn't love me. Not even close. I'm not looking forward to a lifetime of mistakes from her, not like the ones I've had to put up with."

I was just pulling up to her place, while she was getting her shoes on. "So I wasted my time fucking you. There never was a chance, was there?"

How wonderful. I was a 'fucking' waste of time. "You gained her a couple of days. There was a chance, but she blew that up today. Every time I gave her a new one, she threw it in my face. I asked her to end it, the day after she destroyed everything, and she refused. This isn't on me. I tried. She's the slut who betrayed me in every way she could think of." I looked over at her. "You were a good friend. You made twice the effort she did. And you're a 10 times better lover. I'm sorry I blew up. I... I just don't need any crap right now. No more insults, no more humiliation."

"You're making a mistake," she said, opening the door.

"Maybe. I just think making Lacey a permanent part of my life would be a bigger one. I'm sorry that fucking me was a waste of your time. I promise you, I won't waste any more of it. Goodnight, Stacy."

~ * ~ * ~

It felt good to know that I'd made my decision. I drove home, confident in what I was doing for the first time in several days. Entering the house, I was surprised to see Lacey seated on the couch, wine bottle in front of her, glass in her hand. She was wearing a robe, and I could see the evidence of her calamine lotion on her face and neck, and on the exposed part of her legs. I felt a little guilty. I should have just ended it after her first night betrayal. None of the rest of this would have been necessary.

"I spoke with Stacy," she said calmly. She pointed to the glass of wine on the coffee table to her side.

Why not? It was as good a time as any. "That was quick."

"It's over, I guess."

I sat down and picked up the wine glass. "Yes."

"Nothing I can say to change your mind?"

"I think we've both said enough. I'm sorry. I should have said no to your plan up front."

"No. I can't let you take the blame. It was my foolish idea. I thought we were strong enough, but I was wrong. I'm sorry I hurt you. That was never my intention."

"What was your intention, Lacey? And please don't tell me it was to help us." I know I should have shut up and let it go, but I couldn't help myself.

She sighed, leaning back and crossing her legs. "Nerves, I think. I'm trying to figure it out myself. I was going to be with one man, the rest of my life. I knew I hadn't done much, plain vanilla sex life. The girls made sure I knew that. I figured one last blast, a chance to let go for once. Honestly, I did believe it would help us, but that wasn't why I did it. It was how I justified it to myself."

She took another sip. "Why Jenna, Damon? You had to know how badly that would hurt me. It was the only thing I asked you not to do, and it was the first thing you did."

"I was so angry. Seeing you in my bed, my bed, Lacey. Doing all the things you denied me. Letting him, hell asking him to call you names. The one time I did it, I was banished to the couch, and cut off for a week. How do you think that made me feel? Seeing you beg him to take your ass, telling him it was his, he owned it, when it was supposed to be mine. Only mine. Watching you with him, was like getting stabbed in the heart over and over again. It was as if you knew I was there, and was trying everything in your power to destroy me. After about the 20th knife wound, I was absolutely dead inside. So I went to my friend, and she helped me get over the pain. Yes, I did it out of revenge, after seeing what a horrible person you were. Lying to me about your evening, doing it in our bed, laughing at me while you did it. Giving him your ass that you'd promised me, that was just the last straw."

"You weren't supposed to know. If you weren't there, none of it would have mattered. None of it. I didn't understand the value you place on being in my butt first, but you wouldn't even have known."

"Maybe you're right. If you hadn't chosen to humiliate me by doing it in our bed, it's possible you could have gotten away with all of it. The lies, the deception, giving away what you promised me." She looked calm, but I saw her hand was trembling. "Why our bed? Why would you do that? And then to hear him laugh at me, how he was getting off on that. You just had to tell him you liked it too. How it excited you, fucking him in your fiancées bed. That broke my heart, Lacey."

"It was foolish of me. I...I was nervous. It was convenient. He was already here, and to leave and go someplace else didn't make sense. I felt safe here, in our home. I knew if anything went wrong, you'd eventually come home, and could protect me, take care of me. I had my phone by the bed, read to press speed dial if it got ugly. That was the only reason. Stupid, I guess. I felt safe here. Safe in our home, our bed."

"Why lie about it? You could have told me you had a date. We'd agreed to it. Why the deceit? Tricking me. I know you sucked his cock the night before, at your party. I take it you worked out your deal then?"

"No, baby. I didn't. I was a little bad. Bachelorette party bad. There were strippers there, and I had on my bride-to-be outfit. I got a lot of attention. Guys shaking their junk in my face. The girls kept pressuring me so I put my hand on one, stroking it a few times. Later, the idiot came by. I was drunk, he looked great. He put whipped cream on his big thing, and eventually I licked some of it off. That was it. No sucking. I don't care what anyone else says. That was it."

"I saw his card in your purse, when I went to get the gum. I knew it then. He was who you were going to do."

She nodded. "I wasn't sure yet, but he seemed like a good candidate. Yes, I let him give me his card. I figured a guy like that had to have a lot of experience. I could let loose for once, do some of the things I was afraid of doing, too embarrassed to do with someone I loved, who might judge me, think I was a slut. I wasn't planning anything for sure. He called me. Said he was in the neighborhood. When he told me he was coming over, that he knew you were out for the night, I...I couldn't say no. I knew it was mistake, as soon as I was off the phone with him. That wasn't the plan."

"Then why did you do it?" I asked, exasperated.

She shook her head slowly. "It all sounds so stupid now. In retrospect. If you hadn't have seen me, who knows? But you did, and it all seems idiotic." She took a quick sip of courage. "I wanted you to think it didn't matter, that I might not even do it. I was never going to advertise it. I'd sneak it in during the day when you were at work. Trivialize it. If you asked me point blank, I'd lie. I'd say, yeah, I tried it. It was a mistake. I only needed you, which was the truth. So now you know. That was my flawed thinking. Do it, but keep it quiet, hidden, discrete, and never make a big deal out of it." She laughed bitterly. "Fucking huge mistake."
"Not so discrete the next day, were you?" I reminded her.

She shook her head. "You fucked Jenna. The only thing I couldn't take. I didn't know you'd seen me. As far as you were concerned, I stayed at home, and you went out, saw some strippers, then spent the night with the one woman I can't compete with. Who would always be able to hold that over my head. I'd have to see her over the years, knowing she'd been with you, while you were supposed to be mine. I lost it. That's all I could think about. I was so hurt, humiliated. I...I guess I know how you felt."

"But I told you! Told you what I'd seen, how you'd hurt me, how you broke our agreement."

"Too late. I was already off the deep end. I was going to get my revenge. You fucked Jenna, so I was going to do everyone I could, and rub it in your face." She shook her head. "Jenna, Damon? Didn't you understand? It couldn't be our friends, people we knew. It had to be strangers. Not someone that would constantly remind us of what we'd done."

"No, I didn't understand. You never mentioned any of that, except Jenna, and her after the fact. Look at it from my point of view. You've just told me you're going to have sex with other people. You're gorgeous, sexy, you can get any man you want. Who am I going to get? Women don't leap into my lap. If I was going to have any chance of getting laid at all, while you were getting it, God, who knows? Five, ten times a day or more. If I was going to get any, it had to be people I knew, I had a relationship with. You can walk into a bar, point out three men, take them home and fuck their brains out. I could spend the whole night pursuing one woman, lucky if I got a phone number."

"Then why'd you take the deal?"

"Because you wanted it, and I was going to have that one thing that made it all worthwhile. You might get your last week of fooling around, but when it was over, you'd come back to me, and share the part of you that none of them ever got. Saving that one thing for me, and only me. That was why I agreed. You told me I'd get your virgin ass, you'd save it for only me, so I said yes."

She sighed, emptying the bottle of wine in her glass. "Stacy's right. We did a lousy job of communicating. I can take the blame for that, I guess. It was my idea and I rushed it through. We should have sat down the next morning, talked it over, laid out the ground rules. Maybe we could have avoided all of this. Hindsight's 20-20. What now?"

"I...I was really pissed. For a while there, I wanted to let you believe I was going through with it, and leave you at the altar. That's how angry I was. We should call it all off, get back any money we can. You can stay here until you find a place. You can have the master bedroom, I could never sleep there again, in that bed."

She looked puzzled. "The whole bed thing, it matters that much to you?"

I sighed, emotionally beaten. "Go to bed, Lacey. If you can't even understand that, I'm just talking to a wall. It never would have worked anyway. Better we find out now, than a couple of years from now."

"Please, Damon. I don't understand. But I need to. I've ruined my life. I'm not a child anymore. I can't do this again, go through this. Why is the bed so important?"

"It's where we're most intimate. Our bedroom is our private space. The bed, is where we retreat from the world, where we're completely vulnerable to each other. In our sleep we're helpless. It's where we trust each other, love each other, hold each other, talk about our hopes, our dreams. Where you give yourself to me so completely. To fuck a woman in another man's bed is the ultimate insult. You're taking everything he holds precious, and desecrating it. Why the hell do you think that bastard was getting off on the idea of doing you in our bed? And you just went along, laughing while he cuckolded me."

"It's just a bed, Damon. We can always get another."

"And you're just a woman. I'll be getting another. Neither should matter to me, right?"

She stood. "Maybe you're right. I don't understand. We're too different." She leaned over me and kissed me on the cheek. "I love you. I wish it never had happened. I'd make it up if I could. Can we stay friends?"

I nodded, trying to hold back the tears. I loved her too. But even hearing her explanations, I couldn't get the images of her betrayal out of my mind.

She disappeared into the bedroom, and I made up the couch. I'd shop for a bed the next day.

~ * ~ * ~

I woke to pleasure, which quickly turned to anger. Lacey was giving me a blowjob.

I sat up, yanking away from her. "Don't."

"Please, Damon. Let me do this one thing for you."

"Why? You never wanted to do it before. It disgusted you. I had to practically beg to ever feel your mouth on me. You did it for him easily enough. Begged him for it. Like I begged you, but with a lot less success."

She had tears in her eyes. "I wanted to. I was ashamed. Ashamed and embarrassed. Good girls don't do that. I didn't want you to think I was some kind of slut. Well, now you know I am. I went through what I did, so I could do this for you. I swear that much of it's true. I wanted to be better for you. Let me give you this. We don't owe each other anything anymore. I...I should have done this long ago. I was determined to suck you off, in my wedding dress, in the limo after we were married. I'm never going to get that chance, so this is it. Please?"

"Why? Why now?" I asked.

She scooted over on her knees, taking my hard cock in her hand. "I hate that I denied you those things. You're right. I could have done them with you, all of them. I should have confided in you, trusted you. I need to do this. It won't mean anything, I swear. Don't turn me away."

She slowly lowered her head, watching me, taking me in her mouth. She sucked me carefully, like I might break. Nothing like the way she eagerly took that bastard down her throat, letting him use her. I felt myself wilting.

She looked up at me. "Do I disgust you that much?"

"I keep seeing you with him. Wild, loving it, letting him fuck your face, taking him down your throat."

She stroked my cock. "Don't think of him. Don't think of me. Close your eyes, and let me blow you. Think of anything else. Stacy, even Jenna if you have to. Please, try."

I closed my eyes, and thought about Stacy's first blowjob, in the doorway. Not a very good one. Still, better than what I was getting at the moment. I thought of Nikki, of Jenna, how they'd take me so willingly, never a doubt they wanted it. Light-years ahead of Lacey.

I pictured Lacey in her wedding dress. In the back of a limo. Opening my pants, taking me cautiously in her mouth. Finally sucking me, after all of our time together. She'd done it before, but never for long. Now she was going for it, maybe not that good, but she was willing. Wanting me. I held her face, thrusting into her mouth. Pushing a little firmer, feeling her resistance, hearing her gag a little. She was mine, and I pushed firmly entering her throat. I released her, and she pulled back gasping, but the next time, she took me of her own free will, all of me.

I groaned, getting close. She pulled back, her mouth sucking the head, her hand stroking me quickly. I called out her name as I came for her, filling her mouth. Finally. She kept at me, sucking me dry, carefully now.

Opening my eyes, she was looking at me. She swallowed my cum, then kissed my cock, and pulled my boxers back up. She rested her had on my lap, gazing at me. "Who were you thinking of?"

"You. In the limo, wearing your wedding dress. Sucking me to completion for the first time."

She sat up on the edge of the couch. Her hand brushed through my hair. "I'm sorry about not letting you be the first in my ass. I would have, if I'd known."

I nodded. "I believe you. Water under the bridge."

"I hope this was a suitable exchange. You were my first. I never did that for anyone else, Damon."

I was about to laugh at her. I'd seen the truth, but then I realized she wasn't lying. She'd sucked other men, I knew that. But it was the first time I'd come in her mouth, and I believed her when she said I was the only one ever to do that.

"Thank you."

She gave me a sad smile. "I'm glad you were thinking about me. I'm going back to bed now. I'm sorry I fucked things up."

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

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